Medical Mystery: Teen's Memory Resets Every Couple Hours

Scarlett Adler

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The idea of one waking each morning with zero memory of how they got there is a classic cliche we've seen in major blockbusters. From 50 First Dates, it's a story line we can only pray never actually happens to us.

For one Illinois native, this nightmare has become her new reality. To us, June 11th is just another summer day; But 16 year old Riley Horner relives each morning as if it were still that fateful day.

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This medical mystery originated after a friendly accident on, sure enough, June 11th, which resulted in a hard blow to Horner's head. Since then, the teen is unable to permanently process new information. Every 2 hours, the student's memory is wiped clean, leaving her with zero memory of her prior thoughts and actions.

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'I have a calendar on my door. I look and it's September and I'm like, 'Woah',' Riley admitted to local news stationWQAD. But after umpteen doctor visits and several seizures later, the trauma is simply never ending for the poor girl.

'They tell us there's nothing medically wrong,' Sarah, her mother, explained. 'They can't see...concussions or anything though on an MRI or a CT scan. There's no brain bleed or tumor.'

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As Riley grapples with her new life, everyday is a constant struggle, with even the smallest of tasks posing a challenge. She's turned to sticky notes and her cell phone to guide her through these trying times. Horner's also resorted to setting an alarm every 2 hours, so that she can brush up on everything she's bound to forget.

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While her condition remains a medical marvel, Horner and her family are growing more and more worked up. 'I'm not making memories. And I'm just, like, really scared,' Riley cries.

The suffering this mid western girl and her loved ones are facing is indescribable, and we can only hope that this living nightmare comes to an overdue halt.

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