Unique Architecture Around the World


| LAST UPDATE 08/24/2021

By Molly Houghton

From one-of-a-kind bridges to modern buildings and eco-friendly highways, here are some beautiful examples of man made wonders seen around the globe. With so much architecture to see, this list might just give you the travel bug.


Since its completion in 2014, this unique bridge has become an icon of Copenhagen, Denmark. The structure was built solely for cyclists as a way to promote more eco-friendly and healthy transportation. Plus, it's a sight for sore eyes.

unique infrastructure, Bicycle Snakeunique infrastructure, Bicycle Snake
Wikimedia Commons via Jakob Munk

The "Bicycle Snake," nicknamed after its winding architecture, spans over a harbor and gives riders some beautiful views as they bike from one side of the city to the other. An added benefit? It has anti-slip pavement made of granulated stone and acrylic compounds.

Longkamp Highway Ecoduct

Next up on our list of unique infrastructures around the world is this gorgeous number, the Longkamp Highway Ecoduct in Germany. Not only does it give a new take on the average highway, but it also has a special purpose to it. What exactly are we talking about?

amazing infrastructure, unique architectureamazing infrastructure, unique architecture
picture alliance / Contributor via Getty Images

Well, the ecoduct is for humans and animals! That's right - the whole point is to enhance safety for local animals and drivers. The lush greenery over the highway provides a way for creatures to make their way across the busy roads without getting hurt.

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Tokyo Highway Interchance

There might not be much of mother nature involved in this busy highway, but the interchange is certainly a dazzling and unique site. The Y-shaped structure is found in Tokyo, Japan, and was constructed to help with the city's traffic and road congestion.

Urban infrastructures, Interchange TokyoUrban infrastructures, Interchange Tokyo
ullstein bild / Contributor via Getty Images

The unique infrastructure might seem confusing to those who don't live in the city, but it's hardly new for Japan's residents. With dense cities in some parts and bumpy terrain in others, Japan has created many of these complex interjunctions to keep traffic smooth.

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Nature-Filled Skytrain

Any guesses as to what the structure below is? An indoor jungle or botanical garden of sorts wouldn't be a bad prediction. But the shot below is actually a photo of the Jewel terminal at the Changi Airport in Singapore. Clearly, this airport is one of its kind.

Jewel Changi Airport SkytrainJewel Changi Airport Skytrain
Suhaimi Abdullah / Contributor via Getty Images

As is the Skytrain that runs through it, pictured above. The train allows for transportation around the airport for visitors and travelers - all with a grand view along the way. From stunning greenery to the highest indoor waterfall in the world, this is one unique infrastructure.

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Brutalist Flats

Next up on our list of astounding structures around the world are these Brutalist apartments in London. The architecture approach known as Brutalism first made waves about seventy years ago in the 1950s and is known for its minimalist and blocky appearance.

Unique architecture, Brutalist FlatsUnique architecture, Brutalist Flats
View Pictures / Contributor via Getty Images

Just like the flats seen above, Brutalist constructions often involve a lot of concrete and were used in reconstructing the United Kingdom post World War II. While some people think these buildings are brutal (pun intended), one thing's for sure: they are certainly different from other structures around the world.

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Storseisundet Bridge

It might be hard to believe that the photo below is not photoshopped, but we promise that this bridge is as real as can be. The impressive construction is one of eight bridges in Norway's Atlantic Road, which connects the mainland peninsula to the island of Averøya.

Storseisundet Bridge, amazing infrastructure
Storseisundet Bridge, amazing infrastructure
Rich Pearce/Future/Shutterstock via Shutterstock

The Storseisundet Bridge is the longest of the group and one of Norway's official national tourist routes. It's not hard to see why; from the beautiful surroundings to the eye-pleasing turns of the bridge, this is one structure we won't be forgetting anytime soon.

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Wuppertal Suspension Railway

Some of us have probably ridden roller coasters locked to the rails from the top, but how about a public transportation system with that same method? The Wuppertal Suspension Railway in Wuppertal, Germany, began operating in 1901 and has since grown in popularity.

