29+ Nostalgic Items That Took Us Back to the ’00s


| LAST UPDATE 08/07/2023

By Malikah Mcintosh

The 2000s was the turn of the new century and was filled with defining pop culture moments. Let's take a trip down nostalgia lane and remember the good times of Y2K by scrolling through the list.

Von Dutch Hats

The Von Dutch hats defined fashion and style in the '00s. They were the "it" item to have. From Gwen Stefani to Paris Hilton to Justin Timberlake, everyone who was anyone was wearing these trucker hats.

Von Dutch Trucker HatsVon Dutch Trucker Hats
Hulu via YouTube

Von Dutch's popularity peaked in 2003 when the company made $33 million in sales. That's a whole lotta dough! The brand tumbled out of the spotlight amid scandals, over-saturation, and counterfeiting. However, the brand is slowly gaining traction again. Maybe we'll all get to relive the '00s.

The Scholastic Book Fair

The biggest event of the year for anyone in elementary or middle school was the Scholastic Book Fair. The annual event remains a cherished memory for many kids growing up in the 2000s. Where else could you run around picking up books like Judy Moody or The Adventures of Captain Underpants?

Scholastic Book Fair nostalgiaScholastic Book Fair nostalgia
u/MccreesKnees via Reddit

The excitement began when the Scholastic catalog was distributed. Then, when your class was called to the fair, everyone went wild, trying to grab all the books on their list. The Scholastic book fair was one of the best days at school. We can practically smell the pages of the novels wafting through the air.

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Wooden Playgrounds

One of the best times of the day was when the bell rang for lunch and recess. Everyone would immediately run outside and start jumping around the playground. Nothing screams the '00s like a completely wooden playground that is surrounded by woodchips.

Playground Recess Throwback childhoodPlayground Recess Throwback childhood
u/Far_Kaledioscope_266 via Reddit

While the odds someone would end recess in the nurses' office getting a splinter out were high, no kid ever cared about the risks. There is nothing like the thrill of pretending to be a pirate defending their ship or an astronaut exploring space on these wooden playgrounds.

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Bratz Dolls

Make room, Barbie, because there's a new doll coming through. In 2001, four girls were introduced to the world, and they took it by storm. Yasmin, Cloe, Jade, and Sasha were the original Bratz dolls. The girls were known for their almond-shaped eyes, glossy lips, and trendy clothing.

Bratz Dolls 2000s NostalgiaBratz Dolls 2000s Nostalgia
@2000sbratz via X

Bratz dolls were the toy to have in the 2000s. Since launching into the market, Bratz has become an entire franchise with animated movies, television series, video games, and a live-action adaptation starring Logan Browning and Janel Parrish. They were the girls with a passion for fashion!

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CD Cases

There was a time when songs weren't released at midnight on streaming services with their lyrics already uploaded. Before these days, kids in the '00s would have to wait for the release day to rush to the nearest Best Buy, Target, or other electronics store to get the latest release of their favorite artist.

CD Cases millennial throwbackCD Cases millennial throwback
u/p4rtyjunkie via Reddit

If you wanted to memorize every single lyric, you had to take out the small pamphlet and replay the song on repeat as you read along. Then, you had to try not to scratch it because you could mess up the entire CD. However, there was nothing like putting your newest Britney Spears album into the CD player.

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Nintendo Wii

Nintendo had already captured the hearts of every kid when they released the Nintendo 64 in 1996. Flash forward to the '00s, and kids had the Game Cube and Game Boys. Yet, in 2006, the Japanese consumer electronics company changed the industry again when it introduced the Nintendo Wii.

Nintendo Wii Throwback NostalgiaNintendo Wii Throwback Nostalgia
u/O_MORES via Reddit

The Wii introduced a whole new, interactive type of gameplay. The player's motions with the remote were reflected in the game. It was like you were really there! Even more so, every person made their own avatar called a Mii. Who is ready to grab a Wii remote and start playing Wii Tennis?

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Pop Culture Posters

Everyone wanted to have a bedroom that looked like this. One that displayed all their favorite things with posters of their most beloved pop stars to the television shows they watch on DVD repeatedly. Pop culture was everything for teens and kids growing up in the 2000s, and posters were the way to show it.

Pop Culture Posters 2000sPop Culture Posters 2000s
u/ProudHearing106 via Reddit

What was the hack to getting the best posters? Buying loads of J-14, Bop, Twist, and more. The teen bopper magazines were filled with photoshoots from the biggest celebs of the time. Now, all any girl or boy had to do was take a piece of tape and show off their totally jiggy room to their friends.

