29+ Unexpected Painting Hacks for Redecorating


| LAST UPDATE 03/31/2022

By Riley Hammond

Painting the interior walls of a house can be an arduous task. But luckily, we've found a few game-changing hacks that can make the project easier - and a lot more fun! Here are a few tips we've come to love.

Taking Off the Paint Lid

Paint cans can be a pain to open. While special tools are sometimes sold to help with the issue, the host of YouTube’s Specific Love Creations channel has something else in mind: a roll of tape.

paint lid tape hackpaint lid tape hack
YouTube via Specific Love Creations

All we need to do to get that lid off the can, according to the YouTuber, is grab any roll of tape we may have lying around. "Take a nice roll of tape, carefully wedge it on top [of your can], squeeze really hard, and give it a turn," he explained. Pretty straightforward!

Lace Pattern Design

Painting a room gives us the option to add some vibrant colors to our everyday setting. But what's even more exciting is when we get to add patterns that bring the room to life. For those looking for a way to add a special touch to their walls, this hack is definitely worth a try.

lace pattern design hacklace pattern design hack
YouTube via 5-Minute Crafts

No need to struggle to add patterns to our surroundings when we can use pattern-filled materials that already exist. Just cover any area of wall with a piece of old lace, run the roller of paint over it, and take down the cloth when finished! We're sure guests will love the resulting pattern on the wall.

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How to Remove Masking Tape

Using masking tape while painting walls is an easy way to achieve a neat paint job with little mess. But removing the masking tape afterwards isn't always such a piece of cake. Luckily, we have a little secret that's easy to do and can help remove the tape off the walls with no mess.

remove masking tape hackremove masking tape hack
YouTube via Specific Love Creations

Once the painting job is finished and it's time to remove the masking tape, run a hairdryer up and down the piece of tape before removing it. This should help prevent any frustrating damage that might happen when taking the tape off freshly painted walls and basements.

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No More Paint Fumes

Sometimes, the most tiring part of a paint job isn't the actual physical work needed to get it done, but rather the strong smell that comes from the paint. In many cases, the awful smell can actually cause headaches to anyone in the room while the job is being done.

avoiding paint smell hackavoiding paint smell hack
YouTube via Steve Garfield

But with this little tip we've found, there shouldn't be a need to worry about that anymore. A few drops of vanilla extract should be enough to neutralize the strong scent coming from the paint. One tablespoon per pint should do the trick without making any color changes to the finish.

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Plastic Wrap Design

Another way to add an energetic touch to a room is to use plastic wrap for a chic pattern on the walls. It's relatively easy to do, and the only additional equipment required is a plastic bag! The first step is to apply a coat of dark paint to the wall and wait for it to dry.

plastic wrap design hackplastic wrap design hack
YouTube via 5-Minute Crafts

Once the first coat of paint has dried, it's time to add a couple of strokes of a lighter color of paint to the wall. But this time, before the paint dries, stick a plastic bag or wrap onto the wet paint and apply pressure. Once that's done, peel the plastic off the wall, and - voilà! A gorgeous touch to the freshly painted wall.

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Easy Drop Cloth Hack

Anyone who's done a paint job - especially in more than one room - knows how messy it can get. That's why drop cloths are usually used to prevent paint from getting on the floors and furniture around the house. But picking these drop cloths back up can make the job all the more exhausting.

cardboard drop cloth hackcardboard drop cloth hack
YouTube via 5-Minute DECOR

But for those worried about having to go around the house picking up the cloths, we may have a tiny trick that'll save some energy. Sticking some cardboard to the edges of the cloths can make folding them back up and dragging them around the house a lot easier.

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Using Arm as Tape Dispenser

As we mentioned, using masking tape is essential for anyone doing a paint job. And it can be a bit frustrating to lose the roll of tape every few minutes while working in the middle of the mess. But fortunately, we've found an easy solution to the problem.

arm tape dispenser hackarm tape dispenser hack
YouTube via Lifehacker

All it requires is an old, unneeded sock. After trimming the end of the sock where the toes would be, it can then be slipped over the arm to become a dispenser for the roll of masking tape. With the sock-covered arm going through the roll, it becomes an easy place to tear the edge of the tape on for each needed piece.

