Man Builds His Own House Using Only YouTube Tutorials

Taran Underwood

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There's pretty much nothing left that we can't learn how to do through a YouTube Tutorial. Just ask Graham Harley, who has little to no experience in building homes and yet, he has just built a house worth around £140,000... using only YouTube tutorials.

It took him around 10 years to get the job done, but now his new home is finally sitting beautifully in Hampshire, England. This all began when a builder jokingly told Graham that he could easily build a house on his own.

He said that "I got the idea years ago. A friend of mine was building their own house and they asked if I could carry the blocks. So I did that and watched the work."

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"I got to know a builder very well. When the opportunity arose I asked him to come and have a look [at my property]. He turned up and said it would be easy," said Graham.

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"It wasn't the answer I was expecting! He then disappeared for a few years but when he turned up again I had started building. I had taken him out of context - he meant to just do the brickwork."  Well... safe to say Graham exceeded those expectations.

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"It's been a labour of love. The family have been very supportive. I would work as long as the light allowed. Everything took longer because I was learning." He plans to share the house with his partner Mandie. She explained that "Initially I didn't think much would come of it. Graham just said he was going to do it - he reckoned it would take 18 months."

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She continued: "This is now our long-term home. We can completely retire here. There's a wet room downstairs."