40+ Fascinating And Peculiar Human Conditions


| LAST UPDATE 03/22/2022

By Scarlett Adler

There are people who have good genes and there are people who have great genes. There's no doubt about it, some humans just got extra lucky during the DNA replication process. Whether it's those super blue/green eyes or pretty freckles, what was supposed to be a genetic mutation turned into the most unique and beautiful features known to man for these few lucky buggers...

Half And Half

This eye is 1/3 grey and the rest brown. To think the rest of us have been forced to live with just one color in our eyes is an outrage! When someone's eyes are two different colors it's called heterochromia in the eye.

Heterochromia Beautiful Eye HumanHeterochromia Beautiful Eye Human
Reddit via u/Nico_LaBras

It is caused by variations in the concentration and distribution of melanin which is the pigment that gives color to our eyes or skin. So it's safe to say this guy got unbelievably lucky!

High 4!

This guy is missing a pinky. It didn't fall off, he didn't leave it in his gloves, he was simply born without one. This is a pretty common gene mutation known as Symbrachydactyly. Don't worry, no one can pronounce that word.

Four Fingers Birth DefectFour Fingers Birth Defect
Twitter via @vF_KROADER

The person who sent this image said that he never feels as though he is missing a finger and refers to this as his 'good hand'.

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Peek A Boo

Some people are born with tiny holes on the outskirts of their ears. It is known as Preauricular pits. While it’s possible to have them on both ears, they usually only affect one.

Preauricular pits Ear HolePreauricular pits Ear Hole
YouTube via Business Insider

In addition, there may be just one or several small holes on or near the ear. It doesn't hurt and they look like little piercings, how random and cool is that!

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Black & White

These eyelashes are black and white. No mascara whatsoever, just pure gorgeousness! This person definitely got lucky in the gene pool because those eyes aren't too bad to look at either!

Black and White EyelashesBlack and White Eyelashes
Reddit via u/HeroOfTime4209

The white part of the eyelashes also makes the blue/yellow part of the eyeball pop like crazy! This kind of got me thinking if dying my lashes white is a good idea?

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Yin & Yang

These two girls have opposite birthmarks and what makes it even better, they're best friends too! Colored birthmarks are caused by an overgrowth of the cells that create pigment (color) in the skin.

Colored Birthmark Skin PigmentationColored Birthmark Skin Pigmentation
Reddit via u/camicat42

If you don't appreciate your birthmarks, you can convince yourself that you don't like it that much. But they are actually what makes you unique and they're beautiful!

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Wow. Just WOW.

This guy has something called anisocoria. It's a symptom in which one pupil is functioning normally and the other one is always in a fixed position.

Different Size Pupils EyesDifferent Size Pupils Eyes
Wikimedia Commons via ThomasBonini

He probably has never had trouble landing a girl with this little party trick of his. It's usually totally harmless to the person affected by it and let's be honest, it looks pretty awesome.

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Like Mother Like Daughter

This is just the sweetest thing. The apple definitely doesn't fall far from the tree because this little princess got the exact same birthmark as her mama! It's safe to say who has the strongest genes in the family.

Generational Birthmark Mom DaughterGenerational Birthmark Mom Daughter
Facebook via Brianna Worthy

People have dyed their hair just to achieve this look. However, these lucky beauties were born with a feature that is certain to turn heads wherever they go.

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Beautiful Santa Claus

This man has a case of Waardenburg syndrome, which describes a group of genetic conditions that can cause loss of hearing and changes in coloring (pigmentation) of the hair, skin, and eyes. The features of this syndrome vary amongst different affected individuals.

Genetic Condition Waardenburg syndromeGenetic Condition Waardenburg syndrome
reddit via Cohacq

And to think I've been paying for colored contact lenses just to look like this when he gets it so effortlessly is just unfair. He has taken 'I woke up like dis' to a whole new level.

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Selfie Game Strong

Vitiligo is a skin condition whereby patches of the skin lose color and usually turn white. This guy might just blow David Gandy right out the water.

Vitiligo skin condition Vitiligo skin condition
Instagram via @yofavouritepage

He should definitely look into a career in modeling because this is just too gorgeous not to be photographed! Take a number and take a seat ladies...

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Thumbs Down

To the people who have 3 or 4 fingers... this guy has 5! What I found most crazy about this is that you don't even realize a thumb is missing until you actually search for it...

triphalangeal thumb Born Differenttriphalangeal thumb Born Different
Reddit via u/NoThanks93330

I can only imagine she picks things up with such ease. Being born with a thumb that is like a finger, is called 'triphalangeal thumb' and the person usually feels no difference since they weren't born with it already.

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The Ultimate Family Photo

This is an entire Indian family with albinism and they look like they are rocking the family portrait life! I don't know if it's their little giggles or their super snazzy outfits, but they look too darn cute together.

Albino Family Dominant geneAlbino Family Dominant gene
Reddit via u/ArkadiusBear

Since the gene is passed down from the parents, it is possible for the entire family to receive the dominant gene. Is it possible to turn a whole family into a package deal of models? Because I see the next campaign for Calvin Klein.

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Pretty Straight Forward

You know how your hands look like they have little maps in the palm. Well, this guy got a one-way street. Whoever gets to be his palm reader has a pretty straightforward job right?

Palm Line simian creasePalm Line simian crease
Facebook via Chirologie Luxembourg

This is something that is found in about 1.5% of the general population on at least one hand. It also refers to as a simian crease or simian line.

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This Little Piggy Went To The Market

This scared me at first until I remembered there is such a thing as toe rings!! This could be the best toe model that ever lived. This condition is called Arachnodactyly or 'Spider Fingers' (which sounds way cooler).

Arachnodactyly toes Spider FingersArachnodactyly toes Spider Fingers
Twitter via @JordanRasko

It's basically a fancy word invented to help you sound smart, instead of looking pretty stupid when you say 'spider fingers', you can sound like a practicing doctor. You're welcome.

