29+ Summer Hacks We Wish We Knew About Sooner


| LAST UPDATE 05/12/2022

By Conner Goodman

The hottest months of the year may call for memorable beach days and ice cream runs, but they also consist of several setbacks. Luckily, these handy hacks will ensure the upcoming summer season will go smoothly!

Plastic Bag Phone Protector

It can be pretty annoying when we're trying to relax by the beach, and the sand decides to get all over the place. Not to mention those small pieces of sand that get lodged deep inside our phones!

summer hacks beach phonesummer hacks beach phone
GottaBeMobile via Youtube

Luckily there is a simple hack to avoid this, and chances are most people already have the handy item in their kitchen drawer. Use a Ziploc bag to avoid sand getting into any prized possessions - such as a phone, wallet, headphones, etc. Any kind of bag will do, as long as there is a tight seal.

Fitted Sheet To Get Rid of Sand

No matter what precautions are taken, sand somehow always manages to get into beach bags, beach snacks, the towel - and nearly everything else. But fortunately for beach lovers, one clever person has come up with a great hack to ensure that the sand stays away!

summer life hacks beachsummer life hacks beach
Pratiks - Video Guides for life via Youtube

To create a personal little box, a fitted sheet will need to be packed up along with the rest of those summer essentials. Next, grab four heavy items and place them on each corner of the bed linen to make a perfect little section where nothing will get all sandy.

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Get Rid of Strawberry Stems

Berries are a classic go-to summer snack, mainly because they are the fruit most in season, making them as sweet as can be! But while raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries are easy to just pop into the mouth, strawberries can be a little more tricky.

strawberry life hack strawstrawberry life hack straw
@sarahwurmli via Instagram

Taking a bite into a strawberry always sadly leaves out some of the fruit uneaten since we try to avoid the stem as much as possible. But thanks to one clever person, a straw (ironically) is the perfect tool to easily remove that green leave. All that needs to be done is to poke a hole through the bottom, and poof, it's gone!

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DIY Sunburn Remedy

After a fun long day spent under the sun, it can be so annoying when we unexpectedly get a sunburn. And no one likes that! The pain, the redness - it is all no fun. And while it may be too late by then to get rid of the overexposure to the sun, there are ways to relieve the agony.

aloe vera sunburn hackaloe vera sunburn hack
@maine_aroma via Instagram

Head on over to a local supermarket and grab an aloe vera plant. Sounds weird, we know. But once the gel inside the plant is scooped out and frozen overnight, it becomes a perfect cooling ice cube to alleviate the burn. Not to mention, aloe has many beneficial ingredients inside it. What a win-win!

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Get Rid of Corn Hair

BBQs are a blast! Friends and family gather together, grill up some burgers, roast marshmallows for s'mores, and spend the night away with good company and food. But behind the scenes of all that are the chefs of the group, who spend hours prepping the fruit salad, drinks, and the corn on the cob.

corn cob toothbrush haircorn cob toothbrush hair
Everyday Food via Youtube

But this summer, hopefully, the prep time can be cut down with the handy life hack. Instead of pulling the hairs off a corn one by one, try using a (new) toothbrush to brush them away. It works like a charm - and in no time, all the veggies will be ready to be grilled up!

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Pool Noodle Cooler

There's perhaps nothing better than laying out by the pool, catching the rays, and drinking a nice cold beverage. But what's not fun is when we are in our pool roaming around mindlessly, when, all of a sudden, our drink is finished. Now we must get out of the warm pool to get another one.

summer hacks pool noodlesummer hacks pool noodle
@pepsico via twitter

Well, thanks to this great summer hack now there can be a floating cooler roaming around the water alongside us. All that a person needs to create the innovative hack is a cut-up pool noodle (into four pieces), a bucket, a lot of ice, and of course, refreshing drinks!

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Clogged Ears? Blow a Balloon

Hours spent in the pool and beach can be fun, but sadly there can be some consequences that come with it. Not only are sunburns a possibility but so are clogged ears. It can happen to kids or adults, no one is safe from accidentally getting too much water in there.

clogged ears pool hacksclogged ears pool hacks
@challengeyerself via Instagram

Thankfully one incredibly clever individual somehow discovered a great summer hack for when that happens: They realized that if they plug their nose while blowing a balloon, the clogged ear will instantly pop! We'll be using this trick all summer long.

