29+ Weird Fashion Trends From Around the World


| LAST UPDATE 06/01/2023

By Malikah Mcintosh

From incredibly long sleeves to swimwear that covers your entire face, fashion trends have taken a wild turn in recent years. Check out this list of the weirdest fashion trends from all over the world.

Extreme Pointed Boots

These extremely pointy boots are a fashion statement in Mexico. In Spanish, they are called botas picudas mexicanas. They are known for their exceptionally long toes that can reach up to 5 feet!

Mexican Pointy Boots WeirdMexican Pointy Boots Weird
@mystroginger via Instagram

The trend started in Northeastern Mexico, where men ironically wore these boots. However, its popularity has spread to southern parts of the United States. The subculture boot still hasn't gone mainstream, but it is quite the fashion statement. What other strange fashion trends could there be? Let's see!


Women have been wearing leggings for decades due to their ease and comfort. So, it was about time men joined in on the fashion trend. While the selection isn't as plentiful as women's leggings, man leggings - or "meggings" - have become their own statement.

Meggings weird men's fashionMeggings weird men's fashion
@morganmdna via Instagram

Like women, men usually rock leggings with baggy shirts or shorts on top. The trend is a hit with K-Pop stars, like CNU from B1A4 or Key from SHINee. The Korean male pop stars understand how comfy it is to wear a pair of leggings, especially when performing one of their elaborate dance routines!

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If the facekini sounds incredibly similar to a bikini, you are onto something! The facekini is a mask designed with swimmers and beachgoers in mind. Made from a stretchy fabric typically used for bathing suits, the facekini protects wearers from dangerous UV rays and sea creatures like jellyfish.

Facekini Chinese weird fashionFacekini Chinese weird fashion
VCG/Contributor via Getty Images

Don't worry, there are holes around the mouth, nose, and eyes. This beachy fashion trend started in Qingdao, a coastal city in China. A former accountant came up with the idea, and it completely exploded. Vogue even featured the facekini in an article. Talk about #madeit.

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Jean Boots

In the day and age of TikTok and Instagram, new fashion trends seem to pop up every five minutes. This viral trend has given a new meaning to putting on a good pair of Levi's. Jean boots have become all the rage, and it isn't a cowboy-exclusive fad.

Denim Boots Jeans TrendDenim Boots Jeans Trend
@yess.yaya via Instagram

Swedish supermodel Elsa Hosk wore a pair of jean boots paired with a little black dress. Inspired by her, girls everywhere have been cutting up their old denim to recreate the look. For those who aren't natural DIY-ers, designers have also hopped on the bandwagon and made their own versions.

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See Through Shoes

This trend has been hiding in plain sight! See-through shoes have become all the rage in fashion. These clear shoes bare it all, and nothing can hide. So, ladies, make sure to book your pedicure appointments before trying out this hot footwear trend.

transparent Shoes Fashion strangetransparent Shoes Fashion strange
Edward Berthelot/Contributor via Getty Images

Celebrities, including Kim Kardashian, Victoria Justice, and Gigi Hadid, have been spotted strutting in see-through shoes. From slingback heels to knee-high boots, this fashion trend comes in many variations. It is clear to see why this is such a hit.

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Sneaker Pants

Some shoes are just so good that they become pants. It may sound like the start of a dad joke, but it's no joke at all. This next fashion trend turns the classic Converse sneaker into a pair of pants, giving the term high-top an entirely new meaning.

Converse Sneaker weird fashionConverse Sneaker weird fashion
Jeff Kravitz/KCA2010/Contributor via Getty Images

Converse has always been a fashion favorite. Since its debut in the early 1900s, Converse has become a force in the industry. Converse keeps pushing the fashion world's boundaries from the original Chuck Taylor All-Star sneaker to these sneaker pants.

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Big Knit Sweaters

This next trend ramps up the oversized, cozy sweater to the extreme. When wintertime comes around, nothing is better than drinking a glass of hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows and wearing one of your giant, comfy sweaters. This fashion trend capitalizes on precisely that.

Oversized Knit Sweater fashionOversized Knit Sweater fashion
@nikolszombath via Instagram

One of the women behind this massive trend - literally and figuratively - is Northern Ireland native Hope Macaulay. Her signature Colossal Knit Jacket has become a statement piece for TikTok and Insta girlies everywhere. This knitting craze is taking over the world.