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Just looking at this makes me feel so cold! This person suffers from bad circulation and when it's cold enough, the fingers lose circulation completely. This could also be a form of Raynaud's, which is usually an autoimmune disease.

Raynaud's condition fingers toesRaynaud's condition fingers toes
Reddit via u/love_me_some_dave

It looks like the hand was dipped into white ice cream. I wonder if they even still have feeling in those bad boys because they look like they're a few seconds from falling off.

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Punching A Dream

This guy has genetically pushed back knuckles on his left hand. This condition isn't too common so when it happens it's a pretty rare surprise.

Genetically pushed back knucklesGenetically pushed back knuckles
Reddit via u/OstrichBakedGhou

You might think that he punched a wall a little too hard but all it is a double-joint that causes the knuckles to look like they're pushed back. It would also only occur on the one hand usually.

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This is little Connie and she was born with a red birthmark on her nose. The doctors warned her family that if she ever were to get a cut or scratch on the birthmark, she would bleed to death.

Red birthmark Nose BabyRed birthmark Nose Baby
Youtube via ZoneA

So, the parents decided to have the section removed and now almost all traces of the birthmark are gone. She is also one of the cutest little girls I've ever seen!

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The Map To Your Heart

This is not the coolest tattoo you've ever seen but rather a condition called "port-wine stain" and it appears in the form of a birthmark. His entire body looks like a map.

Port Wine Stain BirthmarkPort Wine Stain Birthmark
Imgur via Mneneon

He even went over it in pen just to show us how much he really does look like a map. This is too beautiful, he should definitely consider teaching geography.

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Where Can I Get A Pair?

Yup! That's Kate Bosworth and she too is one of our lucky 'sufferers' of heterochromia iridium. Both her eyes are totally different. The one is a gorgeous blue and the other has half a section of brown.

Kate Bosworth heterochromia iridiumKate Bosworth heterochromia iridium
Instagram via @katebosworth

Thankfully, her case did not affect her hearing or her eyesight. As if someone like Kate even needs a boost in the beauty department, she's already gorgeous and now she gets these beautiful eyes as well? Not fair.

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Show Stopper

Individuals with albinism were often subjected to social stigmatization and isolation but, in your face haters because these are some of the most gorgeous people that walk planet earth.

albinism white eyelashes albinism white eyelashes
Twitter via @FamillyNordic

Her snowy white eyelashes and pinky lips are gorgeous and I just see Vogue Vogue Vogue coming from this face. Let's not even mention those eyes...

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Can You Count Them

You know what they say... A face without freckles is like a night without stars. This is a result of both genetics and sunlight. Freckles happen to be one of the most beautiful features anyone can have. Embrace, embrace, embrace!

Freckles birthmarkFreckles birthmark
Instagram via @maevamarshall

So those of you who were born without freckles, spend more time on the beach. Those of you who already have freckles and hate them, take it up with mum and dad! They're 50% to blame here!

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Sorry Toothfairy

Some people are simply born without wisdom teeth, in fact, 20% of the population to be precise. It's a wonder if they realize how truly lucky they are, wisdom teeth can be super painful to have or have removed.

Wisdom teeth surgery x-rayWisdom teeth surgery x-ray
Reddit via u/zigzagman1031

The one sucky aspect of it all is that they miss out on the right to eat ice cream and soup for a few days once you have those bad boys removed.

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There are a few people running around with something called Morton's Toe. This is a rare condition that results in the second toe being longer than the big toe...

Morton's long middle Toe Morton's long middle Toe
Wikimedia Commons

Which kind of steals the big toe's thunder but I'm sure he doesn't mind. If you're keen to see feet like this, the Statue of Liberty has Morton's Toe and she seems pretty proud about it.

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Come out, come out, where you are! 10% of our population have outie navels a.k.a. out bellybuttons. I was today years old when I learned that an outie has nothing to do with the way an umbilical cord is cut but rather the way the scar heals itself.

outie navel bellybutton outie navel bellybutton
Instagram via @annaolivia.jonsson

So, no man is to blame when it comes to these little buttons. If you're one of the lucky 10% who has an outie naval, then don't be shy when summer comes around. We wanna see 'em!

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Redheads may seem super common but they're a pretty rare find! They only make up between 1-2% of the population.

red hair ginger beautifulred hair ginger beautiful
Instagram via @carmen.solomons

So before you whip out your best insult to hit the ginger with, just remember that they are like diamonds in the world, a rare and beautiful genetic mutation which resulted in ORANGE colored hair. Remember they can probably also set you on fire with their locks.

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X Marks The Spot

At least 3% of the population has a super rare condition that results in them having an X shape with the lines on their hands. Palm readers and some other religions believe that this is a sign of strong character.

X-line on palmX-line on palm
Youtube via Pebbles Live

Whether they're wrong or right, one thing is for sure... they found the value of X right in the palm of their hands and that is enough reason to think they're more powerful than most.

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Hand Claspers

If you were to clasp your fingers right now, without thinking, observe what happens to your thumbs. You might be like the majority of the world or you are the rare 1%.

hand clasping thumb positionhand clasping thumb position
Shutterstock via YAKOBCHUK VIACHESLAV / Shutterstock via stasokulov

If your thumbs line up perfectly straight next to each other then you are one of the lucky few to be able to do something relatively cool with your hands. Good for you!

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You Gleek!

No, that is not a human python, this guy is doing something known as gleeking. This when you are able to squirt water or saliva from the glands under your tongue. Some people can do it on demand and control it.

gleek gleeking spit tonguegleek gleeking spit tongue
Pinterest via DentaGama

Whilst others often find that they end up spitting at people in the face by mistake. It can go either way, all I can say is I'm really not sure if this is a superpower or a curse.