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The TV Rolling Cart

Nothing screamed the best day at school ever than this rolling cart. When this bad boy was pushed into the room, everyone knew they were about to have the time of their lives. This TV rolling cart meant the lights were going off, a movie was being played, and everyone would have a break from worksheets and reading.

TV School classroom ThrowbackTV School classroom Throwback
u/curly1022 via Reddit

Whether it was because there was a substitute that day or because their teacher decided to show an informational video instead, these rolling carts were everyone's favorite. Even better was when Bill Nye the Science Guy's theme song would come on. We can hear the faint screamings of "Bill, Bill, Bill!"

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Instant Messenger

Instant messaging was all the rage in the 2000s. Every kid growing up then can remember their screen name (hello, CutiePie29384)! They can also not forget the stress of creating the perfect screen name only to find that the number combo you wanted was already taken.

AIM MSN Messenger NostalgiaAIM MSN Messenger Nostalgia
u_p4rtyjunkie via Reddit

There was nothing like logging onto your AIM or MSN Messenger after school to talk to your friends. Despite your parents protesting that you just spent all day with them, there was something different about the instant messenger. Raise your hand if you used "brb hw" as your away message!

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Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Cards

A trip down the school hallway in the 2000s wasn't complete unless kids were trading Yu-Gi-Oh! cards with each other. They were all the rage in the '00s. Although the card game was released in Japan in 1999, it was only brought to North America in March 2002.

Yu Gi Oh CardsYu Gi Oh Cards
u/Zanosa via Reddit

This wasn't a game for the faint of heart. There's lots of strategy and thought put into Yu-Gi-Oh! Each player has their own deck filled with cards that have special abilities. During each duel, the players will put out one of their cards with the goal of reducing their opponent's life points to zero.

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Limited Too

A trip to the mall for any girl growing up in the 2000s wasn't complete until she stopped at Limited Too. Walking underneath the fun font with the flower was like going through a portal into another world. The tween store was filled with graphic tees, ruffled skirts, sparkly camis, and way more.

Limited Too Girls Y2KLimited Too Girls Y2K
u/Glowtrains via Reddit

Limited Too was a 2000s girl's dream. From the colorful floor to the store's magazine, it had everything. It was the answer to everything. Need school supplies? Let's get Lisa Frank items at Limited Too. Did you start using a training bra? Let's go shopping for more at Limited Too. Those were the days.

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DVD Set Boxes

Back in the day, if you wanted to binge an entire season of the show, you needed to do way more than just click a few buttons. First, you would need to get in the car and go to your nearest store. Then, you would need to go into the aisle and check if the TV show you wanted was sold on DVD.

DVD Throwback millennial nostalgiaDVD Throwback millennial nostalgia
u/tiago231018 via Reddit

Finally, when you got home and put in the DVD, you could relax. But, each DVD could only hold a limited amount of episodes, so you'd have to switch it out with a new disk every few episodes. However, 2000s kids wouldn't have it any other way. This was the joy of having TV season DVD set boxes.

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Netflix DVDs

Speaking of DVDs, there was a time when Netflix wasn't just a website. Before it was the entertainment conglomerate it is today, Netflix was a mail-order DVD business. When everybody was driving to Blockbuster to rent DVDs, they came up with the idea of sending them right to your mailbox.

Netflix DVD Blockbuster 00sNetflix DVD Blockbuster 00s
u/ExoGeniVI via Reddit

Netflix announced in April 2023 that they will be ending their DVD-by-mail service. As their streaming service has taken off, there's no need for it anymore. However, the authentic '00s kids will never forget the days when that red DVD would arrive on their doorstep.

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iPod Classic

Next up is another company that has seen a lot of changes throughout the years. Before there were iPhones, applications, or streaming music services, Apple shocked the world when Steve Jobs introduced the iPod. The iPod classic was a portable media player which was advertised to fit "1,000 songs in your pocket."

iPod Classic Apple OriginaliPod Classic Apple Original
u/alroc84 via Reddit

The first-generation model was introduced in 2001 and dominated ever since. From the iconic commercials to the multiple evolutions it went through, the iPod was the item to have in the 2000s. Sadly, Apple discontinued the iPod Classic in 2014, but it will stay alive in the memories of every '00s kid.

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The Sims

Game designer Will Wright came up with the idea for a new computer game after his home was burned down in a firestorm. Then, in 2000, The Sims was released. Players could create families, build houses, and destroy them all in the game. The game became a massive hit.