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Bagel Head

This trend goes beyond just clothes. With Bagel Head, people alter their bodies to achieve the desired look. The movement was created in Canada, but since its creation, it has gained popularity in the underground scene in Japan. You won't need cream cheese and lox to go on top for this one.

Bagel Head weird fashionBagel Head weird fashion
By La Carmina via Wikimedia Commons

The procedure creates a swelling distortion in the forehead using a saline drip that resembles, you guessed it, a bagel. The practice became international news when it was featured on an episode of the National Geographic series Taboo. Keep scrolling for more outrageous trends from around the world.

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IKEA Themed Accessories

The world's largest furniture retailer is in the spotlight for this next trend. However, not for the reason that you may think. IKEA is known for its ready-to-assemble furniture and modernist designs. However, the obsession with the Swedish brand reached new heights in recent years.

IKEA Purse weird fashionIKEA Purse weird fashion
@bernadettedrenth via Instagram

People have taken their love for the furniture retailer out on the streets with purses and other accessories. Even the luxury brand Balenciaga jumped on the train. They released a $2,145 blue bag that resembles the iconic IKEA shopping bags. Furniture is sold separately with this high price tag purchase.

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Gothic Lolitas

To start, Lolita is a fashion movement inspired and influenced by the clothing and styles from the Victorian and Rococo periods. It is primarily known for having a 'cute' factor. Mix that with the Gothic fashion movement and viola, you have the Gothic Lolita fashion movement, also known as GothLoli for short.

Gothic Lolita weird trendGothic Lolita weird trend
@frill.dweller via Instagram

This fashion trend originates from Japan, specifically in the Harajuku district in Tokyo. Although it has gained a following globally, there is nothing like stepping into the stores of Harajuku to shop for this fashion trend. This fashion trend transports you into another world entirely.

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Eyebrow Art

We're raising our eyebrows at this next fashion trend! An essential part of every beauty routine is the eyebrow. Most makeup enthusiasts use a brow pencil or a brow gel to fill in and keep their eyebrows in place. However, there are a few who are giving their eyebrows a trendy upgrade.

Eyebrow Art weird makeupEyebrow Art weird makeup
@cakefaceben via Instagram

This trend involves creating art with your eyebrow. From extremely high-arching eyebrows that reach one's forehead to adorning eyebrows with glitter or chains, there are endless possibilities with eyebrow art. One artist created multiple eyebrows, as seen in the picture above.

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Platform Crocs

Crocs have taken over the world, it seems, and we're not talking about the ferocious, water-dwelling creature that could bite your leg off in one snap. We're talking about the boat shoes that have become a global sensation. Yet there is one subtrend of Crocs that has been gaining traction in recent years - platform Crocs.

Platform Crocs weird fashionPlatform Crocs weird fashion
@abigailroze via Instagram

Platform Crocs have taken the classic shoe to new heights - literally. The distinctive design is now available as a high-heel shoe, and people are buying it everywhere in the world. Balenciaga even released their own version of a Croc platform. This fashion trend has us saying, "Crikey!"

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Rompers for Men

Women have been enjoying the ease and comfort of the romper for years. Combining a short-sleeve shirt with shorts melded into one is a convenient yet fashionable outfit. However, this information isn't news to any woman, yet the trend has recently evolved into rompers for men.

Rompers Men weird fashionRompers Men weird fashion
@nursiechris via Instagram

The Male Romper was first introduced in Milan. Since then, males everywhere have been learning why women are obsessed with rompers. There are quite a few brands that specialize in rompers for men, including RompHim and RomperJack. This next trend is another fashion statement meant for men.

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Beard Glitter

While facial hair has been grown by men since the dawn of time, this next trend adds a bit of sparkle to the classic beard. Literally. Glitter beards are another trend taking over the globe and social media. There are even tutorials on YouTube on how to obtain the perfect glitter beard.

Beard Glitter Festival FashionBeard Glitter Festival Fashion
@nickcorner via Instagram

Some men have upped the ante on the glitter beard fashion trend and added ornaments and other decorations to their facial hair. Whether for a themed party, the holidays, or just for fun, this trend is a dazzling good time - until you have to shower!

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Sleeves Only

As fashion has evolved over the years, skirts have become much shorter, and so have shirts! This next fashion trend takes the crop top to the extreme, and they come in many varieties. There are shirts, jackets, hoodies, and more available to purchase.

Jacket Elevator strange fashionJacket Elevator strange fashion
@lissyroddyy via Instagram

They can be seen in high-fashion runway shows or as part of a gym outfit. This style can be applied in so many ways, which makes it easy to be worn by people around the globe. If this is what is in style now, we can't help but wonder where fashion will go next!