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The Skunk Woman

For many years, Rebecca Heckard was bullied for her beautiful birthmarks and congenital white forelock. "I even asked to be taken to the doctor's for them to cover my birthmarks, but nothing could be done," she said.

Rebecca Heckard white hair Rebecca Heckard white hair
Gursher Gill/Caters News Agency

This condition is known as Piebaldism and it took Rebecca some time to accept it. She said, "Now I feel beautiful faster than I feel afraid, I know I can walk into a room full of attractive women and feel beautiful too."

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Oooh Lala

Mekhi Alante Lucky is the 23-year-old model that has given a whole new meaning to 'eye candy.' "People stare at me all the time," he admitted. Well, can you blame them?

Mekhi Alante Lucky eyesMekhi Alante Lucky eyes
Instagram via @officialmekhilucky_

This is yet another unique case of Heterochromia that caused one of Mehki's eyes to come out an icy blue. If you think he's pretty, wait until you see his daughter a few pages down!

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Runway Ready

Although she looks like a fashion designer's dream, Elisany da Cruz Silva acquired a dangerous form of gigantism, caused by a tumor that grew on her pituitary gland.

Elisany da Cruz SilvaElisany da Cruz Silva
Pinterest via Wayne Brath

For years, she was embarrassed to go out in public. However, once Elisany realized that her legs were the envy of all models, she regained her confidence. In the picture above, she's enjoying a walk with her new fiance.

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The Dimple That Tells a Story

Marija Piskac is one of the many beautiful people who rock a cleft chin. However, people who are born with this condition often choose to have a surgery called a mentoplasty, to get rid of it.

Cleft Chin Marija PiskacCleft Chin Marija Piskac
Instagram via @edgarberg

People have often said that the size of the dimple suggests a lot about the person's character. Marija believes her chin lets people know from the get-go that she is assertive and will always get the final word.

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Mekhi's Daughter

Meet little Brooke Lucky (and lucky is an understatement). Her father, Mekhi, passed down his Heterochromia genes, and as a result, her eyes came out a beautiful blue.

Heterochromia genetic blue eyesHeterochromia genetic blue eyes
Instagram via @officialbrookelucky

Sadly, Brooke's case of Heterochromia, caused her to lose hearing in both her ears. However, with the help of a state-of-the-art hearing aid, this future model lives a happy and normal life.

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Are You Kidding Me?

The rare disorder of Distichiasis is the abnormal growth of lashes. If the case doesn't interfere with the person's eyesight, it's a pretty gorgeous 'disorder' to have.

Distichiasis Abnormally long lashesDistichiasis Abnormally long lashes
Twitter via @Nargess_Km

Elizabeth Taylor was one of the 'sufferers' of this condition. She was born with a second row of eyelashes and this genetic mutation is part of what made her beauty so striking.

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Double Flip

Now, this man may seem like he's extra rude, but his double-flip-off is a result of a condition called Polydactylism. This rare genetic disorder can appear in the form of an extra toe or finger.

Polydactylism six fingers rarePolydactylism six fingers rare
Reddit u/the_cozy_one

In this case, both of this man's hands have been affected. However, he certainly decided to make lemons out of lemonade and found a pretty good use for them.

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Two for the Price of One

Most individuals have one clockwise hair whorl, usually positioned at a single point on the scalp. However, about 5% of the population has been born with a 'double-crown.'

double-crown hair cowlickdouble-crown hair cowlick
Facebook via Kamalayan

There is still no evidence that this condition is caused by something 'unusual.' It is a result of genetics and is only noticeable with a short haircut. Side point, is anyone else wondering what shampoo this kid uses?

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Thumb Wars

The image below shows a mild form of Thumb Hypoplasia. In more severe cases, the thumb is so underdeveloped that it comes out small or doesn't grow at all.

Thumb Hypoplasia knuckle jointThumb Hypoplasia knuckle joint
Twitter via @ThirtyVirus

It is a rare condition that allegedly only affects 1 in 100,000 babies. This person's unique genetics resulted in them having one thumb fully developed, and the other missing a joint.

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The Human Canvas

Dermatographia is a condition also known as 'skin writing.' People who have it can scratch their skin, and a red wheel will appear for about 30 minutes. It is usually harmless but can cause an irritating rash.

skin writing Dermatographia rareskin writing Dermatographia rare
Imgur via jZmbies

There is no proof that it is genetic and has been referred to as a possible 'allergic reaction' to anything from unsettling emotions to medication. If you have Dermatographia, it is advised not to aggravate the skin (no matter how fun it is).

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Real-Life Doll

Beautiful baby Mehlani is often stopped in public because of her big eyes. However, what many people don't know is that she suffers from a rare condition called Axenfeld-Rieger syndrome.

eyes Axenfeld-Rieger syndromeeyes Axenfeld-Rieger syndrome
Twitter via @karinaa_ortega

This disorder affects the development of the eyes. Although Mehlani can see just fine, there is a chance she will have to have surgery. Either way, she will still be the cutest little doll with that smile of hers.

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The Brightest Star

12-Year-old Ava Edney is an African American girl, born with a genetic condition known as Albinism. This superstar is spreading an important message to children all over the world.

Ava Edney albinism modelAva Edney albinism model
Facebook via Beyond Colours

Ava constantly promotes body positivity. Whether she is posting a picture for her 89k followers or strutting on the runway, this gorgeous model wants everybody to join her in embracing whatever you were born with.

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The Cutest Biological Twins

Marcia and Millie Biggs, both 11, looked almost identical when they were first born in July 2006. However, as they got older, Millie's skin became darker, and Marcia's skin went lighter. "Other parents would stop me and say: ‘Are they your daughters?’" said proud-mama Amanda. When I told them that they're twins, they were stunned."

identical twins different skinidentical twins different skin
Twitter via @SadiqShigri

“Other than the differences in skin tone, they look almost exactly the same," said Amanda. "They are both absolutely beautiful, and they make me proud." Non-identical twins happen when the mother releases two eggs at once, both are then fertilized by two different sperm. So, Millie took after her mom and Marcia, took after her dad.