Suspension Railway, amazing transportationSuspension Railway, amazing transportation
FRIEDEMANN VOGEL/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock via Shutterstock

The railway is about 8.3 miles long and rides roughly 39 feet above the Riber Wupper and around 26 feet above the valley road. This special transportation method is the oldest elevated railway in the world and provides passengers with quite the views.

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Fishway Streams

We've seen plenty of structures made to facilitate human traveling, but what about fish navigation? Don't worry - this list has that covered, too. The fishway stream seen below, also known as a fishway, fish latter, or fish steps, helps fish navigate bodies of water.

unique infrastructure, Salmon Stairsunique infrastructure, Salmon Stairs
imageBROKER/Shutterstock via Shutterstock

The architectural beauty can be found in different artificial and natural barriers, including dams, locks, and waterfalls. The goal is to help fish complete their natural migrations despite potential obstacles in the current by jumping between the steps.

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Saint Petersburg Metro

Want to take a ride on public transport while feeling like total royalty? Then, Saint Petersburg, Russia, is the place to be. But don't take our word for it; take a look at the beautiful metro stop below. From the tiling on the floor to the detailed ceiling and multiple chandeliers, it's quite the fancy station.

Saint Petersburg Metro RussiaSaint Petersburg Metro Russia
AFP / Stringer via Getty Images

The distinctive public transport station was initially built in 1941, but World War II paused the construction, and the infrastructure was used as protection from the war instead. The metro was ultimately opened in November of 1955, bringing much beauty to the city.

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Bhumibol Bridge

Up next is the one and only Bhumibol Bridge found in Thailand's bustling capital, Bangkok. The eye-catching construction has become an iconic part of the city. It is often referred to as the Industrial Ring Road Bridge, as it is part of the 13-kilometer Industrial Ring Road that connects Bangkok and the Samut Prakan Province.

Bhumibol Bridge, urban infrastructureBhumibol Bridge, urban infrastructure
AFP / Stringer via Getty Images

Aside from being a crucial part of easy transport between cities, it's also an architectural feat. Crossing over the beautiful Chao Phraya River twice, the bridge contains cable-stayed spans hundreds of meters in length and is held up by two diamond-shaped structures.

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Atocha Train Station Botanical Garden

A quick stop at a botanical garden before boarding the train? That's what riders will find at the Atocha Train Station, which features a stunning nature-filled enclosure. The tropical garden, located in Madrid, Spain, includes a whopping 400 different plant species.

Atocha Train Station GardenAtocha Train Station Garden
John Greim / Contributor via Getty Images

The beautiful plants may be located in Europe, but they come from all over the Americas, Asia, and Australia, giving visitors a global nature experience. Plus, the unique train station is also home to various restaurants and cafes. It's basically the triple-threat of public transport.

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Tasmania's Gordon Dam

Many of us are no strangers to dams, but this particular structure has become known for its unique curving architecture. The size and shape of the Gordon Dam in South West Tasmania, Australia, have earned it praise from engineering organizations and landed it a spot on this list.

Gordon Dam, famous infrastructuresGordon Dam, famous infrastructures
Mackenzie Sweetnam / Contributor via Getty Images

So how big exactly is this impressive structure? About 459 feet high and 650 feet in length, reaching over 1,000 feet above sea level. The dam is located across Tasmania's Gordon River and was built to generate hydroelectric power through the Gordon Power Station.

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Beipanjiang Bridge

This jaw-dropping structure offers way more than great views, especially for locals and tourists. Found on the borders of the Guizhou and Yunnan provinces in China, drivers can shorten their drive from one region to another by a whopping four hours, thanks to the bridge.

Beipanjiang Bridge, unique infrastructureBeipanjiang Bridge, unique infrastructure
Barcroft Media / Contributor via Getty Images

But building it was no simple task. Why? For starters, the Beipanjiang or Duge Bridge is roughly 1,850 feet above the Beipan River, and 4,400 feet total in length. It was even the world's tallest bridge structure for a few years! Consider us impressed.

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Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project

No, this isn't an alien invasion or a clip from a sci-fi film; it's the Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project near Tonopah, Nevada. The structure is made up of over 10,000 "heliostats," which collect the sun's thermal energy to create power. And building it was quite pricey...