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Zipper Jeans

Most jeans have buttons, and others have zippers to fasten and secure the pair. However, this fashion trend has a zipper that takes up the entire pant. We're not kidding. This next fashion trend has been dubbed Zipper Jeans because the zipper is the main feature.

Zipper Jeans weird fashionZipper Jeans weird fashion
@meljusdyl via Instagram

The zipper goes from the front all the way to the rear. It creates an entirely new look, and celebrities have been enjoying this fresh classic jean take. Riverdale actress Madelaine Petsch was seen sporting a pair. This bizarre fashion trend is all zipped up!

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Another strange fashion trend from around the world is the ganguro. This style took the classic Japanese beauty standard head-on and defied it in every way it possibly could. Ganguro saw women tanning their skin, bleaching their hair, and using bright and vibrant makeup in strange ways.

Ganguro Japanese Trend MakeupGanguro Japanese Trend Makeup
@bellspoyo via Instagram

In comparison, the traditional beauty standard in Japan consisted of pale skin, dark hair, and neutral makeup. The rebellious women who started this fashion trend certainly made a statement. Other more extreme variations that have developed from the ganguro are yamanba and manba.

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Cage Pants

Fashion is all about creating your style, making your mark, and showing off your personality through clothing. This bizarre fashion trend is for any bird who feels like they are stuck in a cage. We're just joking. But this next fashion trend gives a whole new meaning to showing some skin.

Denim Cage weird pantsDenim Cage weird pants
@simrantekchandani via Instagram

These are the cage pants, and they look exactly how they sound. Pieces of fabric have been arranged and sewn together to resemble a cage. There have been quite a few brands that have created their own interpretations using denim and faux leather. What else can the world come up with?!

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Teeny, Tiny Purses

Everything is cuter when it's smaller, right? Puppies, kittens, and now purses have joined the ever-adorable list of mini-things. The mini bag is the next strange fashion trend that has been seen all over runways and fashion weeks. These teeny, tiny purses may not fit much or anything at all, but they are incredibly stylish.

Lizzo Valentino weird fashionLizzo Valentino weird fashion
Jeff Kravitz/Contributor via Getty Images

Some may call it impractical, while others may call it avant-garde, but either way, celebrities and designers everywhere are captivated by this micro-trend. Truth Hurts singer Lizzo sported a Valentino version at the AMAs. This trend proves that sometimes going tiny makes an even bigger statement than going big.

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Hula Hoop Bag

While going small may have worked for the teeny, tiny purse trend, the following bizarre fashion statement goes in the complete opposite direction. For the hula hoop purse, bigger is better, and the designers behind it did not hold back one bit on that promise.

Chanel Hula weird fashionChanel Hula weird fashion
Karl Prouse Catwalking/Contributor via Getty Images

This bag took the signature Chanel design for a spin. The gigantic version debuted on the Chanel runway for the spring/summer show and was intended to be used as a beach bag, per the Daily Telegraph. Smaller versions were sold later on, but this trend is definitely one that has our minds going in circles.

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Tongue Glitter

Looking for a bit of razzle dazzle in your life? Look no further than this peculiar fashion trend. In recent years, glitter tongue has become the talk of the town. This feels like it could be something out of HBO's Euphoria, but we're completely serious. 

Glitter Tongue Trend weirdGlitter Tongue Trend weird
@tnnailtech via Instagram

According to Allure, the trend began accidentally! Australian makeup artist Jacinta Vukovic posted the look after sparkles landed on her tongue while creating a metallic lip. She wrote in her post, "I thought I would embrace it and make it the main focus!!" Since then, the trend has been seen all over Instagram.

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Eye Tattoos

Coming up next is a fashion trend that will make your eyes roll! Eye tattoos are another bizarre trend that is popping up all over the world. The proper name for it is scleral tattooing, and the process involves injecting dye into layers of the eye. Afterward, the dye spreads and covers the eye in color.

Eye Tattoo Weird TrendEye Tattoo Weird Trend
@jesikavaylen via Instagram

The procedure can be extremely tricky and quite dangerous. Despite the risks, this trend has been gaining traction. However, the practice is outlawed in several states in the United States and provinces in Canada. This eye-catching trend is one of a kind.

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Shironuri is another Japanese trend that has hit the global stage. The term translates to painted in white in Japanese, and it does precisely that. The fashion trend involves covering one's face entirely in white makeup, similar to the face paint of the geisha.