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We've heard of innies and we've heard of outies, but have you ever heard of swirlies? This person's belly button is shaped like a spiral! This is probably one of the coolest bellybuttons we've seen. It kind of feels a little hypnotizing if you stare at it for too long...

Swirl bellybutton rare conditionSwirl bellybutton rare condition
Reddit via u/Swirlxx

This rare belly button shape happens when the umbilical cord scar forms a swirl. Just like with innies and outies, the appearance is not related to how the cord is cut, but rather, by the way the scar heals. No need for a belly piercing when you have such a beautiful, naturally accessorized belly button!

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It's Electrifying!

Getting struck by lightning is no joke and can cause severe injuries. But for this man who was hit by the naturally occurring electrostatic discharge (a fancy way of saying lightning), the incident resulted in beautiful shapes on his skin known as Lichtenberg figures.

Lichtenberg figures lightning strike Lichtenberg figures lightning strike
Reddit via u/Moctopus115

Lichtenberg figures named after the German physicist who first discovered and studied them, Georg Christoph Lichtenberg. The fern-like pattern forms from blood vessels burst by the lightning strike. The branch-like figures often fade after a few days, but we think this could make a great inspiration for a new tattoo!

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Love On The Brain

We've seen a lot of beautiful birthmarks, but this one is especially charming! This person's baby boy was born with the most adorable heart-shaped birthmark on his forehead! We just can't help but smile when we look at this cute and lovable face, we're sure you feel the same!

heart shaped birthmark head heart shaped birthmark head
Reddit via u/Gurjen

This little bundle of joy isn't the only baby blessed with the love symbol. In Turkey, another baby born with a heart-shaped birthmark on his forehead was nicknamed "Love Baby," and hospital nurses couldn't resist taking selfies with the newborn. Can't blame them - we want selfies too!

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Uncombable Cute Syndrome

Little Shilah was born with soft, brown hair, nothing out of the ordinary. But a few months later, her hair started to grow straight up and couldn't be flattened down! Turns out Shilah has uncombable hair syndrome, a condition that usually develops in infancy and goes away in adolescence.

uncombable hair syndrome Shilah uncombable hair syndrome Shilah
Instagram via @ShilahMadison

UHS is characterized by dry, frizzy hair that cannot be combed flat. In most cases, the condition is not linked to other health issues. Thankfully, Shilah knows how amazing her hair is and has rocked it confidently from a young age. Shilah says she is "magical and special" and we couldn't agree more!

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Peace Out

We've seen hands with birthmarks, extra thumbs, and missing pinkies, but what about simply having very long fingers? This person's index and middle finger looks quite long and also widely stretch apart. This unique attribute makes for a pretty awesome peace sign.

stretchy fingers double jointedstretchy fingers double jointed
Reddit via u/Paulpr0

The owner of this captivating hand says "I've been told my peace sign is unusually wide." We think extra long fingers could be a big benefit in a hand-modeling career. Imagine how many rings you can stack on this beautiful hand! Not to mention all the tiny cracks they can probably reach into for a fallen coin or Airpod.

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Hypnotizing Eyes

We've seen how strikingly beautiful people born with albinism are, but let's take a closer look at how the condition can affect eye color. This man's eyes look like an alluring pool of ice. Some Reddit users thought his peepers came straight from the Game of Thrones set, saying he may be a Targaryen or even the Night King.

albinism purple eyesalbinism purple eyes
Reddit via u/Sorranne

People with albinism have a reduced amount of melanin, or no melanin at all, which affects eye color and eyesight. They can have pale blue, grey or brown eyes, depending on the amount of melanin. This person has the kind of eyes some people would pay good money for.

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Two Thumbs-Up

This baby girl was born with two thumbs on one hand, and her parents think it's "Rad." We couldn't agree more! I mean, imagine Michelle Tanner giving us two thumbs up as she says "You got it, dude!" on Full House. This baby was born with polydactylism, a condition that results in one or more extra fingers or toes.

polydactylism extra thumbs fingerspolydactylism extra thumbs fingers
Reddit via u/LucipurrHortler

The condition is often genetic and its name comes from the Greek words poly (many) and dactylos (finger). There are three main types of the condition. When the extra finger is on the outside of the thumb, it is called radial or preaxial polydactylism.

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Spider-man Hands

Spider-man may shoot webs from his hands, but this guy has webbed fingers! The more formal term for webbed fingers is syndactyly. The condition happens when the fingers are not separated during the sixth to eighth weeks of intrauterine life, AKA when the baby is still in the womb.

webbed fingers syndactyly rarewebbed fingers syndactyly rare
Reddit via u/NTOOOO

Syndactyly occurs most often between the middle and ring fingers, and can also affect toes. The condition affects both hands about 50 percent of the time and, in most cases, is not related to any other condition. Shall we start a petition for the next spider-man to have webbed fingers? We think so!

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This person's neck skin is "stretchy enough to allow [him] to suck on it with no hands." Wow, now that's a cool party trick! When asked if he has ever tried to stretch his neck skin over his nose, the Reddit user responded, "I can do that too! Just over the tip tho." Wow, we wish he included a picture of that!

stretchy chin skin rare stretchy chin skin rare
Reddit via u/Zen100_

While most people can stretch their skin to an extent, skin that stretches beyond the usual level is known as hyperelastic skin. Sounds like the name of a superhero, right? We don't know if this guy's stretchy neck is due to having hyperelastic skin, but we're sure his awesome ability can serve some sort of superhero function.

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Artistic Eye

This may look like a modern work of art, or maybe like satellite images of some cool planet, but it's actually someone's pupil. This amazing eye pattern is due to Persistent Pupillary Membrane, or PPM. PPM. It is found in 95% of newborns and 20% of the adult population.