Crescent Dunes Solar ProjectCrescent Dunes Solar Project
DANIEL SLIM / Contributor via Getty Images

According to reports, the solar energy project cost nearly 1 billion dollars to construct. But not much profit was made as it never produced its promised amount of energy. In fact, following lawsuits from investors/partners and bankruptcy filing by its creators, the plant hasn't been used in years.

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Clifton Suspension Bridge

We've seen quite a few impressive bridges so far on this list, but not all of them share the rich history that the Clifton Suspension Bridge boasts. This beautiful structure was built in 1864 and has connected the U.K.'s Clifton in Bristol to Leigh Woods in North Somerset ever since.

Bristol Clifton, amazing bridgesBristol Clifton, amazing bridges
Ben Birchall - PA Images / Contributor via Getty Images

Those who have visited the area might be familiar with the unique suspension bridge, as it has become an iconic landmark over time. The structure is around 1,350 feet in length and stands about 330 feet above high water level. Plus, it provides some irreplicable views.

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Circular Village Settlements

Talk about mind-boggling architecture! These circular village settlements take curved infrastructure to a whole new level. Known as "Garden City," these homes can be found on the edges of Copenhagen in Denmark. And we assure you - people really do live here.

Circular Settlements, unique architectureCircular Settlements, unique architecture
DigitalGlobe/ScapeWare3d / Contributor via Getty Images

"It was very unique, like a whole pizza with each slice as a home," commented Henry Do, a photographer who once traveled to the village to capture its unique neighborhood of sorts. We couldn't agree more; it seems like venturing to Copenhagen's outskirts might be well worth it.

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The Houtribdijk Dam

Meet the beautiful Houtribdijk Dam, located in the Netherlands and completed within twelve years. Spanning about 30 kilometers (over 18 miles), this dam does more than separate two bodies of water. Not only does the Houtribdijk separate Markermeer and IJsselmeer, but it also connects towns.

Houtribdijk Dam, unique infrastructureHoutribdijk Dam, unique infrastructure
Wikimedia Commons via Snempaa

That's right - the dam functions as a road, as well. Drivers can get from the Netherland's Enkhuizen to Lelystad thanks to this wonderful construction. And it's not just vehicles that can take advantage of the surrounding views, as the dam has a bike path, too!

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Shalu Leisure Landscape Trail

Forget weeds and concrete underneath large intersections and bridges - Taiwan's got a beautiful alternative. The Shalu Leisure Landscape, located in Taichung, is a gorgeous walking path surrounded by nature located under a popular roadway. Surprised? We were, too.

Shalu Leisure, famous infrastructuresShalu Leisure, famous infrastructures
Instagram via @___yuchieh

Since its creation, the trail has become an attraction for tourists and locals. So if you're ever near Taichung, Taiwan, you might want to check it out! Although we definitely recommend wearing some comfortable walking shoes as visitors will have to traverse lots of stairs, and the path is quite long.

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Veluwemeer Aqueduct

In some places, engineers and architects have the task of figuring out how to control both on-land and aquatic traffic. Such is the case in the city of Harderwijk in the Netherlands, where this water bridge is located. The infrastructure is a multi-purpose construction.

Aqueduct Netherlands, unique infrastructureAqueduct Netherlands, unique infrastructure
Construction Photography/Avalon / Contributor via Getty Images

According to Interesting Engineering, the water bridge is about 10 feet deep, which is deep enough for small boats and shallow-draft water vehicles to pass over. At the same time, cars, trucks, and other vehicles can continue to drive underneath the suspended water.

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Dudhsagar Falls Bridge

Rumor has it the below waterfall looks even more stunning in real life. This gift from Mother Nature can be found on the Mandovi River in the Indian state of Goa and is over 1,000 feet high. Plus, it has four tiers and five drops. But nature isn't the only one with a mark there.

Dudhasagar Falls, nature infrastructureDudhasagar Falls, nature infrastructure
Wikimedia Commons via Guptabhel

There's an impressive human creation, too! Peep the bridge hovering over the waterfalls, also known as the "Sea of Milk." Those interested can contact the local Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife sanctuary for a safe ride through the gorgeous scenery. Definitely bucket-list worthy.