Shironuri Japanese Geisha MakeupShironuri Japanese Geisha Makeup
@okuribi.ruu via Instagram

Now the trend can be seen all over the streets of Tokyo. Japanese artist Minori popularized the shironuri style and inspired its transition to street style. In addition to the white face makeup, many wearers also add exaggerated features like colorful contacts, elaborate false lashes, and alternative clothing.

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Full-Body Pants

There's nothing like stepping into your favorite pair of jeans or cozying in sweatpants. But have you ever loved your pants so much that they become the entire outfit? That's what happened in this next crazy fashion trend, introducing the full-body pants.

full-body Pants weird fashionfull-body Pants weird fashion
Matthew Sperzel/Contributor via Getty Images

These pants act more like a jumpsuit, with the waist actually hitting at the chest, and like any good pair of pants, it, of course, has belt loops for that extra fashion factor. Fashion blogger Erika Boldrin spotted these full-body pants during New York Fashion Week. She's got legs for days!

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Transparent Skirt

The skirt has gone through a major fashion evolution over the years. From long denim to extremely mini to plaid, there have been countless variations of this classic clothing item. This next trend takes a transparent approach to the garment - literally.

Transparent Skirt bizarre fashionTransparent Skirt bizarre fashion
Neilson Barnard/Staff via Getty Images

Fashion is known for pushing the boundaries, and this plastic, see-through skirt does exactly that. There's no place to hide anything in this garment. This fashion trend is a daring example of what is possible in the fashion world. Keep scrolling to see what other outrageous trends there are!

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LED Eyelashes

This eye-grabbing trend is another one that pushes the boundaries. LED eyelashes have been mesmerizing people since their debut. The LED light strips go onto your eyelashes and are connected with an invisible wire to a battery, which is attached to your head using clips.

LED Eyelashes strange fashionLED Eyelashes strange fashion
@juedesbec via Instagram

A designer named Tien Pham developed the concept and started his brand, F.Lashes. His LED eyelashes have different modes, including dance mode and sparkle mode. The eyelashes are a fan favorite of festival goers. These trendy items bring a new light to the fashion world.

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Botswana Heavy Metal

Ready to get metal? Although heavy metal and its subculture have been around for a few decades, a group of enthusiasts in Botswana have ramped the energy up. These metalheads are not only listening and creating their own music, but have also developed their own fashion trends.

Botswana Heavy Metal TrendBotswana Heavy Metal Trend
Wall Street Journal via YouTube

This subculture style focuses on leather, studs, and cowboy hats. The style is as intense and intricate as the music. The Botswana Heavy Metal trend was featured in an episode of CNN's Inside Africa. The only thing left to do is rock on! And keep scrolling to see what other trends have made the list. 

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High-Heel Rollerblades

If you thought walking in heels was difficult, just wait until you see this next fashion fad. High-heel rollerblades are one of the latest fashion statements to take a spin. Be warned - this wild trend is not for the faint of heart because wearers must be coordinated and be able to ride.

High Heel Roller BladesHigh Heel Roller Blades
Insider via YouTube

Luxury fashion brand Yves Saint Laurent took notice of this trend. Not wanting it to roll by, they hopped on board! They designed a pair of roller skate pumps with pearls, snakeskin, and sequins - as if a pair of heels with skates wasn't enough of a statement.

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Super Long Sleeve

Everyone has dealt with the trouble of having a sweater that fits everywhere besides in the sleeves. This trend takes that idea and reaches for the floor, but actually. This super long-sleeve trend is another mind-boggling statement taking over the scene.

Long Sleeves Denim JacketLong Sleeves Denim Jacket
Matthew Sperzel/Contributor via Getty Images

These extremely long sleeves make your hands disappear entirely and can even reach down to your knees. While it may not be practical for daily tasks, we must admit there is something cool about it. This trend has been seen on the street and the runway.

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Detachable Jeans

These detachable jeans make any outfit change a cinch. This trend maximizes the possibilities with one pair of pants, and the little peek of skin adds a fun element to them. Remember those pants that would rip apart? These jeans are giving us those vibes.

Detachable Jeans Gigi HadidDetachable Jeans Gigi Hadid
Robert Kamau/Contributor via Getty Images

Its futuristic meets old-school denim. Models Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin tried out this unique fashion trend. This is a perfect solution for those days in between seasons when the morning is a little chilly, but the afternoon is nice and hot. Would you try out any of these bizarre trends from around the world?

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