Ranking the Most Valuable Barbie Dolls in the World


| LAST UPDATE 08/14/2023

By Evelyn Martinez

Ever wonder how much your old Barbie dolls are worth today? Well, chances are you could be sitting on a fortune. By scouring the internet, we've ranked the most expensive dolls online - here's a look.

30. Queen Elizabeth I Barbie - $1,000

We’re starting strong and regal, with the first entry on our list being Good Queen Bess. More officially, this Barbie is Elizabeth I of England. Valued at $1,000, she is definitely not fooling around.

Barbie Doll Queen ElizabethBarbie Doll Queen Elizabeth
carmca52 via eBay

Released in 2004, Mattel took on this task seriously. With an accurate portrayal down to Elizabeth’s pale skin, bright red hair, and famously large forehead, the designers were sticklers for detail. Even if this Barbie is based on Cate Blanchett’s less-than-accurate depiction, it’s impressive all the same.

29. Devi Kroell Barbie - $1,075

Created in 2017 by Italian luxury bag designer Devi Kroell, the doll modeled by and for her is the peak of Italian glamour. Barbie Devi wears knee-high gold boots, a little black dress, and a gorgeous red handbag. While it has no expensive components, the one-of-a-kind doll is a standalone Barbie.

Barbie Doll Devi KroellBarbie Doll Devi Kroell
MsMojo via YouTube

Sold at the same auction as the Lorraine Schwartz doll - who's also featured on this list - the Devi Kroell doll was sold off for $1,075. The proceeds of the auction all went to educational programs and scholarships for young people to learn about fashion.

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28. La Belle Epoque Barbie Doll - $1,395

This Barbie is the epitome of 1920s Parisian fashion, with a name that literally means ‘the beautiful epoch’ in French. With only a few models of this Barbie ever created, a few even have the designer’s signature on the original box; Parisian-trained fashion designer and illustrator Robert Best.

Barbie Doll Belle EpoqueBarbie Doll Belle Epoque
The Toy Sisters via eBay

A 2012 exclusive as a part of the Platinum Label, La Belle Epoque’s estimated worth is as high as $1,395. With pearls dripping off her, a feather headpiece, enormous sleeves, and the prettiest purple we have ever seen, it’s not hard to see why this Barbie has become so sought after.

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27. Faerie Queen Barbie - $1,500

In Irish lore, a faerie is a supernatural being that is said to be small and beautiful, with pointed ears, delicate features, and long flowing hair. In Barbie-lore, there are 500 Faerie Queens in existence, and they are worth $1,500. If you remember playing with this as a kid, you should have a look through that old toy box.

Barbie Doll Faerie QueenBarbie Doll Faerie Queen
bargainincali via eBay

Released as a part of the Legends of Ireland Collection in 2004, faeries live in forests and meadows and can be both benevolent and malevolent. They can help humans but can also be mischievous and dangerous. We think this Faerie Barbie would never be the type of faerie to curse the girl who plays with her.

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26. Medusa Barbie - $1,500

Released to the public in the Goddess Limited Edition Series, the Medusa Barbie is one of the more expensive Greek mythological deities in doll form, with Barbie Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom, trailing just behind. While the myth of Medusa's snake hair scares her foes, Barbie Medusa's snakes are more of an excellent accessory.

Barbie Doll Medusa GoddessBarbie Doll Medusa Goddess
mommashobbyvintage via eBay

Valued at $1,500, the Medusa Barbie was never designed for children; it was meant to be a display doll for collectors. With only 5,400 Medusa Barbies ever created, this Barbie is a rarity. With her mermaid-like skirt, glamorous gold jewelry, and snakes circling around her waist, Medusa Barbie is more exotic than scary.

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25. Enchanted Evening Barbie - $1,670

For the London premiere of the Barbie film, star, and real-life Barbie Margot Robbie wore a dress inspired by the Enchanted Evening Barbie. It was a complete rendition of the outfit, accessories, and hair - and fans and doll collectors alike couldn’t wait to get their hands on the original 1961 doll.

Barbie Doll Enchanted EveningBarbie Doll Enchanted Evening
dollsandco17 via eBay

This may not be the first doll to exponentially increase in value following the movie’s premiere. As reported in the Washington Post, some dolls may be more expensive than they were a few months ago as Margot Robbie’s red carpet-inspired Barbie looks may “drive up the value of some vintage Barbie dolls.”