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The Delta Works

Next up on our list of unique infrastructure from around the world is another number found in the Netherlands: the Delta Works. Over ten structures make up the Delta Works, made up of dams, locks, levees, sluices, and storm surge barriers. And there's a very important purpose behind it.

Delta Works, famous structuresDelta Works, famous structures
Alimdi/Martin Stevens/imageBROKER/Shutterstock via Shutterstock

According to various sites, Delta Works was built over four decades and required around $13 billion. Its mission? To protect a big area of land around the Rhine-Meuse-Scheldt delta from the sea. It's no wonder some have dubbed it one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.

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Lofoten Archipelago

Let us introduce you to one of the world's northernmost populated regions: the Lofoten Archipelago, located in Nordland, Norway. Just how far north are we talking about? Well, its largest town, called Leknes, sits just about 1,500 miles away from the North Pole.

Archipelago Norway, unique architectureArchipelago Norway, unique architecture
Jorg Dauerer/imageBROKER/Shutterstock via Shutterstock

In fact, Leknes is located inside the Arctic Circle! It might be hard to believe this area is actually populated, but the truth is that Lofoten has a lot to offer. Gorgeous mountains, the open sea, a few bays, and even beaches surround the residents of this archipelago.

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The Millau Viaduct

The Beipanjiang Bridge in China was the tallest bridge in the world for a few years. Until the Millau Viaduct came along. The dreamy passage was recently named the highest bridge to exist, standing around 1,100 feet above the ground in Millau-Creissels, Aveyron, France.

Millau Viaduct, famous architectureMillau Viaduct, famous architecture
Christophe Ena/AP/Shutterstock via Shutterstock

We're not the only ones impressed by this engineering success. Thanks to its capacity, the Millau Viaduct has earned much recognition and even an award from the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering. Hats off to these architects and engineers!

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Tuned Mass Damper

Confused by the oddly-shaped construction pictured below? Don't worry; we can explain. Tuned mass dampers, otherwise known as seismic dampers or harmonic absorbers, are much more common (and important) than some of us realize and can be found in extremely tall buildings.

Taipei 101, unique structuresTaipei 101, unique structures
Yuri Smityuk / Contributor via Getty Images

The one seen above is located in the Taipei 101 Skyscraper in Taiwan. Its purpose is to decrease mechanical vibrations, quieting large structures while helping avoid structural failure. While this particular one is quite big, smaller ones can be found in big automobiles.

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Normandy Bridge

It looks like we're not done admiring striking bridges just yet. Next up is Normandy Bridge, whose home is over the beautiful Seine River and connects Le Havre to Honfleur in Normandy, France. And it's no small infrastructure: the bridge is over 7,000 feet long.

Normandy Bridge, famous bridgesNormandy Bridge, famous bridges
Andia / Contributor via Getty Images

The bridge can be traveled by automobile, foot, or bike. Construction on the structure began in 1988, and the now-critical transportation route was officially opened to the public on January 20, 1995. And it was once the longest cable-stayed bridge worldwide!

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The Sart Canal Bridge

Allow us to draw your attention away from the lush greenery scene below and towards the center of the picture, where the Sart Canal Bridge can be found. The engineering marvel is in Aimeries, Belgium, about fifty kilometers from the country's capital of Brussels.

Sart Canal, unique bridgesSart Canal, unique bridges
Imgur via u/BunyipPouch

Forget bridges for pedestrians and cars; this canal bridge is strictly for aquatic vehicles. A bit over 1,600 feet long, the Sart Canal Bridge contains 65,000 tons of concrete and can hold 80,000 tons of water. It's no wonder the creation cost nearly $300 million, as reported by various sources.

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Subsea Underground Roundabout

Think this is the average roundabout made for smooth traffic? Think again because this impressive infrastructure is anything but average. The New Zealand structure is found under the sea! The beautiful creation is part of a set of undersea tunnels found in the Faroe Islands.