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Preparing Our Walls

Before getting started on any paint job, we sometimes tend to forget that the walls underneath need to be clean first! So, all the equipment will have to wait until we get that taken care of. Luckily, we have a great hack for quickly making those walls spotless and ready for the job.

prepping walls paint hackprepping walls paint hack
YouTube via Clean My Space

Scrubbing those walls clean doesn't have to be an exhausting step to get done before the paint comes on. In fact, the trick is to just dampen a Swiffer mop with a little bit of water and start scrubbing! That way, the walls are guaranteed to be squeaky clean in no time.

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Reaching Every Corner

There are so many details to be careful of when it comes to painting rooms. And to get the job done right, every nook and cranny of the wall must be perfected - down to the baseboards, along the doorways, and around the electrical outlets and light switches.

painting hacks diy cornerspainting hacks diy corners
Hernan Caputo via Getty Images

But getting the paint into those hard-to-reach spaces isn't so straightforward when it comes to tight spaces, such as behind toilets. For those finding themselves having trouble with hidden spots, attaching a paint pad to a handle might just do the trick!

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Creating a "Brick Wall"

For those who have grown tired of plain white rooms or are looking to change the current pattern on the wall, this next trick might be worth trying. Sometimes a classic brick pattern might be the perfect touch a room needs to bring it to life! Especially when it comes to children's rooms.

brick wall painting hackbrick wall painting hack
YouTube via 5-Minute Crafts

No construction work needed - just a sponge and some orange paint! After choosing a sponge for the job, just trim it to the desired size and choose any paint color that feels cozy. When the sponge is the right size, dip it into the paint and print it onto the walls.

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A Clean and Closed Lid

Although it may seem like a relatively easy task, closing a paint lid can actually cause quite a mess. Tapping the lid shut with a hammer could potentially cause paint to splatter everywhere. For those who'd rather be safe than sorry, this hack might do the trick.

closed paint lid hackclosed paint lid hack
zoranm via Getty Images

To avoid any possible mess, first, find any old rag or towel lying around. Next, place the lid over the can of paint and cover it with the rag or towel. That way, the mess that could result from tapping the lid shut with a hammer will probably be more limited.

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Repainting Furniture

Believe it or not, paint can also save an old piece of furniture from the unfortunate fate of ending up in the dumpster. But sometimes, when the legs of a chair are painted, they may stick to the surface below them before they dry. Fortunately, there's a way to prevent this from happening.

painting vintage furniture hackpainting vintage furniture hack
janiecbros via Getty Images

Placing a few nails in the bottom of the legs of the chairs can distance them from the surface they may cling to while the paint is still wet. The nails that raise the chair above the floor can then be removed easily once the added color has dried. Just don't forget to take them out before using the chairs!

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Removing Dried Paint Drips

The horror of seeing those annoying paint drips and streaks on the walls we just finished working so hard painting is real. Although they may seem like minor blemishes on the walls, they can certainly ruin the smooth appearance of the interior of the house.

painting tips razor bladepainting tips razor blade
YouTube via Garage Time DIY Porsche Restoration

No need to worry, though! There are a few easy ways to fix these spots. The first option to try is to sand the area. But even if that doesn't work, it doesn't mean the paint job is ruined. Another option is to try slicing the marks with a razor blade. Although it may seem strange to do this, it should help solve the issue.

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Vinegar = Clean Brushes

After spending a lot of time and effort working hard at a paint job, cleaning a paintbrush may seem like an arduous task. But using this small hack may make the mission a whole lot easier - and it involves an ingredient that can be found in any home.

vinegar clean brushes hackvinegar clean brushes hack
YouTube via This Old House

Since the tools we use while we're painting can get very messy, it's important to make sure we can easily clean them. To do this, just soak the paint-covered tools in some vinegar, and the paint should come right off. Fortunately, there are always ways to make our hard work a bit easier!

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Milk Jug Hack

Hauling around a heavy can of paint while we're busy painting the interior of our homes can only add to the back paint that comes with the job. But after learning about this hack, we don't think we'll be carrying the extra weight around the house anymore!

milk jug paint hackmilk jug paint hack
YouTube via 5-Minute Crafts

The host of Specific Love Creations explains, "A milk jug can come in real handy. You can cut the front half off, and that allows you to have a nice little area for some paint. [Now] you can easily carry your paint around. You can stick your brush in [the hole at the top, too]."