Persistent Pupillary Membrane pupilPersistent Pupillary Membrane pupil
Reddit via u/alexioding

PPM happens when remnants of a fetal membrane continue as strands of tissue and cross the pupil. The condition often goes away by itself during the first year of life and requires no treatment. Even when PPM persists into adulthood, it usually does not affect vision.

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That Dangly Thing

Most of us have one uvula, or as Cardi B calls it, that dangly thing that swings in the back of her throat. Well, turns out some people have two dangly things. Bifid uvula is when a uvula is split or forked, making it look like two. If not accompanied by other conditions, there are rarely any complications associated with it.

Bifid uvula submucous cleftBifid uvula submucous cleft
Reddit via u/TicoTube

Sometimes the split is an indication of a submucous cleft, which may come with some complications. Reddit users had fun nicknaming the two uvulas, one user saying, "You might even call it twovula." A few users shared they also have two uvulas and some shared they have none at all!

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She Is Her Own Twin

Taylor Muhl is a singer/songwriter, model, and dancer. She's also an advocate working to raise awareness around Chimerism. Chimerism is a rare genetic condition that occurs when two fraternal twin eggs fuse together in the womb. Because her egg fused with her twin's egg, Muhl carries her twin's genetic makeup in her body. Wow!

Taylor Muhl twin Chimerism Taylor Muhl twin Chimerism
Instagram via @taylormuhl

Having her twin's genetics inside of her resulted in Taylor's torso displaying two different colors of skin pigment, the second color coming from her twin's genes! Muhl knows her condition is beautiful and part of her advocacy work for Chimera Awareness is linked to body positivity.

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The Ultimate Thumbs Up

We know we had you believing that the coolest thumb in the world belonged to the baby further up on our list. After all, how could we possibly top a double thumb? Well, feast your eyes on the ultimate thumbs-up, the super thumbs up, the thumbs up supreme...

extra long thumb fingerextra long thumb finger
Reddit via u/BeardedGlass

Getting a thumbs up from this guy must be extra meaningful considering the size. However, this large thumb is most likely a result of a condition known as Triphalangeal Thumb. This means that instead of having two phalanges, it has three, giving it some extra length.

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50 Shades of Gorgeous

If you look carefully, you'll notice that this baby's eyelashes are two different colors. This genetic condition is known as mosaic or mosaicism. This occurs when the body's genetics are made up of two or more populations of cells, resulting in different pigmentation.

black and white eyelashes rareblack and white eyelashes rare
Reddit via u/ashkei

Thankfully, the condition is usually not associated with any sort of health risk. So, this beautiful baby is going to live a happy and fulfilled life. Well, that is if she doesn't mind being stopped for pictures while walking on the street. We're sure her classmates aren't going to leave her alone!

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Legs for Days

This long-legged beauty is every fashion designer's dream. La Östergren is a bodybuilder and is best known for her disproportionately long legs. Her height is 5'8″, but the length of her legs is 3'5″. So, when you see her, the first thing you notice is that she's got the legs of a model.

La Östergren long legsLa Östergren long legs
Instagram via @iostergren

Östergren admitted that people used to tease her about being so tall and skinny when she was younger. Well, look who's laughing now, folks! La has made a career doing what she loves, and most of the comments on her Instagram are from people telling her how absolutely gorgeous she is.

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Icey Strands

This girl has some beautiful locks, and if you look closely, you'll notice that some of her strands are half white. You see, she has a condition known as poliosis. This refers to a patch on the body that is lacking melanin. In her case, the patch sits by the roots on the top of her scalp.

poliosis white hair melaninpoliosis white hair melanin
Instagram via @greyhairjournal

People born with poliosis are usually totally healthy and just have white patches in the affected area. It is usually hereditary but can also be associated with genetic diseases. Such as piebaldism, which as we've seen on our list, results in single or multiple white patches of hair.

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This model is the beautiful Anastasiya Scheglova and you gotta admit it, you're getting lost in those green eyes. Now, you might not think this is not a rare condition, but just like redheads, these fellas are in the minority. People with green eyes only make up about 2% of the population.

rare condition green eyesrare condition green eyes
Instagram via @anastasiyascheglova

That's right, if you have green eyes, then you have one of the rarest eye colors in the world. That has to feel pretty cool. Here's another interesting thought, apparently, people with green eyes usually have impulsive behavioral characteristics, but only they can confirm this for us. So, if you got these gorgeous peepers, Let us know!

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The Cold Ring Finger

This poor guy, whenever he gets too cold, his ring finger turns completely white. This is a result of a condition known as Raynaud's phenomenon. It causes discoloration in fingers or toes and it can occur whenever the person is exposed to a change of temperature.

Raynaud's finger rare conditionRaynaud's finger rare condition
Reddit via u/sharings

Whenever it changes from hot to cold or vice versa, the person's blood vessels begin to narrow. This diminishes the blood supply to the finger or toe and makes it appear to be white. There has been some evidence that suggests this condition could be hereditary as it usually runs in the family.

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The Darkest Skin in the World

We're sure you've already heard of her, but Nyakim Gatwech is too beautiful to not be on our list. This successful model is also known as The Queen of Dark. She has built a successful career from her striking beauty, and her claim to fame as the woman with the darkest skin in the world.

dark skin Nyakim Gatwechdark skin Nyakim Gatwech
Instagram via @queennyakimofficial

Growing up, Nyakim had a difficult time accepting her look. "I told my sister, 'kids are making fun of me because of my complexion." She used to want to have her beautiful skin bleached! However, "I grew to love myself," she said. "I’m not insecure about my skin anymore." Well, we couldn't be more glad!