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24. Barbie for President - $1,777

Except for 1996, there has been a Barbie for President doll every four years since 1992. However, one particular Barbie for President doll is valued at $1,477. Issa Rae may have been the Barbie President we needed in the new film, but the original Barbie for President will always be precious. 

Barbie President Expensive DressBarbie President Expensive Dress
wil_418491 via eBay

Like Queen Elizabeth II, this Barbie has outlived Presidents and looked fabulous. A limited-edition doll exclusive to Toys R Us came with a campaign outfit, an elaborate star-spangled gown, and a briefcase. The doll was sold on eBay in its original packaging, which was in excellent condition, with only minor yellowing and wear.

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23. NASCAR Official Barbie - $2,293

Barbie really can be anything, and in 1999, this Barbie wanted to be a Nascar driver. To sponsor the Winston Cup Racing event before the turn of the millennium, McDonald’s partnered with Mattel to make Barbie’s most fantastic outfit yet. Released as a part of the Barbie Loves Sport series, this Barbie is a sport fashionista. 

NASCAR Barbie Driver expensiveNASCAR Barbie Driver expensive
jdvz123 via eBay

This Barbie wears a red and yellow uniform, and because safety comes first, the set comes with a racing helmet. Valued at $2,293, the doll is not widely available because of its limited release. With only 5,000 dolls ever produced, owning one of these could get you a nice, juicy check. 

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22. Violette Barbie - $2,500

1950s fashion has never been so chic, and leave it to Barbie to make us wish it was still the middle of the 20th Century so we could purchase a dress just like this. The Violette Barbie is a silky, purple vision. This vintage Barbie is quality old Hollywood fashion and is up for sale at Walmart for $2,499.95.

Barbie Doll Violette PurpleBarbie Doll Violette Purple
malibublonde via eBay

Released in 2005 as part of the Barbie Fashion Model Collection, this Barbie came on the scene with a Platinum Label status, immediately making her more desirable for any collector. With an organza of purple silks, florals, matching gloves, and a hairpiece to die for, most collectors wouldn’t let their children near Violette.

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21. Millennium Princess Barbie - $2,600

Released in the same year as the 2000 Celebration Barbie, the Millennium Princess was created to celebrate bringing in Y2K. With a minimal release, this Princess Barbie is now valued on Etsy at $2,600. Ever the supplier, Mattel also released a model with Teresa, Barbie's best friend.

Millenium Princess Barbie 2000Millenium Princess Barbie 2000
tawsonjohn via eBay

Barbie looks as lovely as ever dressed in a dark blue velvet gown with a glittering organza center panel and silver lace trim. Her ornament resembles a transparent ball, with a bow that says "Happy New Year 2000." This Barbie was also the first celebration Barbie to not be included in the Happy Holiday series.

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20. Porcelain Rumba Barbie Doll Prototype - $2,640

It’s not only the diamond-covered dolls Mattel creates that can produce allure and singularity. In this case, Porcelain Rumba Barbie is a one-of-a-kind prototype that never made it to full production. Rather than plastic, she is made of porcelain, making her more fragile than the standard Barbie.

Barbie Doll Porcelain RumbaBarbie Doll Porcelain Rumba
supersleeves via eBay

This Barbie also has a distinct 1920s hairstyle and design. It was auctioned off in 2005 for $2,640. Considering how rare and unique it is, it will likely sell for a much higher price if auctioned off again. We're not even sure how many Porcelain Barbies exist, but the number certainly isn't high.

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19. Plantation Belle Barbie - $3,000

This Barbie's lace dress drapes elegantly past her knees, and a strand of pearls adorns her neck. Even with the textures and quality of the fabrics, it's surprisingly priced at a whopping $3,000. The doll was only retailed for two years, between 1959 and 1961, so very few of these gorgeous figurines are still around.

Plantation Belle Barbie expensivePlantation Belle Barbie expensive
blueseasidemp11 via eBay

The Scarlett O'Hara character in the 1939 film Gone With The Wind inspired the design. Over the years, knowing their audience of obsessive collectors, Mattel has released specific clothing and props for the set so Belle Barbie owners can replace damaged or worn-out pieces.