Underground Roundabout, subsea structuresUnderground Roundabout, subsea structures
Geoff Robinson Photography/Shutterstock via Shutterstock

Linking the islands of Streymoy and Eysturoy, the tunnels are about 6.8 miles long in total and opened late in 2020. The infrastructure reduced travel time between New Zealand's capital of Torshavn and the city of Runavik from over an hour to only sixteen minutes!

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Holland's Heated Streets

Next up on our list and different from the infrastructures we've seen so far is this special construction located in the town of Holland, Michigan, in the USA. While the orange tubing might look like an irrigation system at first glance, we suggest you think again.

Heated Streets, urban infrastructureHeated Streets, urban infrastructure
Twitter via @joanmacp

The structure above, which was later covered by pavement, was implemented to heat the ground during cold Michigan winters. This infrastructure is capable of melting snow and ice, making for safer and more accessible travels around town! Talk about a must-have.

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Ecological Highway Bridge

Aside from some stunning beaches, the Turkish cities of Izmir and Cesme also boast this lovely ecological bridge. Found in the cities' highway and seated between Alacati and Zaytinler, the structure aims to protect wild animals in the area who need to traverse across the road.

Ecological Bridge, eco architectureEcological Bridge, eco architecture
Anadolu Agency / Contributor via Getty Images

According to various sites, deer, pigs, and foxes are among the animals expected to make use of the creation. The green overpass ensures their safety and those of humans, decreasing animal-car collisions. Not to mention, it's arguably neat to look at!

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Cactus Cell Phone Tower

At first glance, the shot below looks like a bunch of cacti in the desert. But a closer look reveals things are not what they seem, and one cactus is different from the others. That's because the lighter green one at the front of the picture is actually a cell phone tower!

Cactus Cellphone TowerCactus Cellphone Tower
Imgur via Rick Cameron

The fake cactus is around 20 feet tall and located in Tucson, Arizona, but it's not the only one of its kind. Rather than disrupting the desert senary, some companies have opted to make towers that blend in with their surrounding. That kind of creativity earns this structure a spot on our list.

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Confederation Bridge

Next up is this Canadian structure, which is the longest bridge located in the chilly country. The creation is almost thirteen kilometers long, roughly 8 miles. According to multiple sites, the Confederation Bridge is also one of the longest bridges to run over ice-covered water.

amazing architecture, famous bridgesamazing architecture, famous bridges
Michael Runkel/imageBROKER/Shutterstock

The infrastructure is part of the Trans-Canada Highway. It passes across the Abegweit Passage of the Northumberland Straight, bringing easy transport between the Prince Edward Island province and New Brunswick. After about four years of construction, it opened in 1997.

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Habitat 67

This structure is a far cry from the circular village looked at earlier. Rather than curved lines, Habitat 67 is a geometrical architectural feat filled with boxy structures and a lot of straight lines. The Modern infrastructure is located in Montreal, Canada.

unique structures, modern architectureunique structures, modern architecture
Wikimedia Commons via Concierge.2C

Since its building in 1967, Habitat has become an iconic landmark of the city and the country; and it's not hard to see why. While its building was initially funded by Canada's federal government, it is reportedly now privately owned by tenants. The green spaces on the flats' roofs bring nature into this modern creation.

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Lucky Knot Bridge

This is clearly not your average bridge. For starters, it's a no-car zone made exclusively for pedestrians. The Lucky Knot Bridge sits in the highly populated city of Changsha, China, and was created as a way for people to enjoy the surrounding views while adding beauty to the landscape.

unique bridges, amazing structuresunique bridges, amazing structures
Instagram via simon_shikongo

The construction is made of steel and spans 185 meters, a little over 600 feet. Sets of stairs help visitors navigate the hilly bridge. Who's behind this architectural marvel? NEXT architects, an originally Dutch firm that has since gone global. And boy, are we glad they did.

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Laguna Garzón Bridge

Bringing us all the way down to South America is this beautiful bridge featuring a one-of-a-kind shape. Located in Garzón, Uruguay, the Laguna Garzón Bridge is well-known for its unique circular formation. But for the town's residents, it's so much more than that.

amazing bridges, famous structuresamazing bridges, famous structures
Wikimedia Commons via Jimmy Baikovicius

Since its opening, the bridge has made previously chaotic traveling from one side of the laguna to the other much easier. Now, residents and tourists can travel around regardless of rain or shine, thanks to architect Rafael Viñoly's eye-catching creation.