Sims PC Computer throwbackSims PC Computer throwback
u/myhotneuron via Reddit

It spawned seven expansion packs, including House Party, Superstar, Makin' Magic, and more. By 2005, 16 million copies of The Sims had been shipped worldwide. There was nothing like spending hours at the family computer making your Sims excel at their jobs, meet their soulmates, and accidentally move the swimming ladder.

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Portable DVD Player

Who else was super jealous of the family that had portable DVD players? We know we were. The portable DVD player was the item to have for car rides, plane rides, power outages, and more. There was nothing like going on long trips and watching your favorite movie in your lap.

Portable DVD Player NostalgiaPortable DVD Player Nostalgia
u/Cautious-or-paranoid via Reddit

The battery always lasted long enough to watch the entire thing, but not much longer. The only tricky part would be when your sibling wanted to watch, too! The small screen was just another thing to fight over. Keep scrolling to see what other items will make you nostalgic for Y2K.

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Paul Frank T-Shirt

Paul Frank was the designer behind everyone's favorite monkey. The fashion brand's mascot is Julius, a staple of 2000s fashion. Although the designer, Paul Frank, created the design for Julius in 1995 in his garage, it wasn't until the 00s that the brand took off.

Paul Frank Graphic TeePaul Frank Graphic Tee
u/TheTotallyWild via Reddit

The first store opened in 2001 in Los Angeles, and it became a runaway hit. In only a few years, Paul Frank collaborated with some of the biggest names in the world, like Hello Kitty, Barbie, and Elvis Presley. There was even a television show based on Julius the Monkey and his friends. What gets more '00s than that?

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Tekno Robot Puppy

Did anyone else beg their parents for a puppy and end up getting a robot dog instead? Robot dogs were all the rage in the 2000s. There was the iDog, the Poo-Chi, and Tekno the Robotic Puppy. Tekno was one of the most popular versions of the robotic dog, selling more than 7 million units in its first year.

Tekno Robot Puppy '00sTekno Robot Puppy '00s
u/Maladjusted95 via Reddit

The Robotic Puppy had more than 160 emotions and functions, including walking, barking, and playing fetch. It could "learn" responses to voice commands and perform tricks, just like any real dog could. Meanwhile, the iDog could dance to music by wiggling its ears and shaking its head.

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Capri Sun Pouches

No packed lunch was fully complete unless a Capri Sun pouch was included. From their delicious flavor combinations, like fruit punch, wild cherry, and strawberry kiwi, to their distinctive packaging, Capri Sun was one of the favorite drinks for the '00s.

Capri Sun Drinks childhoodCapri Sun Drinks childhood
u/gamerguy287 via Reddit

Although they had been around for decades, the 2000s ushered in a new era of Capri Sun fans. With their outrageous advertising tactics and continued success, they became one of the best-selling drinks in the world. In 2004, they sold over five billion drink pouches.

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The Family Computer

Before there were tablets, laptops, and smartphones, there was the most iconic electronic in the entire household - the family computer. Usually located in the living room or kitchen, it was the reason for many fights and endless hours of entertainment.

Computer 2000s Technology TeenComputer 2000s Technology Teen
u/the0celot via Reddit

The family computer was one of the staples of the 2000s, along with instant messenger and dial-up internet. It was the center of the home. There was nothing like the family computer, and there hasn't been since. Everyone had to work together to get what they wanted.

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Mega CD Holder

Before there were AUX cords or Bluetooth in the car, there was the beloved mega CD holder. It had pages and pages of CD slots. The mega CD holder keeps all your favorite music in one place, from the latest Spice Girls album to your favorite boy band. How convenient!

CD Holder Throwback MusicCD Holder Throwback Music
u/DoesThisMatter via Reddit

Anyone who drove in the passenger seat in the 2000s would remember the pressure of flipping through the seemingly endless pages of the mega holder to find the right CD. There was no such thing as shuffle or switching between playlists. It was just the DJ and the mega CD holder.

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The Osbournes

Before the Kardashians dominated the headlines and were all over television, the Osbournes were the original reality television family. Over the course of four seasons, Americans got an inside look at the daily life of heavy metal singer Ozzy Osbourne and his family.

Sharon Ozzy Osbourne MTVSharon Ozzy Osbourne MTV
Loudwire via YouTube

The show premiered on MTV on March 5, 2002, and instantly became a hit. Everyone wanted to know about Ozzy, his wife Sharon, and their children Kelly and Jack. The show won an Emmy award for Oustanding Reality Program in 2002. Nothing screams the '00s like sitting down with friends to watch The Osbournes.