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A Smooth Paint Job

While some people may not mind the rough texture of freshly painted walls, others may prefer the interior of their homes to be smooth to the touch. For those who prefer the latter finish, we have a little trick that may help achieve the desired texture.

painting buffer paper bagpainting buffer paper bag
YouTube via Jami Ray Vintage

Nope - we're not even talking about sandpaper! Alternatively, a brown paper bag can be used to smoothen the texture of the walls wherever a problematic spot may appear. It's quite easy to accomplish and luckily, doesn't require any special equipment.

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Pool Noodles for Paint Trays

We never knew that spare pool noodles would come in handy when it came to making painting easier. But those who aren't convinced, may want to stick around to hear this next hack. Grab a spare pool noodle and carefully slice it open with a knife or box opener.

pool noodles paint hackpool noodles paint hack
YouTube via Home RenoVision DIY

After making an incision along the pool noodle, it can then be clipped onto the side of the paint tray. This way, it can be used to stop any tools from slipping all the way into the tray and becoming submerged in the paint. Be sure to cut off any extra length off the pool noodle as well!

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Lip Balm for Clean Windows

If we're not careful - or sometimes even if we are - painting can turn into a really messy project. This is especially true when it comes to painting around windows. But for those who find themselves having trouble keeping the windows spotless, we have a handy tip up our sleeve.

lip balm clean windowslip balm clean windows
vitranc via Getty Images

Believe it or not, lip balm can save the day in these cases. Before getting started on the walls, apply a tiny bit of lip balm on the surface of any areas that might get stained. That way, any paint that might accidentally end up in the wrong spots can easily be wiped off afterward.

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Walls with Stripes

Adding a little stylish pattern while painting any interior wall is always a great recipe for a cozier house. And as we've already proven a few times on this list, there are always a few easy - and cheap - ways to add a unique design to any paint job.

walls strips paint designwalls strips paint design
YouTube via 5-Minute Crafts

To add a stripe pattern to the design of the wall, simply follow this easy hack. Wrap a few pieces of tape - making sure they're equally spaced - around the roller to set up the template for the design. Then all that's left to do is dip the roller into the paint and watch the wall turn into a masterpiece!

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Using Small Rollers

It happens all too often - after a lot of hard work, we finally finish a paint job only to realize we missed a spot (hopefully not more than that!). Then comes the feeling of exasperation as we realize that covering these spots means having to repaint the whole wall, so there are no changes in the finish.

small rollers paint hacksmall rollers paint hack
Kseniya Ovchinnikova via Getty Images

But there's no need to worry - with this hack, we found a way around that! Although large brushes are usually ideal for painting walls, patching up the smaller spots without leaving marks is better done using smaller rollers. With the soft material being wrapped around the edge, the brush can easily get to small corners.

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Creating Random Designs with Tape

When it comes to painting walls, tape actually has a remarkable number of uses. In fact, some of the most creative designs on walls can be achieved with a roller, a roll of tape, and a paint of any color! Here's how these awesome designs can be added to the walls.

diy paint designs tapediy paint designs tape
YouTube via 5-Minute Crafts

Stick as much tape as the job requires to the wall in a custom design or one that can be found online! Next, dip the roller into some paint and run it over the tape on the walls. Then, when the paint is dry, carefully peel the tape off the walls to reveal the pattern left behind.

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Preserving Paintbrushes

Finding the right way to clean paint brushes after finishing the job for the day is very important in helping to preserve painting tools. In fact, if we do it wrong, we may actually end up damaging our paintbrushes! Those who are unsure can follow this simple hack.

paintbrush hack diy tipspaintbrush hack diy tips
YouTube via Specific Love Creations

The host of Specific Love Creations explains, "If you just put [your brush] in a jar, there's a good chance it will deform the bottom… especially if you have real soft bristles." But this can easily be avoided by attaching a binder clip to the brush handle, which will make the tool dangle in the cleaning solution instead.