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Cat Eye Syndrome

Now, this may look cool, but Cat Eye Syndrome can be pretty dangerous. This condition is super rare! It's caused by the short arm and a small section of the long arm in chromosome 22. The chromosome appears three or four times instead of twice, causing the pupil to look abnormal.

chromosome Cat Eye Syndromechromosome Cat Eye Syndrome
Instagram via @renan_ozturk

This chromosome abnormality can present itself in different parts of the body. The signs and symptoms of the condition vary widely, and it's usually not hereditary at all. It comes about sporadically in people with no family history of it at all. Pretty crazy, right?

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The Apple Did Fall Far From the Tree

Little Luca's mom has Jamaican, Italian, and Irish heritage with dark eyes, hair, and skin. So, you can only imagine just how surprised she was when Luca was born with light skin, orange hair, and blue eyes. His dad is responsible for the blue peepers, but where on earth did the orange come from?

kid mom different geneskid mom different genes
Twitter via EllaOliviaGayle

"I have two cousins with red hair, but that's the only immediate family, both Christian, and I have with red hair - other than that, there's no one!" said Luca's mom. "You can see Luca's hair from a mile off when we're out and about, and people often stare because the two of us look so different."

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Beauty Marks from Birth

Dominique has a red birthmark that only sits on her right eye. This is a mild form of a port-wine stain which is a discoloration of the skin. It is caused by a vascular anomaly which is fancy talk for a capillary mishap in the skin. However, there is no one in her family with a similar birthmark.

port-wine stain birthmarkport-wine stain birthmark
 Pinterest via Nikki Wells

That's because it is usually caused by a genetic mutation that happens suddenly. However, exactly when it occurs for a person could determine whether the port-wine stain is only a birthmark or a severe neurological disorder. In this case, it was thankfully just a birthmark, and we have to say, she is rocking that look.

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No, This Is Not Photoshop

The gorgeous Dominika Marková, or better known as, Miss Slovakia of 2015, has her dad to thank for those icy eyes. That's right, these good genes went from her grandfather to her father, to her and to her brother! Needless to say, we've got a family of models on our hands.

blue eyes Dominika Markováblue eyes Dominika Marková
Instagram via @domineckamarkova

Dominika is not only a model, but she's also a successful makeup artist. Unfortunately, there's not enough makeup in the world that could give you gorgeous eyes like these. Your best bet is to marry into this family because let's face it, they got some very favorable genes.

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Celebrate Your Flaws

Simone Thompson, a.k.a. Slick Woods is one of the many people who have Diastema. This common condition usually causes a space or gap between the two front teeth.

Diastema slick woods teethDiastema slick woods teeth
Instagram via @slickwoods

Simone is another perfect example of someone who was insecure about their look, before realizing that it's part of what makes them special. Strut your stuff baby, you are perfect the way you are.

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Something's Missing

That's right folks, even models have their fair share of quirky body parts. Take the beautiful Karolina Kurkova, for example. She's a model, actress, and even walked the runways of the iconic Victoria's Secret show. Karolina is gorgeous… but notice anything on her tummy?

umbilical hernia belly button umbilical hernia belly button
KMazur / Contributor via Getty Images

That's right, she's missing a belly button. For years people tried to figure out how this happened to her, but don't you worry because we got the scoop. Karolina had surgery when she was younger for an umbilical hernia, and the operation left her with a small scar that looks like she doesn't have a belly.

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Like a Lollipop

Meet Chanal Tapper; we're sure it's pretty obvious why she landed herself a spot on our list. Back in 2010, she made the Guinness World Records for having the longest tongue on a female. How long, you may ask? A whopping 9.75 centimeters! How does she even close her mouth?

Guinness World Records tongue Guinness World Records tongue
Pinterest via Guinness Book of Records

Chanel became quite a celebrity, thanks to her little party trick. Born in California, USA, she's not one bit shy when it comes to showing people her unique tongue. Another fun fact, this is unconfirmed, but we're sure she can finish a popsicle in about half the time that you could.

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Stole the Show

This is Melanie Gaydos, and she's the brave woman who faced the fashion industry and totally won. Born and raised in America, Melanie has a rare genetic disorder known as ectodermal dysplasia. The condition prevents the development of teeth, nails, pores, cartilage, and bones.

Ectodermal Dysplasia Melanie GaydosEctodermal Dysplasia Melanie Gaydos
Instagram via @melaniegaydos

Despite being insecure about her condition, Melanie decided that she wasn't going to let it define her. Just four years ago, she became a successful model. "There are simply not enough 'different' people fighting to be in whatever spot or position," she said; And we have to agree.

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Beauty Spots

Evita Delmundo is a gorgeous Malaysian model who constantly encourages women to fight the pressure of their irregular appearances. “In primary school, no one wanted to be friends with me,” she recalled. “It broke my heart. I was a lonely girl.” She even considered having her birthmarks removed until one fateful day.

Birthmarks Spots Evita Delmundo Birthmarks Spots Evita Delmundo
Instagram via @evita_delmundo

“I really learned how to love myself and communicate with others,” said Evita. “This was probably the first time I truly started accepting who I was, how I look. There are so many types of beauty in the world,” she continued. “It should not be embodied by just one face or one kind of beauty.”

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Nailed It

Well, this is one way of making lemonade out of lemons. This girl was born without a fingernail on her index finger, and no, the googly eyes are not a part of it. This condition is known as anonychia congenita and can result in no nails on both the fingers and toes.

anonychia congenita missing fingernailanonychia congenita missing fingernail
Reddit via u/nofapventure

Individuals with this condition are typically missing all or some of their nails. If it's only partially, then it is known as hyponychia. Thankfully, people with anonychia congenita don't suffer from any other health problem related to the condition. Besides… it's pretty cool, especially if you get creative like this girl.

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Who Run the World?

At the age of 25, Harnaam Kaur held the world record as the youngest woman to have a full beard. For years she was bullied about her excessive hair growth, but now, Harnaam is an Instagram star for her unique look. You see, her glossy facial hair is a symptom of a condition called polycystic ovaries.