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Remove Chlorine From Hair

Although the summertime is great for getting natural highlights since the UV rays may lighten the bottom of many people's hair, there is one thing that can damage the hair. Too much chlorine may lead to color change in the hair... but one that is not typically pleasing to the eye.

chlorine hair kool aidchlorine hair kool aid
@graciemagill via Instagram

But fortunately, there is a simple way to get rid of all that build-up chlorine. And whether or not a person has this product in their kitchen, it can be easily found at nearly all stores. Lemonade Kool-Aid has been shown to change the color of one's hair back to normal - just add some into shampoo, and it should work like a charm!

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Hide Belongings Under a Towel

Now while this hack seems simple enough, it doesn't simply call for regularly placing a towel over a chunky bag. Rather than making it obvious to thieves that underneath the towel is prized possessions, take the phone, keys, and other belongings out of the bag.

beach towel hide stuffbeach towel hide stuff
@sloth_toes via Instagram

Then put it directly under the towel so that it will lay flat. This will deceive anyone who tries to steal things from the sand from believing there is anything valuable there since it looks like nothing is there. They will sadly probably move on to the person who didn't use his genius hack...

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Dryer Sheets To Get Rid of Mosquitos

While summertime comes with many fun adventures, it also comes with pesky mosquitoes. It seems like no matter what sprays or tricks are used, these biting bugs always manage to victimize us all summer long. But what if the trick was not those expensive sprays we find at stores?

lint roller hack mosquitoslint roller hack mosquitos
@homesteaderkay via Instagram

In fact, the thing that is used for cleaning laundry may be incredibly beneficial in repelling those flying insects. Dryer sheets have been found to somehow manage to keep mosquitoes away if it is placed in the pocket of their prey or anywhere near them. How simple!

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Soak Strawberries To Preserve Shelf Life

Fill a bowl up with water and add in a few splashes of apple cider vinegar to create the perfect solution for preserving the shelf life of delicious strawberries. These red fruits are typically the best tasting during the hotter season - but a few days in the fridge, and they go bad!

apple cider vinegar strawberriesapple cider vinegar strawberries
@sweetsurprises907 via Instagram

But luckily, this hack is meant to make sure that the snack is edible for a few extra days. This is because the ACV kills any bacteria or mold on the fruit to ensure that it will stay fresher for way longer. We never knew such a simple trick could work such wonders...

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Reverse Fan Direction

Who knew such an obvious trick could be unknown by probably thousands of people? For the majority of the year, our fan spins clockwise. But when the temperatures begin to rise, and the sun is glaring down at us, it is probably best to change the direction.

fan hack summer airfan hack summer air
@smilerlovie via Instagram

Fans should all be going counter clock during the summer months to ensure that air is probably circulating and cool air is actually getting around the room. The downdraft will easily create a breeze - and who doesn't want that during those sweaty June days?

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Hide Valuables In A Sunscreen Bottle

It can be tough when one person in the group has to stay behind to keep an eye on all the valuables during summer days at the beach. But luckily, there is a great hack that may help everyone have a chance to splash around in the ocean water, all together!

sunscreen bottle hide hacksunscreen bottle hide hack
AlaskaGranny via Youtube

All that is needed is an old and empty sunscreen bottle. Well, technically, any bottle can work, but this is more likely to be taken to the beach. Next, cut a hole on either side to reveal a perfect spot to place prized possessions. Once the top goes back on, it will look like regular sunscreen!

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Toothpaste For Itchy Bites

Although it may be too late to repel mosquitoes after they have already taken a bite, there are great summer hacks to relieve the itchiness those pesky bugs cause. And the best part of the trick? There's no need to go out and purchase anything new because the item needed is most likely in everyone's bathroom!

bug bite itch toothpastebug bite itch toothpaste
@owlcityofficial via Instagram

If the bite becomes unbearable, grab a tiny bit of toothpaste to lace right over the redness. Instantly the itchiness should be gone since the minty formula removes all of the venom from the bite - aka the thing that makes us need to constantly scratch.

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Make a Pool Floaty

Ever unexpectedly have extra guests come over for a pool day? It's always great because the more, the merrier, right? Right… unless one person is unfortunately left out when there isn't an extra pool floaty. But luckily, thanks to the creative minds of people on the internet, there's a hack for that.

pool noodle hack floatypool noodle hack floaty
Sue Ollis via Pinterest

Well, this trick will only work if there are extra pool noodles around because once they get connected to one another, they create the perfect floaty for anyone to lay on and catch some sun rays. Pro tip: a nylon cord would work best for this DIY since it won't get ruined by the water.