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Niterói Contemporary Art Museum

We usually visit museums to observe what's inside them. But in this case, the exterior is arguably just as (if not more) impressive. A piece of art itself, the Niterói Contemporary Art Museum is in the gorgeous city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Not surprisingly, it's one of the city's many famous sites.

modern architecture, famous buildingsmodern architecture, famous buildings
Wikimedia Commons via Donatas Dabravolskas

The circular structure gives a 360-degree view of its surroundings, which doesn't leave much to be desired for considering Rio de Janerio's irreplicable mountainscape and beaches. In total, the cupola's diameter is about fifty meters and contains three floors.

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Enguri Dam

Following up next in our list of distinctive infrastructure is the Enguri Dam, located on the Enguri River in the country of Georgia. Various sources report that this structure is the second-highest arched dam to currently exist. How does it measure up to first place?

largest dams, unique damslargest dams, unique dams
Wikimedia Commons via The Regional Administration of Mingrelia-Upper Svaneti, Georgia

China's Jinping-I Dam is 305 meters high, with Enguri following closely behind at about 271.5 meters. It might not be the world's highest, but we're still impressed. Plus, the infrastructure helps generate plenty of power for some of Georgia's residents.

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This unique structure just might be one of our favorite on the list. After all, it's kind of hard not to love a bridge made of giant-sized legos! This one-of-a-kind urban infrastructure is located in Wuppertal, Germany. But it didn't always look so extraordinary.

lego bridge, amazing structureslego bridge, amazing structures
Rolf Dellenbusch/Shutterstock

The bridge was originally a plain old overpass - until a renowned street artist got his hands on it. Martin Heuwold painted the previously average structure to create an optical illusion of actual huge 3-D legos, giving it a unique upgrade. He sure fooled us!

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Twin Sails Bridge

Some might be familiar with bascule bridges, which are constructed to be moveable and lift up for the passing of large boats and ships. But while these are common in coastal cities like Miami, it's not every day that they look as interesting as the one below.

famous bridges, unique infrastructurefamous bridges, unique infrastructure
Andrew Matthews - PA Images / Contributor via Getty Images

The Twins Sails Bridge in Poole, Dorset, England, links Poole Town Centre to Hamworthy - in a very stylish way. When the two "leaves" are moved up for the passage of water vehicles, the bridge suddenly looks like two sails, making this infrastructure double as art.

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Guggenheim Museum

Welcome to the gorgeous Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao, Spain. According to the museum's website, the structure "represents an architectural landmark of audacious configuration and innovating design, providing a seductive backdrop for the art exhibited in it."

amazing architecture, modern buildingsamazing architecture, modern buildings
ANDER GILLENEA / Contributor via Getty Images

And we couldn't agree more! While at any given moment, the museum exhibits some of the world's top modern and contemporary art, the building itself is a creative masterpiece. Designed by celebrated architect Frank Gehry and inaugurated in 1997, it's since become a Spanish landmark.

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Lotus Temple

According to various sources, in some cultures, the Lotus flower symbolizes such things as purity, rebirth, enlightenment, and self-regeneration. These themes are also emphasized in some eastern religions, which is likely what inspired this stunning infrastructure.

nature architecture, famous structuresnature architecture, famous structures
Hindustan Times / Contributor via Getty Images

The Lotus Temple can be found in New Delhi, India, and was designed by Fariborz Sahba. The renowned architect emulated the beloved Lotus flower by designing a curved temple with nine sides and 27 petals. The result is arguably breathtaking and attracts visitors from around the world.

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Beijing National Stadium

China made headlines prior to hosting the 2008 Summer Olympics thanks to this next eye-catching structure. The Beijing National Stadium was constructed specifically for the world-celebrated event, creating a competition amongst some of the most renowned architects who wanted to partake in its building.

unique infrastructure, amazing architectureunique infrastructure, amazing architecture
WANG ZHAO / Contributor via Getty Images

Switzerland's Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron won big when their blueprint was chosen for the stadium. Dubbed the "Bird's Nest," the structure reportedly cost over $400 million to build and will be put to use once more during the 2022 Winter Olympics.

