Man Surprises Neighbors by Delivering Curry to Their Doors

Taran Underwood

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There's nothing like hearing about a genuine good-deed to restore your faith in humanity. Especially during difficult times like these. Well, a father living in Greater Manchester decided to cheer his neighborhood up by delivering portions of curry to their doorsteps for a nice Friday night meal.

The Independent Eagle

The idea didn't even come to Tom Marsden until one of his neighbors left Prosecco and flowers on his porch. At that moment, he realized how much a small gesture can change someone's day. So, he decided to get into the kitchen and get busy cooking. He made a huge batch of chicken curry, along with a spinach, potato and chickpea version just to cater to the vegetarians.

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Tom explained, "It all stemmed from a friend of ours. A couple of weeks ago she dropped a miniature bottle of Prosecco and a bunch of flowers off at our front door. She did it for about 10 of our friends, so it was just a random act of kindness when everyone's a bit down and gloomy. I do actually really enjoy cooking, and I thought about how on a Friday night everyone's struggling to get a takeaway. I went to Macro and bought trays and brown paper bags to deliver it in. I put rice in and naans, and I just dropped them at the doors and left them a text saying, 'you've got a little pressie'!"

The Independent Eagle

He continued, "I made enough curry for 80 people - 20 families in total." Well, if that doesn't warm up your heart than we don't what will!