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Colorful Patterns

Although it's hard to tell by the end result, painting a wall with three colors isn't any harder than painting them with one. At least, not with this easy hack! Using our creative thinking can help us give our walls a multicolored pattern instead of having one solid shade.

colorful patterns paint hackcolorful patterns paint hack
Facebook via 5-Minute Crafts Teens

The only equipment needed for the job is a roller, a plastic bag, and an elastic band. First, prepare the painting tool by wrapping the roller in the plastic bag. Then pour any three colors of choice next to one another in the paint tray. The effect will be a beautiful pattern of three colors on the wall!

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Waste Less Paint

At the end of a long day spent painting the walls, most people opt to run the roller under some running water to clean the paint off it. But what if we could save the colorful material instead of letting it just go down the drain? Believe it or not, this next tip is both eco-friendly and cost-effective.

less paint wasted hackless paint wasted hack
YouTube via Simple Home Art Decor Ideas

All we need to do is run a putty knife over the tool so that we're able to scrape any extra paint off the roller and back into the container. After all, those few drops of paint we just saved could always come in handy at some point. As a bonus, it also means less chemicals go down the drain.

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Wavy Wall Patterns

Yet another way to get crafty with wall paint and designs is to create patterns in the drying paint. It's not too difficult to do, and it leaves the freshly painted room with a vibrant look - as though the walls themselves could come to life! Here's how it's done.

wavy wall paint patternswavy wall paint patterns
Facebook via 5-Minute Crafts

After applying a coat of wet paint to a wall, the obvious next step is to wait for the paint to dry. But as we're waiting, we can add a little pattern to the wall that'll give it a unique look when it's finished. Simply grab a spare hair comb and run it through the drying paint in waves.

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Preserving Paint

Our next tip comes from none other than  professional contractor Joe Truini. He gave us a bit of advice during a segment for the Today’s Homeowner website. And for those who fear that the paint they leave behind in the can might harden, his advice may be useful.

plastic wrap painting hacksplastic wrap painting hacks
YouTube via Our Upcycled Life

"You want to try and store your [paint can] safely and seal out as much air as possible. All you need is some food wrap. You want to lay it right in the can and set it on top of the paint," he said. Wrapping the can and limiting its exposure to air will help keep the paint fresh and ready for our next use.

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Preparing the Rollers

We probably think we're ready to start painting after getting out the can of paint, the rollers, and any other equipment we might need. But there's a helpful step we can take before we apply the first coat on the walls that most of us probably weren't aware of.

paint roller prep hackpaint roller prep hack
YouTube via Paint Life TV

Apparently, there's a way to prepare our rollers for the project before we start to paint. Running the painting tool under some hot water can help it soak up the paint. Not only that, but it can also help improve the quality of the finished look of the walls.

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No More Roller Fuzz

Most likely, every homeowner knows how annoying fuzz can be when it's everywhere around the house. And unfortunately, "everywhere" includes our paint rollers as well! But the worst thing to possibly do in that case is pick up the roller and start painting with it, fuzz and all.

paint roller fuzz hackpaint roller fuzz hack
YouTube via Ace Hardware

Fortunately, the trick to getting off the stubborn fuzz is quite simple. All that's needed is a piece of tape or two. Simply run the roller across the sticky piece of tape, and the fuzz should then come right off. What would we do without the inventor of tape?

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The Rubber Band Hack

This next hack involves rubber bands, and it just might be one of the most useful painting tips we have. That's because it could potentially help prevent a huge mess from happening around the can of paint as well as on the lid. Here's how it's done.

paint can rubber bandpaint can rubber band
YouTube via 5-Minute Crafts

To do this, take a rubber band and slide it around the can of paint. Just make sure the rubber band is large enough to fit around the can! After the rubber band is stretched across the opening of the can, it can be used to clean the paintbrush from excess paint before it's applied to the wall.

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Cleaner Paint Trays

It's probably a well-known fact to anyone who's ever done a paint job on the interior walls of a house: the paint tray can get really messy. But for those who dread cleaning up that mess after a long day of work - we get it. And we're here with one more life-saving hack.

paint tray kitchen foilpaint tray kitchen foil
YouTube via 5-Minute Crafts

To avoid making a huge mess with the paint tray, just wrap the rectangular container with some aluminum foil or a plastic bag. The extra layer added over the tray can help prevent the paint from making its way onto its surface. This way, cleaning it will likely be a lot simpler.

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