If You Still Have These Classic Childhood Toys You Could Be Sitting on a Gold Mine


| LAST UPDATE 01/09/2022

By Scarlett Adler

As some say, like a fine wine, some things in life get better with age. And in this case, toys grow in value as time passes by. While some of us ripped off dolls' heads and let the dog get hold of our toys, others kept their stash in pristine condition. Read on to find out what your toys are worth today.

Vintage 1959 Barbie

Barbies are everywhere nowadays, but you've got to have the OG one to be smiling your way to the bank. If she's the 1959 edition (perhaps your grandmother's one) and still in good condition, you could be sitting with a sweet $23,000 Barbie today.


Vintage Barbie Childhood ToysVintage Barbie Childhood Toys
Pinterest via Goodhousekeeping

Unsure if your Barbie is the one? She needs the 1950s hairdo, an exotic zebra-striped bathing suit, high heels, and the classic - yet totally unrealistic - hourglass figure. Only two other Barbies can outdo Miss 1959. The De Beers 40th Anniversary Barbie (sold for $85,000) and the Stefani Canturi Barbie, which took $302,500. 

One Expensive Egg

Can you even call yourself a '90s kid if you didn't have a rad digital pet, known as a Tamagotchi? These cute pixelated characters basically got you ready for fatherhood or motherhood. After all, you had to make sure that your pixelated friend was fed, looked after, and didn't die.  


Expensive Egg Childhood ToysExpensive Egg Childhood Toys
Pinterest via Laura White

It also gave you major street cred if you used your Tamagotchi as a watch or accessorized your outfit with one. If you've got the original Tamagotchi – box and all – you could get a sweet $3,000 in the bank. These toys have also recently made a comeback, but perhaps keep your '90s one in the box and get 2021 one online.

Nintendo Game Boy

When you saw this, didn't it give you all those childhood feels? If you've battled to part ways over the years, your attachment to nostalgia could pay off. These can pick up anywhere between $750 and $1,500 on online sites like eBay.


Game Boy Childhood ToysGame Boy Childhood Toys
Twitter via @TheOnion

If you're not impressed by the above figures, then check if you have the bling-filled, gold-plated, and diamond-encrusted limited edition Game Boy. Not only will its bedazzled exterior blind you, so too will the $25,000 price tag you could sell it for.

The Original Easy-Bake Oven

In 1963, the original Easy-Bake oven launched rather strategically just before Christmas time. Back then, every girl had to have one, but luckily times have changed and so too have those gender roles. The set was inspired by popular kitchen looks at the time, coming in teal or a light yellow color. 


Baking Oven Childhood ToysBaking Oven Childhood Toys
Instagram via @bkontheair

If you've still got yours, you can expect to get up to $4,000 for it. There's still a market for it, even though an actual oven comes in for a lot less than $4,000; that's for sure. Yet there's no price tag too high that you can put on happy childhood memories.

The Original Furby 

Parents and grandparents lined up outside stores, and Santa received more requested for Furby's than any other toy back in 1998 when it launched with a bang. Since then, the hype has continued, and instead of queuing outside stores, people are eagerly waiting for one to pop up on sites like eBay.


Furby Childhood ToysFurby Childhood Toys
Getty Images via Andy Cross / Contributor

If you have an original Furby from the '90s that is still in its box, you could get up to $900 in cash. Therefore, you – or most likely, your parent's – initial investment with its original retail price of $35 has gained much interest over the decades. Not bad considering it's just a furry owl gremlin.   

PEZ Dispensers 

You've seen them in just about every color, every character, and in every store, so this may come as a surprise to you as there surely is more supply than demand. However, if you have the right PEZ dispenser, you could rake in tens of thousands of dollars – without having to supply the candy.


PEZ Dispensers Childhood ToysPEZ Dispensers Childhood Toys
Instagram via @attyssproutvintage

Created in 1982 for the World's Fair, the Astronaut B PEZ dispenser sold on eBay for an eye-watering $32,000. Yes, you read that right. While we know that there's a minimalist movement going on, perhaps some things that serve no purpose are actually useful to hold on to? As proved by PEZ dispensers.

Peanut the Royal Blue Elephant Beanie Baby 

Beanie Baby's were a childhood staple, but before you get excited about whether or not you could be richer, you need to make sure that you've got the right one. No Beanie Baby has ever brought in more cash than the Peanut the Royal Blue Elephant.  


Beanie Baby Childhood ToysBeanie Baby Childhood Toys
Instagram via @wrappedlibra

With just 2,000 ever made, one of these can sell for $5,000. Don't despair if you don't have one as there are other valuable Beanie Babies. Check to see if you have 'Old Face Teddy Bear,' 'Humphrey the Camel,' or 'Princess Diana Beanie Baby.' Even ones with slight flaws can sell for more than usual – so all hope is not lost.


This game has probably caused more family fights and late nights than any other game, yet it can make you wealthy overnight. If you've got a 1993 original version that was hand-drawn and painted by the creator himself, here's some news for you: one sold for $146,500 at auction.