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18. Marie Antoinette Barbie - $3,000

Inspired by the iconic painting done by Élisabeth Vigée-Lebrun for the Queen of Decadence. Marie is wearing a pale blue 18th-century gown adorned with a heavy diamond necklace, a feather hat, and gold fringe. She also carries very delicate pink roses. This Barbie is retailing online for $3,000. 

Marie Antoinette Barbie priceMarie Antoinette Barbie price
nw_kansas via eBay

Marie is not the only Barbie royalty, but she is definitely the most valuable. Released as a part of the 2003 Women of Royalty, Elizabeth I is a close second in price, with Empress Josephine of Italy and Elisabeth of Austria trailing behind. It’s hard to believe that Madame Deficit isn’t the most expensive Barbie on our list.

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17. Commuter Set Barbie - $4,406

In the 1990s, Mattel figured out that people missed the original style of Barbie. They released a line of the OG look without skipping a beat, and its collectors ate it up. One of these dolls was the Commuter Set Barbie. Dressed in a business suit with a skirt, jacket, and blouse, this Barbie is set for jet travel.

Commuter Set Barbie expensiveCommuter Set Barbie expensive
sheshedshopper via eBay

She also has a two-strand necklace, short gloves, a travel bag, and black heels. Barbie’s red lipstick perfectly matches her bag and hair accessory, and the bag even has the iconic doll’s name. Clearly, Mattel was on to something about nostalgia because this Barbie was sold on eBay for $4,406.

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16. 1920s Gran Silkstone Barbie - $5,000

The 2021 Madrid Fashion Doll Show Convention was a star-studded event, but people could only discuss the limited-edition 1920s Gran Silkstone Barbie. Only 20 copies of this doll were made and could only be purchased in person at the event. Her purpose is to dazzle as a centerpiece; she even comes with a stand to prop her up.

Barbie Doll Gran SilkstoneBarbie Doll Gran Silkstone
dmclub via eBay

This Silkstone Barbie is a stunning recreation of the fashion popular at the height of the 1920s. She is dressed in an intricately sequined dress, a layered pearl necklace, long, dangling earrings, and a bold red lip. This Barbie is the perfect embodiment of the Roaring Twenties.

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15. Aqua Queen Of The Prom Barbie - $5,000

The Aqua Queen of the Prom Barbie is on the rarer side of Barbie doll production. With only thirty in the world, this doll is a rare and valuable collector's item. One of the thirty dolls was sold for $5,000 in the early 2000s. Given she was produced more than 20 years ago, she might go for even more next time. 

Barbie Doll Aqua PromBarbie Doll Aqua Prom
staram190 via eBay

Made specifically for the 2001 National Barbie Doll Convention, she is dressed in a gorgeous aqua gown with a backless bodice and silver snowflakes. The dress's full skirt is made of four layers of delicate fabric. A more 'stereotypical' Barbie, but if Margot Robbie is on par with the classic, we'll be bidding at the next auction.

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14. Bling Barbie – $7,500

In 2010, jewlery designer Lorraine Schwartz collaborated with Mattel to create a special Barbie encrusted with the most expensive diamonds on the planet. With red hair, an unusual color for Barbie, this prized piece is the only one of its kind. The doll sold for $7,500 at auction, but it could be worth much more in the future.

Barbie Doll Bling Lorraine Barbie Doll Bling Lorraine
WatchMojo via YouTube

While this Barbie looks like any other evening dress figurine, her jewlery is what makes this doll special. Barbie’s outfit and hair were not valuable, but the diamond accessories were worth more than $25,000. Even the B on Barbie’s waist is decorated with diamonds. She is peak glamour.

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13. Pillow Talk Barbie Set - $7,680

Barbie has never been just for children; Mattel continues to make these fabulous figurines for the crazy collectors of the world. And it is working because one of the Pillow Talk Barbie doll sets, based on the 1959 movie, was sold for $7680. Starring Rock Hudson and Doris Day, a kid does not gravitate to this film.

Barbie Doll Pillow TalkBarbie Doll Pillow Talk
runyon27 via eBay

While auctioneers expected the doll to sell between $400 - $600, the final bid was a surprise. However, the doll sold at auction in 2011 had Doris Day’s signature, which was precious. The actress passed away in 2019, so we’re betting if the current owner chooses to resell it, it will be worth even more than that.