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Easy Way To Cut a Watermelon

Rushing to be the beach is never fun, especially when trying to cut up as much fruit as possible to have a refreshing snack later on! And don't even get us started on how annoying it can be when the watermelon juice leaks all over the cutting board and onto our countertops.

cutting watermelon baking sheetcutting watermelon baking sheet
@jessicas_bananas via Instagram

It seems like no matter how many paper towels we use, the liquid keeps coming! But as it turns out, this whole time, there was another kitchen gadget that works way better than any towel. Placing a baking sheet under the cutting board will ensure no spillage anywhere. How genius!

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DIY Bug Repellent

Not only will this handy summer hack keep any outside area smelling fresh, but it will ensure that those pesky mosquitoes stay far far away. The things needed to create a DIY bug repellent are a few glass jars, orange, lemons, and citronella essential oil.

diy bug repellent candlediy bug repellent candle
@r_lipman08 via Instagram

Fill up the jars with warm water along with the slices of citrus fruit, around 20-30 drops of the essential oil, and any herbs that may be lying around the house. Lastly, finish it off with citronella - either rosemary or vanilla-scented - floating candles on top of the water.

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Clean a Grill With an Onion

The foods served at BBQ's are classic: hamburgers, hot dogs, and veggie skewers. And what's a skewer without some onion for delicious flavor? But white onions aren't just good when they are charred up on the grill - they are also good to clean up the barbecues after hours of being used!

onion clean grill hackonion clean grill hack
MexicanXConnection via Youtube

After letting the grill heat up for a bit, grab a half-cut onion and place it on top of a fork to make sure no fingers get burned! Then rub it along the lines of the hot plate to remove debris. The juice from the onion breaks down the build-up and helps it easily get wiped down with a towel once the grill cools down.

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Refreshing Summer Drink

When temperatures start to rise, it becomes even more important to drink enough water to ensure hydration throughout the day. But with so many yummy drink options out there, regular old H2O can seem boring. A good hack to get both kids and adults to chug more water is by adding healthy flavors.

lemon mint summer drinklemon mint summer drink
@apothecary_kitchen via Instagram

But instead of cutting up mint or lemon every day, do it at the start of the week and freeze it in a nice tray with some water. That way, all that needs to be done is to throw a few cubes into a cup of water. Easy peasy. It's also a nice bonus that kids will find it pretty and will probably be more likely to drink the water.

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DIY Ant Trap

Bugs and insects love to enter our cool air-conditioned homes when the sun is blazing right outside. But unfortunately, the majority of people dislike having ants or mosquitoes in their sacred areas. Thanks to the smart minds on Pinterest, there's an easy at-home hack to repel ants.

diy ant trap hackdiy ant trap hack
@depietjes via Instagram

Mix together equal parts of bicarbonate of soda and icing sugar. Take the mixture and either put it into a shallow container or just straight up on a countertop or even the floor - so that ants will easily be attracted to the sweet sugar. No ants should show up again after doing this trick. Thank us later.

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Keep Avocado Fresh

We're not sure how anyone realized that this hack works to keep avocados from turning brown, but we sure are happy about it! Especially because it uses such simple items that most kitchens already have. To make sure the summer fruit stays fresh long, rub some olive oil on it once opened.

avocado brown water hackavocado brown water hack
@kirstinewton_malta via Instagram

The next day, the avocado should still be green rather than turning brown, which sadly often happens. Another trick is to place half of the avocado faced down into a shallow bowl of water. This will keep the fruit hydrated all night long, so it can still be perfect for eating the following morning.

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DIY Fruit Fly Trap

Yet another type of insect that is constantly creeping on us during the warm months of the year. Thanks to our seasonal watermelon, the sweetness from our kitchen fruits attracts this type of fly like no other. But instead of getting rid of fruit, try out this easy peasy hack to get rid of any fruit flies.

fruit fly hack diyfruit fly hack diy
@cleanliferealworld via Instagram

Add 1/4 a cup of apple cider vinegar into a glass jar, along with a few drops of dish soap. After closing the container with the mixture, poke a couple of holes in the top of the lid. Place it next to the first bowl so that the next time fruit flies hang out near that area, they will enter the lid and get stuck in the mixture.

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Use a Glass to Peel a Mango

Mango is arguably a fruit that baffles many people the first time they cut into it. The giant pit in the middle can throw people off when trying to understand where their knife needs to cut through. But thanks to the creative minds on the internet, there's a hack for cutting the sweet fruit.

mango peel cup hackmango peel cup hack
@nightengale68 via Instagram

First slice down both sides of the mango to reveal two shallow slices with a ton of meat inside. Next, to ensure all the fruit comes out and the peel stays away, use a long glass cup to get close to the edge of the skin, and then scoop out the mango. It works like a charm!