Old Monopoly Childhood ToysOld Monopoly Childhood Toys
Instagram via @fishnfinds

Only very few of these editions are still out there, but you may get lucky if you have a slightly newer yet still vintage - edition made in the late '30s. One of these older vintages sold for $4,000 to $6,000, while even newer limited editions can sell for a few hundred bucks on eBay.

Garbage Pail Kids 

Want to know just how popular Garbage Pail Kids were in the 1980s? Here's an indication – they were banned from schools. These collectible cards could be worth thousands of dollars today if you happen to come across any in one of your childhood boxes.


Garbage Pail Kids Childhood ToysGarbage Pail Kids Childhood Toys
Instagram via @ogvintage989

For around $4,000, you could sell your extremely rare Adam bomb card, just like one guy recently did on eBay. Even if you don't have the full set, these cards are still worth a few hundred dollars. Next time you go to a flea market or car boot sale, be on the lookout for these cards being sold.

Luke Skywalker 

Believe it or not, but only 20 of these are out there in the world. This means that if you have one of these 1978 Luke Skywalker action figurines, you're practically Bill Gates in the toy market. In 2015, one sold for a casual $25,000 at auction.


Luke Skywalker Childhood ToysLuke Skywalker Childhood Toys
Pinterest via Peter C

Got no original Luke but other characters in your hidden stash? Don't beat yourself up about your choice in Sky Wars heroes. Other characters and versions created in various different countries can also be worth some serious moola. A Canadian Boba Fett had one buyer forking out $6,250, with a Hungarian one sold for $15,000.

Nintendo 64 Games 

Some collectors have lots of cash and never want to be too far away from their memories. They're looking for something tangible, something like the cartridges of Nintendo 64 games, which they'll happily pay $750 for – especially if it's a Mario Kart 64 still in mint condition.  


Via Amazon.com

Another game collectors bid for is Harvest Moon 64, which can retail for $900. The game was never mass-produced, yet it had a loyal fan base, which helped add (financial) interest over the years. We can't help but think that it would possibly have been a bigger success now, seeing as though everyone is into farming apps?

1938 Action Comics No. 1

If you stumble across this comic book, keep it on the DL and lock it in your safe because it's that expensive. You may even want to include it in your will after finding out that it's the most expensive comic book that exists, with fewer than 50 issues ever printed in the world. 


Action Comics Childhood ToysAction Comics Childhood Toys
Pinterest via theoriginalunderground

A few years back, one of these was sold in pristine condition for $3.2 million, whereas back in 1938, when it was purchased, it was sold for just 10 cents – practically a steal. The seller started the bid at 99 cents on eBay, and we wonder if they knew just how much money they'd eventually make on it?

Hot Wheels 

Much like Barbie, you're probably unsure how such a popular toy can be worth that much when they're everywhere. However, there a valuable models, like the 1969 pink rear-loading Volkswagen Beach Bomb, which sold for $72,000. Sadly for us all, only one was ever made – this explains the price tag.


Hot Wheels Childhood ToysHot Wheels Childhood Toys
Instagram via siltala_hotwheels

There are other very hot Hot Wheels out there, like the 1968 Cheetah Base Python, which can grab $10,000 and the 1974 Blue Rodger Dodger valued at $8,000. If you've got a collection just collecting dust, it may be time to see if you have any assets on wheels. 

Wonder Bread He-Man

It feels strange to write about this, but this next item was never actually meant for sale. It was actually a prize. In the '90s, Wonder Bread did a free giveaway campaign with a limited edition He-Man action figure. Before scrolling down further, take a guess how much he's worth today.


Action Figure Childhood ToysAction Figure Childhood Toys
Instagram via all customs

…$1,000. How close were you? The irony of this all is that this limited edition Wonder Bread He-Man was never created to be sold. So next time you win any object or find a toy in your cereal box, keep it, for you never know how much it could be worth - even though you never bought it.

Pokémon Cards 

You were waiting for this one to appear on the list, weren't you? Remember all those Pokémon cards you collected, well they're finally worth all the tears and trading you did at school. Your bartering skills paid off – and big time – if you have the Japanese-version Pikachu Illustrator cards. 


Pokémon Cards Childhood ToysPokémon Cards Childhood Toys
Getty Images via John Keeble / Contributor

In 1998, one of these cards sold for $100,000. If you've got one of the Pre-Release holographic Raichu cards, you can also get some much-needed cash. They're worth over $10,000, thanks to only 10 to 15 ever being produced. You're excused to go and look at your card selection, we'll just wait here.

American Girl Molly 

Collector's dream about her, just like you did as a kid, except they're willing to pay around $5,000 for an American Girl Molly. In contrast, your parents certainly didn't pay that much money when she was first released back in 1986.


American Girl Molly Childhood ToysAmerican Girl Molly Childhood Toys
Instagram via stacies_dolls_and_bears

In 2013 the Molly McIntire doll retired, but she isn't the only doll bringing all the collectors to the yard. Kirsten Larson, Samantha Parkington, Felicity Merriman, and Kanani Akina are just a few other American Girl Dolls that have been discontinued and are worth a ton today.   

