2021 Paris Fashion Week? The Verdict is In!

Scarlett Adler

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Getty/ Pascal Le Segretain / Staff

While everyone around the globe struggles to adjust to life with a daunting pandemic, some of our favorite traditions have been put on hold as we face a new reality. As for Paris' beloved Fashion Week? Well, let's just say you're about to be very excited.

Each year, we hit the runways (well, those of us that are lucky enough, that is), as our favorite designers introduce us to our newest trends. Shoulder pads, tie-dye, bucket hats, we've seen it all, but we're about to be seeing a whole lot more...

Getty/ Pascal Le Segretain / Staff

That's right, the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode - the governing body for France's fashion world - has just announced what we've all been waiting for: the spring/summer 2021 season's shows are officially back on.

Well, at least some of them. Set to take place from the 28th of September to the 6th of October, the shows are going to be like nothing we've ever seen before. So, what exactly can we expect come this fall?

Getty/ Pascal Le Segretain / Staff

For one, just because we'll be back under one roof together doesn't mean we've forgotten about our vital social-distancing rules. Guidelines have already been put into play for both those strutting and spectating.

We also can expect to see a change in the number of fashion houses tied into the schedule. Yep, sorry to be the one to tell ya, but it looks like Saint Laurent is one of many big names that have opted out of this year's festivities.

Safe to say, this year's shows are going to be one for the books. That being said, I'd stay tuned if I were you.