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Museum of Pop Culture

Frank Gehry has created quite the reputation for himself as a museum-design genius. Aside from being the main architect for Bilbao, Spain's renowned Guggenheim, he is also the creative who made the gorgeous Museum of Pop Culture seen below come to life.

cool buildings, modern architecturecool buildings, modern architecture
Wolfgang Kaehler / Contributor via Getty Images

The stunning piece of architecture is located in none other than Seattle, Washington, and is, not surprisingly, an exhibit of contemporary popular culture. Since its opening, the building has become a place for pop-related competitions, conferences, and more.

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United States Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel

According to the United States Airforce Academy, the structure pictured below is the "most visited man-made tourist attraction in Colorado" and the most iconic building on the Academy's grounds. Take a quick glance at the photo below, and it's not hard to see why.

unique chapels, amazing infrastructureunique chapels, amazing infrastructure
Loop Images / Contributor via Getty Images

While the design was controversial when it initially opened, Cadet Chapel has since been recognized for its unique and boundary-pushing architecture. The building even won the American Institute of Architects' National Twenty-Five Year Award in 1996.

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Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders House

Next up on our list is a building that arguably looks like it could be out of a sci-fi futuristic film. But that's definitely not the case. The Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders House was constructed from 1998 to 2003 and is located on planet Earth, more specifically in Berlin, Germany.

famous buildings, unique structuresfamous buildings, unique structures
Wikimedia Commons via Ansgar Koreng

Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders House serves as a German parliament building and was built over the ground where parts of the Berlin Wall once stood. The structure has since become a popular site-seeing place thanks to its history and, of course, unique design.

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Magdeburg Water Bridge

Sometimes human-made creations are so beautiful that they compete with the surrounding natural beauty. Some might say that such is the case with the Magdeburg Water Bridge in central Germany. The structure enables easy aquatic travel between the Rhineland and Berlin.

incredible bridges, unique structuresincredible bridges, unique structures
Amos Chapple/Shutterstock

And this is one infrastructure that was a long time coming. Building started in 1905 and was halted in 1942 due to the Second World War. Work didn't resume for decades due to the separation between East and West Germany. Finally, building resumed in 1998.

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Philharmonie of Paris

A stroll in Paris, France's third-largest park, Parc de la Villette, can bring visitors to this magnificent building: the Philharmonie of Paris. The beautiful structure stands out among the greenery but draws some inspiration from its natural surroundings.

philharmonie paris, famous architecturephilharmonie paris, famous architecture
Andia / Contributor via Getty Images

According to the Paris Philharmonie's website, the edifice was designed to look somewhat like a rock "with the air of a hill," imitating some of nature's beauties. Perhaps the best part? The building's panoramic, rooftop view of Paris's city and suburbs.

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The Queen Elizabeth II Great Court

The Queen Elizabeth II Great Court sits at the center of the United Kingdom's British Museum. According to the museum's website, this section of the building is the largest covered public square in all of Europe. And the record-breaking structure is certainly a sight for sore eyes.

unique, amazing architecture europeunique, amazing architecture europe
Andrea Pucci / Contributor via Getty Images

In existence for a few centuries, the Great Court was redesigned about twenty years ago to look like the magnificent structure seen above. The architects brought in modern design to intermingle with the center's traditional look, and the building has been visited by millions of people since.

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Walt Disney Concert Hall

Along with the Hollywood Bowl and The Ford, the Walt Disney Concert Hall is one of the Los Angeles Philharmonic's three main venues. And it's not tough to understand why; just take a look at the unique design! But this structure offers way more than aesthetics.

Walt Disney Concert HallWalt Disney Concert Hall
AaronP/Bauer-Griffin / Contributor via Getty Images

According to the L.A. Philharmonic's website, the Walt Disney Concert Hall is not only a ground-breaking piece of architecture; it is also "one of the most acoustically sophisticated" concert halls to exist. So if you're ever in the area, this is one place worth visiting.

