Resort In Thailand Offers Guests A Night In A Jungle-Bubble Among The Elephants

Taran Underwood

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There's nothing that recharges your body better than being in nature. A resort in Thailand is offering guests a night in a see-through bubble surrounded by elephants.

The Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort in Northern Thailand provides its visitors with the chance to fall asleep and wake up next to their beautiful, gentle giants.

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The extraordinary resort has built several jungle bubbles around an elephant sanctuary where they rescued 60 elephants from Thailand’s city streets. The elephants now live a peaceful and quiet life. They are free to wander around the resort so they'll be there to greet you good morning and goodnight.

The 236-square-foot bubbles are made from high-tech polyester fabric. They were designed by Eve In The Sky and are comfy and cosy for a relaxing stay. They are equipped with beds, an en-suite bathroom and an outside sitting area.

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You will not have to leave your little bubble as the staff bring you all your meals. Visitors can watch the sunset from the comfort of their own bed.

A night in this beautiful resort will set you back around  $585 but it sure is the experience of a lifetime. They offer tours as well where they educate their visitors about their majestic elephants.