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12. Barbie Loves The Improvers Island Steel Promotion - $9,999

On a list of bizarre and quite particular Barbie dolls valued at abnormally high prices, this Barbie takes the cake. Inland Steel, a company that manufactured steel drum containers, created a promotional gift set with a unique Barbie doll. Packaged in a brown shoe box, she can be purchased on eBay for $10,000.

Barbie Doll Steel CanBarbie Doll Steel Can
area.59 via eBay

Supposedly inspired by the designs of Spanish designer Paco Rabanne, this Barbie wears a pink swimsuit under a literal steel drum dress. Somehow, she has turned into a rare collectible. Likely due to her variance in blonde and brunette hair, but she has also gained prestige from her rarity.

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11. Celebration 2000 Barbie - $11,000

Celebration Barbie is a holiday-themed doll released in 2000 to celebrate the new millennium. She wasn't the first holiday-themed Barbie, but she has become one of the most expensive. Limited edition and special release Barbie dolls are often in high demand among collectors due to their rarity and exclusivity. 

Celebration 2000 Barbie GoldCelebration 2000 Barbie Gold
1kirb4me via eBay

The 2000 Barbie is potentially worth a whopping $11,000 online, but there is disagreement about this number. She is dressed in a glamorous golden gown with a backless bodice, twinkling silver snowflakes, and a lavish faux fur cape. The dress's full skirt is constructed with four layers of delicate fabric.

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10. Day To Night Barbie - $10,700

Barbie has always been a career-focused woman; a doll that showed little girls what women could be if they wanted it. The Day-To-Night Barbie is the epitome of work hard, play hard. Barbie’s first outfit is a pink suit with a skirt, a wide-brimmed polka hat, and a briefcase for business.

Barbie Doll Day NightBarbie Doll Day Night
@leo_14697 via Instagram

The second outfit was a sparkly pink bustier with a tool skirt and a matching bag to go with it. One Australian Barbie fanatic bought a mint version of the doll for $10,700 in 2022. Now that Margot wore a life-size version of the outfit on the Barbie press tour, we’re betting this doll's value will only go up.

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9. Karl Lagerfeld Barbie - $11,400

With only 999 dolls ever produced, the Karl Lagerfeld Barbie is fabulous, sleek, and extremely rare. This Barbie is dressed in Lagerfeld's signature black leather, white shirt, necktie, gloves, a white ponytail, and miniature quilted Chanel bag. The now-late Karl's doll was created to celebrate 55 years of Barbie in 2014.

Karl Lagerfeld Barbie expensiveKarl Lagerfeld Barbie expensive
The Dieline via YouTube

The doll, now valued as high as $11,400, is a tribute to Lagerfeld's iconic style and his long association with Chanel. The designer of the Karl doll, Robert Best, told AnOther, "Capturing the iconic look of Karl in precise detail but still keeping the essence of Barbie was critical." It's safe to say he nailed the task at hand.

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8. Escada Barbie - $12,000

Designed by the luxury fashion brand ESCADA, this Barbie’s worth is said to be as high as $12,000. Despite her elevated fashion, the ESCADA Barbie has often been duped as her beautiful but straightforward textures can be replicated. However, a real Barbiesta can tell the difference.

Escada Barbie expensive vintageEscada Barbie expensive vintage
gjfs3a80 via eBay

Made in Japan exclusively for Japanese buyers, this Barbie has a stunning black velvet bodice, pink silk puffs, and black trims. She has a matching 90s neck scarf to go with it, as well as a beautiful cascading bun and huge gold earrings. Who says Barbie can’t be high fashion?

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7. Gala Abend Barbie – $13,673

With a hand-quilted dress and Japanese influence, the Gala Abeng Barbie is a rare treasure last sold for $13,673. ‘Abend’ comes from the German word for ‘evening,’ as this doll was only sold for a limited release to Europeans. It would have been challenging for North American and Asian buyers to get their hands on her.

Barbie Doll Gala AbendBarbie Doll Gala Abend
Chris Jackson via Getty Images

Never mind now, this vintage doll was rare in 1965 when she was retailed. As time passes, she becomes more and more unlikely to be found. Perhaps you have her sitting in your old room, waiting to be discovered. The most recent sale of Barbie was in 2006; she may be worth even more today. 