Harnaam Kau Bearded WomanHarnaam Kau Bearded Woman
Instagram via @harnaamkaur

She explained, “One in five women have polycystic ovaries, and lots of them approach me about how to counter the bullying and how to accept themselves. I want them to say: ‘Well, Harnaam is on the catwalk, why not me?’ Bearded ladies were once laughed at – I want to break the mold.” You got our support, girl!

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"I'm Different and that is Sexy"

Now, this is one powerhouse girl. Meet Kanya Sesser from Los Angeles, who allegedly earns a minimum of $1,000 a day working as a lingerie model. She was born without legs, which is a rare condition known as congenital amputation. This most likely is due to maternal exposure to teratogens during pregnancy.

congenital amputation missing legscongenital amputation missing legs
Instagram via @kanyasesser

"It shows my story - I'm different, and that is sexy. I don't need legs to feel sexy," said Kanya. The beauty has modeled for the likes of Volcom, Nike, and Rip Curl Girl. She is also a motivational speaker, promoting body positivity to people all over the world.

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Beauty Is Only Skin-Deep

Sara Geurts is a Korean model who has made the best of a truly difficult situation. She suffers from a condition known as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which affects her body in multiple ways. One of her symptoms includes wrinkly or saggy skin, and for years, Sara felt embarrassed of how she looked.

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome WrinklesEhlers-Danlos Syndrome Wrinkles
Instagram via @sarageurts

“My skin was my biggest insecurity,” she said. “But now I think it’s the most beautiful thing ever. Each imperfection you have is individual to you, and it tells a story about you and who you are, and the struggle and the journey that you have been on.” Sara now models with confidence and inspires people all over the world.

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The Human Avatar

This photogenic babe is absolutely breathtaking, and no, it's not thanks to her Kylie Lipkit or plastic surgery; she just got really lucky in the genes department. From her button nose to her wide nasal bridge and perfect lips, we're sure you can already guess what she does for a living.

Model perfect features DiorModel perfect features Dior
Twitter @SunainaLimbu

Nope, she's not an Avatar, but she has modeled for the likes of Christian Dior. However, that's not her main passion, this superstar is also a musician. "I think I have always been a storyteller," she said. "It's in my nature, it's in my blood, and it felt most natural to me to tell stories with songs."

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When Kate Moss is Your Colleague

Moffy Gathorne-Hardy is a model who has shared the runway with both Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne. But she certainly gives them a run for their money because the fashion world was blown away by this girl. As you can see, Moffy suffers from a condition known as strabismus, or better known as 'crossed-eyed.'

strabismus crossed eyes strabismus crossed eyes
Twitter via @NiTuerta

"I think that the term 'strabismus' is too scientific and makes it sound as if I have a condition that affects other aspects of my life," she said. "I have never seen it in those terms, as far as I'm concerned I've just got a funny eye!" The beautiful model continues to break the stereotypes of what beauty 'is' and we just love her for it.

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"Pure and Unaffected"

"I was born with a facial cleft, and my nose airways were not properly formed," said Ilka Brühl. "So, the permanent natural moistening of the eye causes tears to always run out of the eye." After a few operations, Ilka is strong, and she's on a very important mission: "To remind the world that everyone is beautiful," she said.

Ilka Brühl facial cleftIlka Brühl facial cleft
Facebook via Ilka Bruehl

"I think EVERYBODY is beautiful in her or his own way," she continued. "There is only one way to be ugly: by having an ugly character." Ilka has since become a successful model, she explained, "There was so much positive feedback, that I got more and more courage to show myself as I am. Pure and unaffected."

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Every Hair on Your Head

This pretty girl is repping India in the fashion world as a four-feet-something model that has gained popularity for her stunning look. Toshada Uma suffers from a condition known as alopecia, which causes a partial or complete absence of hair. But did she let it get her down?

alopecia thinning hair Altshopalopecia thinning hair Altshop
Instagram via @toshadaa

Nope, this triple-threat is also a stylist, blogger, and co-founder of a project called Altshop—which sells wigs and other accessories. While she used to be insecure about her hair loss, once she accepted herself for who she is, Toshada became an inspiration to people with her condition, encouraging them to accept who they are.

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Holy Eyeballs

Careful not to drool when you look at our next beautiful human. Meet Yves Dropper, and no, those eyes are not contact lenses (no matter how much we wish we could buy a pair)! Yves made it on our list for his rare eye color. Green peepers are one of the rarest colors a person can have!

Green eyes rare geneticsGreen eyes rare genetics
Facebook via Tttcollector

Only 2% of the population has these gorgeous eyes, and that's part of the reason they're so striking to look at. When Yves introduced himself to the fashion world, he went viral overnight! And best of all, he used his fame for good and encouraged his followers to join him on his anti-bullying campaigns.

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The Cherry on Top

Meet the beautiful Yvesmark Chery. "Some kids are really mean," he said. "So, I was made aware of my differences, which caused me to question my beauty. But I look at this industry as a platform to tell my story. Being a male model with vitiligo, I can bring a new perspective."

male model vitiligo pigmentmale model vitiligo pigment
Twitter via @yvesmark_chery

Yvesmark was born with vitiligo, a long-term skin condition characterized by patches of the skin losing its pigment. The areas that are affected usually appear as totally white and have sharp margins. As you can see, Chery celebrates his condition, and it makes him all the more magnificent.

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Reach for the Sky

Yekaterina Lisina's Instagram bio reads: "Tallest supermodel 6'9 (205 cm), longest legs (Official), businesswoman and mother." This Russian model and former basketball player holds 2 Guinness World Records for the 'woman with the longest legs' and for the 'tallest professional model.'

Tallest supermodel Yekaterina LisinaTallest supermodel Yekaterina Lisina
Youtube via SimuliziNaSauti

You can bet she's every fashion designer's dream, and she made it on our list for being the owner of one of the longest pairs of legs the world has ever seen on a woman. Like many of our beautiful models, she too had a hard time accepting her height. However, once she did, Yekaterina got a whole new taste of life.