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Computer Labs

The computer lab was one of the best places in the school. There was something so exciting about walking in and hearing the electric buzz of all the machines that were lined up in a row. Everyone would take their seats, and that is when the real fun would begin.

Computer Labs 2000s throwbackComputer Labs 2000s throwback
u/Historical_Panic_465 via Reddit

There was nothing like spending an hour solving puzzles with the Zoombinis, creating a digital art project with Kid Pix, or learning to type with Mavis Beacon. The computer lab was a place of limitless possibilities and was a defining part of growing up in the 2000s.

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These toys were a game changer for '00s kids. Not only were Webkinz plush toys that you could have in your room, but you could actually bring them to life through the internet. Each stuffed animal came with its own unique code that customers entered on the Webkinz website.

Webkinz Dog millennial throwbackWebkinz Dog millennial throwback
@CheezBurgrLuvr via X

From there, players could enter the virtual world of Webkinz and take care of them, play with them, and complete daily jobs. Every kid in the '00s had one. From a lovable dog to a ferocious lion, every animal was represented. In 2006, the website had one million players.

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My Password Journal

The 2000s were all about kicking things up a notch, and that was true even for a girl's ordinary diary. Instead of just writing one's thoughts down in a journal and putting it in a drawer, the My Password Journal took the typical diary to the next level.

My Password Journal ThrowbackMy Password Journal Throwback
u/pamisstoneyboloney via Reddit

First off, it had a voice-activated password to get through. It also had a feature where the owner could record intruder alerts that would sound off whenever a noisy little brother wanted to break in. The My Password Journal also came with an invisible ink pen and a secret compartment. This is so '00s.

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That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana

This was the television event of the century. There was nothing like the thrill of three of the biggest Disney Channel television shows meeting up in this major crossover event. That's So RavenThe Suite Life of Zack and Cody, and Hannah Montana were the most popular television shows for any kid or teen in the '00s.

Disney Channel Suite LifeDisney Channel Suite Life
Disney Channel via YouTube

The famed Disney Channel crossover event took over the course of three episodes as the characters from all three shows ended up in the same world when all of them were at the Tipton Hotel. The special event aired on July 28, 2006, and around 5.7 to 7.1 million viewers tuned in for it.

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Yahooligans! Homepage

There was nothing like entering a website homepage in the 2000s. The entire website design was vibrant and wacky yet simple and inviting. These websites made you want to spend hours on the website. One of the best examples of this was the Yahooligans! homepage.

Yahooligans Yahoo 2000s WebsitesYahooligans Yahoo 2000s Websites
u/Jackinator94 via Reddit

This was just one of many examples of how the 2000s expressed itself. There was always something to do on these websites, from learning about science to playing games. Weren't the '00s a simpler time before there was endless scrolling on TikTok and Instagram?

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Scooby Doo Gummies

The 2000s were a time of commercial branding, and consumers loved it. Your favorite characters appeared on clothing, snacks, and home decor. When the movie Shrek was released, they came out with green ketchup, and SpongeBob SquarePants had its own ice cream push-pop. 

Scooby Doo Gummies childhoodScooby Doo Gummies childhood
@scoobyhistory via X

One of the most iconic examples was the Scooby Doo gummies. These fruit snacks delivered amazing taste in exciting colors. They were in such high demand that a petition was created in 2020 to bring the original flavors back and got nearly 7,000 signatures.

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Razor Scooter

The first Razor Scooter was released in the millennium, and it has dominated the sidewalks of neighborhoods all over America ever since. In 2000, it was named the Spring/Summer Toy of the Year. Plus, over 5 million scooters were sold in the first six months. Impressive!

Razor Scooters childhood nostalgiaRazor Scooters childhood nostalgia
@ACJonesMusic via X

The Razor Scooter was the indicator that it was officially summertime. When kids around the neighborhood would start whipping these bad boys out, everyone knew that summer break was around the corner. There was nothing like riding down the chalk-decorated sidewalks on a scooter in the 2000s.

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Lip Smacker Lip Gloss

An outfit in the 2000s wasn't complete without a smattering of Lip Smacker lip gloss. The iconic lip gloss brand had been around since the 1970s but really took off in the 21st century. The flavored lip balm partnered with different brands like Skittles, Starburst, Coca-Cola, and more.

Lip Smackers Nostalgia GirlsLip Smackers Nostalgia Girls
u/lattesbitches via Reddit

Every girl in the '00s either had a Lip Smacker in her pencil case or wanted to have one in there. It was one of the most beloved items from the decade and still holds major nostalgia for many. All of these items make us want to take a time machine back twenty years. Who wants to join!?

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