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6. Pink Diamond Barbie - $15,000

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but only if she can afford it. After making her grand debut at a New York Fashion Week 2012 show, this Barbie was sold at a charity bid for $15,000. All proceeds went directly to the MAC Cosmetic AIDS Fund organization, so the buyer probably didn’t feel too bad about their investment.

Barbie Doll Pink DiamondBarbie Doll Pink Diamond
WatchMojo via YouTube

This Barbie has a diamond-adorned dress, earrings, a ring, and a pink faux fur coat. For the Barbieholics that don’t have 15k to throw away, Mattel also sold a much more reasonably priced version of the Pink Diamond doll for $125. She is just nowhere near as luxurious or encrusted with diamonds.

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5. Barbie in Midnight Red - $17,090

A 1965 Barbie in Midnight Red doll shocked collectors worldwide when it sold for $17,091 at auction. The doll was expected to sell for a few hundred dollars at most. However, in a late 90s auction, it set a world record for the most expensive modern plastic doll sold at auction.

Barbie Doll Midnight RedBarbie Doll Midnight Red
kiasdream via eBay

Bought anonymously on behalf of a woman in the saleroom; the saleswoman said the collector was a longtime and diehard collector of Barbie. The buyer's identity has never been revealed. This Barbie is not to be confused with the Barbie in Midnight Pink, which is sold at a much more reasonable price. 

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4. Original Barbie - $27,450

The one that started it all. Released in 1959 by the one and only Ruth Handler, this Barbie also goes by the name No. 1 Ponytail. With the renowned black and white swimsuit, strappy black heels, intense eye makeup, and, of course, luscious golden locks, there really is no other Barbie like the OG. 

Barbie Doll Original 1959Barbie Doll Original 1959
victdin_39 via eBay

The original Barbie sold at auction in 2006 for $27,450. A mint condition, boxed original could even be worth as much as 30k today; if you can find one. This Barbie is extraordinarily rare. You can check the authenticity of your OG Barbie by whether she has holes under her feet. If she does, you will have the cash for a new car.

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3. De Beers Barbie - $85,000

While Mattel created the Barbie doll for children, this next doll certainly isn’t. Any real Barbie lover wouldn’t let their child near a De Beers doll, considering she is worth $85,000. Luxury jewelry brand De Beers created this doll to honor the company’s 40th anniversary. And boy, did they deck her out.

Barbie Doll De BeersBarbie Doll De Beers
MsMojo via YouTube

This Barbie is literally heavy from the 160 diamonds she’s wearing. She is dressed in a barely-there white gold bra top and a short orange-pink skirt with a matching orange sash. When this Barbie was sold in 1999, she was the most expensive doll to ever retail. Keep reading to see the Barbies that overtook this rare beauty.

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2. Barbie and the Diamond Castle Doll - $95,000

The now beloved 2008 animated movie-musical Barbie and the Diamond Castle heralded a new doll for Mattel to create but not to sell. Mattel designed the most beautiful Barbie, adorned with diamonds on every piece of her outfit, and then didn’t even make it available for Barbieholics to buy her.

Barbie Diamond Castle AuctionBarbie Diamond Castle Auction
babyexpressions via eBay

Not only is this Barbie wearing twenty carats of diamonds, but there are only a handful of her in the entire world. With the luxurious outfit and gem-encrusted pieces, the Barbie and the Diamond Castle Promo Doll is valued at $95,000, making it the second-most expensive doll ever sold at auction.

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1. Stefano Canturi Barbie - $302,500

At the top of our list is the almost inexcusably expensive Diamond Barbie, valued at $302,500 from an auction in 2010 in Sydney. Thankfully, the funds went to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Designed by the Australian jeweler of Satine’s fabulous necklace in Moulin Rouge, Stefano Canturi’s Barbie took 6 months to create.

Stefano Canturi Barbie ExpensiveStefano Canturi Barbie Expensive
Canturi Official via YouTube

This Barbie might look like any other doll, but her value is not only in her rarity. The necklace she is wearing is three carats of one of the most expensive diamonds in the world, and at the center is an additional one-carat pink diamond. On top of that, this Barbie also sports a diamond ring. Would you buy it?

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