Teacher Transforms Her Grey Garden Wall Into an Amazing Disney Display

Taran Underwood

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Facebook/ DIY On A Budget

A primary school teacher who was getting a little restless during UK's lockdown has turned her grey garden wall into an incredible cartoon display for her Disney fanatic family.

Bryoni Bowers from Pensarn, Wales created an impressive 40ft by 5ft art display in her very own garden, and the whole process only set her back by £100. She painted 28 Disney characters on what used to be a boring grey wall and the results are truly amazing. Aside from the fact that it turned out great, it made for a fun activity for her niece and nephew.

Facebook/ DIY On A Budget

Bryoni said that each Disney character took a few hours to create. "I only went out to paint on sunny days when we had all that bad wind I stayed in," she said. "It cost me less than £100 in total because I already had the paint brushes and a big bucket of white paint leftover from painting the house. We're all Disney obsessed anyway, so I asked the family group chat who their favorite characters were and got to work."

Facebook/ DIY On A Budget

After posting it on Facebook, the pictures got over 8,000 likes and 1,000 comments saying that it was "amazing and unique." It's safe to say, we certainly agree.