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Foot Clubbin'

This little munchkin was born with a condition known as clubfoot. The term is used to describe a number of foot abnormalities, but it usually involves the front of the foot being twisted downward and/ or inward. The arch is generally increased, and the heel is turned.

clubfoot condition twisted footclubfoot condition twisted foot
Facebook via Karen Enman

The condition is generally presented at birth and its unconfirmed whether it is caused by genetics, or not. However, it's usually treatable. As you can see, this little baby's foot has been completely corrected, and we can't help but melt at those adorable little toes!

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The Ice King

If only the word 'magnificent' could suffice, but the English language can only get us so far: Meet Shaun Ross, the American model who took the fashion world by storm, but his talents go far beyond the runway. This triple threat is also a recording artist and actor.

Shaun Ross congenital albinism Shaun Ross congenital albinism
Twitter via @ShaundRoss

Shaun has used his fame to raise awareness about the congenital disorder, albinism. “I’m trying to break down barriers,” he said. “It’s a message to people to be confident in their skin.” He encourages those who have been born with albinism to celebrate their rare beauty. “It differentiates you from everyone else,” he continued.

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"Don't Hide"

Therese Hansson began losing her hair at the young age of 14. She was diagnosed with a condition called alopecia, which causes partial or complete hair loss. Theresse struggled to accept her condition and spent many years hiding under wigs. Thankfully, she eventually realized how beautiful she is.

alopecia bald woman condition alopecia bald woman condition
Instagram via @instabytess

You might want to sit down folks because this model/fitness trainer is about to hit you with some real talk. “Don’t hide,” Therese said. “It will only make you feel worse. A big stone of relief will leave your body if you can just be yourself. Anyone that won’t accept it is not someone you need in your life anyway.”

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Vogue Vogue Vogue

"Ur face is so cool." "U r special." These are just some of the regular comments that pepper Tia Jonsson gets on her Instagram page. The blue-eyed, blonde also has a striking white streak that sprouts from her hairline and extends into her two front pieces. "It's actually a form of vitiligo," she said.

Tia Jonsson vitiligo hair Tia Jonsson vitiligo hair
Instagram via@tiajonsson

“I remember pulling all my hair back with butterfly clips when I was little and feeling really brave,” she recalled. It was tough for Tia to accept her look, but once she realized how stunning she is, Jonsson took the fashion world by storm. She even modeled for the likes of Rihanna’s debut Savage x Fenty campaign.

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Maddie's Eyes

This is little Maddie, and if you look carefully, you'll notice that her one pupil looks like it's been dragged a little. She has a rare condition called Coloboma that only occurs in about 1 of 10,000 people. It arises from abnormal development of the eye and is believed to be a genetic mutation.

coloboma dragged pupil eyecoloboma dragged pupil eye
Pinterest via Kathy Hoyt

A coloboma (meaning defect) can present itself in one or both eyes, and sometimes it can affect the person's vision. In Maddie's case, her eyesight stayed fully intact, and she only has to monitor her condition with regular check-ups. Side point, how adorable are her squishy cheeks?

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Every Dog Has Its Day

We have to give this guy a spot on our list, just for creativity. This is another example of a port-wine stain, which is a discoloration of the human skin caused by a vascular anomaly. The drawing of the dog is simply a cherry on top and a great way to show off this awesome birthmark.

port-wine stain footport-wine stain foot
Imgur via Philmography

The 'port-wine' stain is a permanent birthmark that is usually caused by the abnormal development of tiny blood vessels. The mark usually appears from birth in newborn babies and are formed because the little blood capillaries in the skin are too big.

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A Real Life Elf

Once again, genetics has thrown us quite a curveball. Could it be? Do elves really exist? This little's boy's pointy ears gave us reason to believe that they possibly do. However, this is a classic case of Stahl's ear, which occurs when an extra crease or fold happens in the cartilage.

baby elf pointed earsbaby elf pointed ears
Twitter via @oldweirdbritain

These pointed ears may occur from a trauma to the ears during labor, but there have been cases where the crease has unfolded over time. In other situations, the ear stays pointed well into the adult's life, and surgery may be needed in order to flatten the crease.

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Half and Half

Now, this is pretty crazy. This guy has freckles on only one half of his face, it looks like the most organized freckle party we've ever seen. A woman with the same condition went to a dermatologist, and she was told that it's actually a type of birthmark. "It started in the embryo," dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra said.

half freckled face pigmenthalf freckled face pigment
Reddit via u/notsosecrett

She continued, "And the pigment cells in the neural crest, some of them actually developed a mutation or a change, and as the cells migrated over, it actually affects only half the body. 'That's why there's such a sharp cut off.'" It's pretty awesome, right? His side profile pictures must look like two different people!

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2's a Crowd

This beautiful little baby was born with a perfect two on her head. The formation of her veins gave off the appearance that she had some sort of birthmark. However, she's just super unique in her own way. Her parents even came up with a funny story to tell curious people.

vein pattern baby birthmarkvein pattern baby birthmark
Reddit via u/JoumanaKayrouz

They told people that the number 2 on her head happened because she had a twin in the womb but decided to eat her sibling. The number serves as a sort of tattoo to remember her victim-turned-snack. However, with a face that adorable, we simply can't believe this little fib.

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A Big Thumbs Up

This person suffers from a condition known as macrodactyly. It's pretty rare, and the causes of it are still unknown, but some have said that it could be an abnormal nerve or blood vessel. It could also be because of poor blood supply to the finger, but it causes some to appear bigger than others.

macrodactyly abnormal hand vessel macrodactyly abnormal hand vessel
Ryan Kent via @blueme

This condition can appear in both the fingers and toes. However, macrodactyly usually only occurs in one hand or foot, but multiple fingers and toes will be larger than the rest. The condition is congenital, so the baby will usually show symptoms at birth.

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