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Use a Blow Dryer For Pool Toys

Instead of becoming light-headed trying to blow up an inflatable pool or any pool float toys, try to use a blow dryer! This hack works great because in just a matter of seconds, the hot air will fill up whatever it is that needs to blow up. It is so helpful!

blow dryer pool hackblow dryer pool hack
NapstersGear via Youtube

Just make sure the blow dryer is on the cool setting, not hot... or else it may literally blow up. This is a great trick for parents whose children are eager to play with the beach ball. Gotta love these easy summer hacks. Keep scrolling for even more!

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Single Serve Watermelon Slices

Summer parties are great, but the amount of prep that the host needs to do can become a bit overwhelming. Luckily, Pinterest is filled with hundreds of hacks to help us get the party started in no time. One great trick is to cut a watermelon into pre single served rectangle slices.

summer hacks watermelon cuttersummer hacks watermelon cutter
@perfectly_imperfect_redhead via Instagram

This way, guests can not only grab as much fruit as they want, but the host doesn't need to place all the slices onto a different plate. AKA, less time getting ready and fewer dishes! What a win-win situation. Especially because those large smile slices typically get juice all over the place - but these thins ones won't!

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Keep Beach Snacks With a Sponge

After spending so long packing up sandwiches and fruit snacks to take to the beach, it can be annoying to open up the beach bag and discover the heat got to the food. Luckily there is a way to make sure it stays fresh throughout the day -the only thing that's needed is a sponge! Yep.

sponge hack frozen beachsponge hack frozen beach
u/eyesoftheworld4 via Reddit

But not just a regular sponge - instead freeze it overnight and then place it in a plastic bag along with the delicious food. The reason a sponge works so well to keep things nice and cold is that when the ice melts, it will get absorbed, so everything is still fresh. The best part? It's reusable, so it can be used all summer long.

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Get Rid of Hot Air In The Car

Of course, the air conditioning is probably always on full blast during the months of June, July, and August. Especially in our cars because the huge metal sedans get extremely hot extremely fast! And while there are dashboards shades meant to keep the blazing sun out, they never seem to work.

car air conditioner hackcar air conditioner hack
@tobiasatt6_4_han via Instagram

But fortunately, there is an even better way to keep vehicles full of cool air while off that actually requires no new purchases to be made. It's pretty simple, just open and close the door at least 5-6 times so that all of the hot air will be released out while bringing in a cool breeze into the car. Thank us later!

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At Home S'mores

Although a part of the experience of making s'mores is being around the campfire, similar results can be created from the comfort of our homes! Some people may not have access to a fire, but luckily the smart minds of Pinterest have come up with a way for us to make the delicious treat right in our kitchens.

smores summer hack DIYsmores summer hack DIY
@denver_diet via Instagram

Get a cast-iron skillet, and fill it up with a bunch of chocolate, topping it off with a lot of marshmallows. After broiling it in the oven for a few minutes, the chocolate should be melty, and the marshmallows all soft and chewy. Take a graham cracker and eat the sweet treat as a dip. Tastes nearly the same as a campfire one!

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No More Freezer Burn

Any type of cold treat gets devoured during the summer. But sadly, ice cream that has been in the freezer for too long can become a victim of freezer burn. And who wants to eat a sweet treat that has been ruined? Fortunately, there is a hack for making sure that doesn't happen.

DIY freezer burn hackDIY freezer burn hack
u/Kondri1213 via Reddit

Instead of simply throwing the carton of ice cream into the freezer, put it inside a plastic bag so that it's not directly frozen. The next time someone goes in for a big scoop, it will come out soft and easy, just like it does at the ice cream parlor. Such an easy hack for such a great outcome!

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Get a Camp Fire Started Faster

We may already know the classic way of starting a fire by using pieces of cardboard or wood - but what if there was an even simpler hack to make sure the campfire gets started before the kids get impatient? Grab a paper towel roll or toilet paper roll and fill it with laundry lint.

summer life hacks beachsummer life hacks beach
u/coffeetilithirtsvia Reddit

Next, toss it into the logs around the fire to get the flames going. It may sound like a weird hack, but in no time at all, everyone will be able to get warm around the fire while roasting their marshmallows for the classic s'mores. We hope these hacks will help make summer a little easier and a lot more fun!

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