Inside The Queen's Quarantine Beauty Routine


| LAST UPDATE 06/02/2020

By Scarlett Adler
Hello Magazine

For anyone familiar with the lavish reality our favorite royals face behind closed doors, you already know that it literally takes a team. Well, at least it used to.

With the global pandemic haunting just about every one of us, the Queen has resorted to the most unexpected of beauty routines during these equally unexpected times.

Royal Life

...Doing things *gasp* by herself. That's right, according to a source at The Sun, the monarch "washes, drys and sets her hair herself - and she’s very good at it!"

“She has been carrying on at Windsor because no outsiders are allowed into the Castle," the insider explained.


Consider us impressed. I mean, we've seen the Queen make many televised appearances since quarantine began, and we never would've guessed it called for several Revlon bathroom sessions.

But then again, for anyone who knows anything about our silver-haired boss lady, you already know that it's "typical of her that she just keeps calm and makes the best of things." Hopefully we can all take a page out of her book and stay positive during these trying times.