12-Year-Old Saves Toddler In Oklahoma

Taran Underwood

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What started as a shopping trip at the mall for some new shoes, turned into a moment of panic and courage. 12-Year Old Ben Theriot is being called a hero after saving a toddler's life. This incident has turned Ben into Oklahoma's favorite little town hero. However, he and his mother are just grateful the child is now safe.

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Ben and his mother, Kelly, were at the mall on the hunt for some new shoes. On their way in, Kelly heard a child crying.

The sound seemed to be coming from one of the cars. They searched the parking lot to see where the cry was coming from and were shocked when they found the source.

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Kelly found the source of the screams which were coming from a toddler, locked in the backseat of a nearby vehicle. Kelly took out her phone to call for help and told her son to run to her car and find anything he could that might help them get the child out. All Ben could find was a ratchet strap, he knew it would have to do.

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“I started hitting the side window, didn’t bust, bent it pretty badly,” he said. "I swung over my shoulder, hit it right in the center. And then I hit it a couple more times and then I climbed on the windshield,” Theriot added. “I stomped on it and then it cracked pretty badly again."

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At this point, one of the store owners saw the chaos and rushed over with a pole from a clothing wrack. With that, they were able to break through the windshield completely and get the child out.

They then found the toddler's mother in the mall who claimed this was a total accident. Investigators still charged her with a $250 ticket and will continue to monitor the situation.


She received the ticket under the “Forget Me Not” law but, could not have been arrested since the child was not seriously hurt.