Stuffed Animals Ride San Diego Roller coaster During COVID19

Taran Underwood

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A theme park in San Diego is required to keep a certain rollercoaster running every day, despite the coronavirus lockdown. So, they had to appoint some rather unusual passengers who they knew would be 100% immune to the virus. Who did they find? Some stuffed animals.

Belmont Park in Mission Beach said The Giant Dipper roller coaster has been closed since March. However, it has to run every single day in order to keep it in good working condition.


Park officials said that the maintenance crew was struggling to test the ride without passengers. So, they decided to load the 95-year-old ride up with stuffed animals. The Giant Dipper now runs every day with stuffed animals inside the cars that are usually used as prizes for the park's games.

Los Angeles Times

"We have to keep the coaster running on a daily basis, so why not have a little fun with it," Steve Thomas, the park's general manager, said. "People are loving it. We've seen tons of videos and pictures that people have been posting online."

Thomas also said that some of the stuffed animals might be used as social distancing buffers when the park reopens.