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This modernist structure is another West Coast beauty. Found in the hills of Los Angeles, California, the Chemosphere was designed by John Lautner in 1960. The celebrated architect was once an apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright and went on to do many impressive works.

famous architecture los angelesfamous architecture los angeles
Ken Hively / Contributor via Getty Images

And the Chemosphere is no exception. Sources report that it was regarded as the most modern home in the world at the time of its building. What makes the structure stand out? At the top of the list are its octagonal shape and the panoramic 360-degree views.

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Soumaya Museum

It might be hard to believe that the structure below is not a sculpture; it is, in fact, a building. Welcome to Mexico City's Soumaya Museum, a roughly 151-foot high, six-story structure that is almost as aesthetically important as the irreplaceable artwork found inside.

amazing museums, unique architectureamazing museums, unique architecture
NurPhoto / Contributor via Getty Images

The infrastructure's exterior is covered by a whopping 16,000 hexagonal aluminum tiles that beautifully reflect the light and shadows of its surroundings. The museum's last floor even has an opening, allowing bright sunlight to pour in during the daytime.

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Lakhta Tower

Talk about buildings that make a statement! It's difficult to think of outstanding structures around the world without the Lakhta Tower in Russia coming to mind. The skyscraper has 87 floors and looks nothing like the other structures found around Saint Petersburg.

tallest building russia lakhtatallest building russia lakhta
Anton Vaganov / Contributor via Getty Images

Surrounded by significantly shorter infrastructures, the 87-story building is just over 1,500 feet tall, making it the highest in all of Russia. How does it compare to skyscrapers around the world? The Lakhta Tower is reportedly the top 20 tallest buildings. Not too shabby!

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Bahá'í Temple

The Bahá'í faith is known for its beautiful houses of worship and architecture around the world. From India's Lotus Temple to Israel's Bahá'í Gardens, this community has built some extremely popular structures that bring visitors from around the globe.

bahai temples, unique structuresbahai temples, unique structures
Wikimedia Commons via Carlos Figueroa

And the Bahá'í Temple in Santiago, Chile, is no exception. The building draws inspiration from aquatic vehicles and nature, with nine arched walls that look both like a ship's sails and flower petals. The gorgeous structure is made from marble and glass.

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House of the World's Cultures

Next up is Berlin, Germany's Hause der Kulturen der Welt, House of the World's Cultures in English. This spectacular building is used as a hall for art exhibitions, dance performances, theater shows, concerts, and more. And the House has an equally interesting history behind it.

modern architecture, amazing infrastructuremodern architecture, amazing infrastructure
Domingo Leiva Nicolas / Contributor via Getty Images

The building stands in Berlin's new government district, which was previously destroyed during World War II. Then in the 1950s, building began to restore the area to its former glory, and thus the House of the World's Cultures came to be. The beautiful structure is the work of American architect Hugh Stubbins.

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Bosjes Chapel

Welcome to a vineyard like no other. The Bosjes Chapel featured below has its home in the Bosjes Wine Farm of South Africa and was designed by a London-based architecture firm. The roof is self-supporting due to every undulation falling all the way to the ground.

unique chapels, amazing templesunique chapels, amazing temples
Instagram via @bosjes_farm

If you think the dramatic falls and rises of the roof are reminiscent of mountain ranges, then you got the point. The architects behind this masterpiece drew inspiration from the surrounding mountain ranges in this area of South Africa. It's safe to say they succeeded.

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Alamillo Bridge

Following the previous beauty is this distinctive bridge in Seville, Spain. Built between 1989 and 1992 and designed by Santiago Calatrava, the Alamillo Bridge stands over the Canal de Alfonso XIII and provides easy access to the beautiful peninsula of La Cartuja.

famous, modern bridges, infrastructurefamous, modern bridges, infrastructure
Digital Light Source / Contributor via Getty Images

The unique bridge is around 250 meters in length, roughly 820 feet, and 140 meters, 459 feet, high at its tallest point. The structure includes one straight stell-shell tower that is reinforced with concrete and inclined backward to balance out the diagonal cables.

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