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone 

Vintage toys, cards, and games can make you rich quickly, but never underestimate the power and value of a Harry Potter book. First editions of books like Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone can sell for up to $6,500.


First Edition Childhood ToysFirst Edition Childhood Toys
Getty Images via Chip Somodevilla / Staff

If you managed to get your hands on a first edition signed by J. K. Rowling herself, you might want to start planning that holiday you've been talking about for years. These signed editions can fetch up to $15,000. So next time you've tempted to dog-ear a page – think twice and consider its future worth.

Atari 2600 Games 

Have a stash of Atari 2600 games stored somewhere in the attic? Instead of collecting dust, you could be collecting cash as these can bring in serious money. The most valuable Atari Game would have to be Air Raid, which can make you $33,400 richer if it's new and in the box, or $13,900 if used.


Atari Games Childhood ToysAtari Games Childhood Toys
Instagram via clube_dos_video_games

Another one to look out for is Red Sea Crossing. It may be a Christian game that got hardly any marketing – other than an ad in 'Christianity Today' magazine – which is why only in 2007 did the Atari community become aware of it. This Atari Game recently sold for $13,800.


If you're more of an '80s kid, this next item will bring back all those childhood memories. Introducing the original Transformers action figurine. While you've been saving up for your retirement, this '80s toy has skyrocketed in value – especially if you've kept the original box or never opened it.


Transformers Childhood ToysTransformers Childhood Toys
Pinterest via Bruce Taylor

Recently, an Optimus Prime action figure which was still new in its box and unopened (seriously, who does that?) sold for $2,000 on eBay. So while we're living in a world of recycling, sometimes it's good to keep the box or even better, never to open it.

Cabbage Patch Kids 

These dolls were in a class of their own – as no other doll could come close to how awesome they were. Absolutely everyone just had to have one, and parents were the unfortunate victims in this whole situation as they had to deal with the tantrums and store queues.


Cabbage Patch Kids Childhood ToysCabbage Patch Kids Childhood Toys
Getty Images via Bryn Colton / Contributor

If you've kept your doll as a reminder of how amazing your parents – or Santa Claus – must have been, you're in luck – especially if it's still in good condition. The 1985 James Dudley doll is the most valuable today, worth $3,000, while the 1981 Blonde Girl Little People doll can fetch up to $2,000.

G.I. Joe 

Hasbro jumped onto worldwide shelves in 1964, turning toy shopping sprees into absolute nightmares and carnage for parents. This was due to the popularity of their G.I Joe action figure. Even today, this toy is so popular that it has its own dedicated annual G.I. Joe convention – no jokes.


G.I. Joe Childhood ToysG.I. Joe Childhood Toys
Getty Images via Owen Humphreys - PA Images / Contributor

In 2003, a prototype G.I. Joe action figurine sold for $200,000 at auction. Don't have this prototype collecting dust at home? No problem, because the Mission Command Center can grab $17,500, and other figures in the series have sold for up to $10,000. 

Baseball Cards 

Baseball cards can be more exciting than the actual live games if you take them to auction. The most valuable baseball cards in circulation are the Honus Wagner Sweet Caporal Cards, produced between 1909 and 1911. With only 200 ever made, one sold for $2.8 million.


Baseball Cards Childhood ToysBaseball Cards Childhood Toys
Instagram via @yeahjeets2

The second most valuable card you'd want to take with to an auction is Mickey Mantle's, produced in 1952 by Topps. The lucky seller walked out $525,000 wealthier. Just ten years prior, the card was only valued at $100,000 – we'd still be happy with that, but it shows what a great investment these rare collectibles are.

Sky Dancers 

These toys didn't exactly hold your attention for too long, but their real value and selling point was their future selling price. Or if you had a sibling, you'd realize that they were best suited in combat as a weapon in the war against your brother or sister – cue evil laugh. 


Sky Dancers Childhood ToysSky Dancers Childhood Toys
Instagram via @azifvintage

It got to a point where the manufacturer had to recall some of these toys. They were deemed far too dangerous – thanks to siblings for ruining it for everyone - but this only helped increase their future value, which is why you'll find Sky Dancers selling online for an impressive $80 a piece. 

Polly Pockets 

Who would have thought that these tiny pocket dolls - which were on-trend in the 80s and 90s - could make such a comeback? Suppose you've been meticulous in looking after all those tiny pieces over the years. In that case, your organizational skills and diligence could make you some serious cash.


Polly Pockets Childhood ToysPolly Pockets Childhood Toys
Instagram via @primrose_hamburg

Complete Polly Pocket sets have recently sold for hundreds of dollars online. Just the other day, a Sparkle Surprise set sold for $449.99 on eBay, and that's only one of the sets. If you've got an even bigger – and full – set you can expect to make $1,926.


Who would have thought that cardboard coins with simple pictures could actually make you over $1,000? Pogs sets are so rare nowadays that everyone wants them – ah, the good old saying of you only realize what you have until it's gone comes to mind. Except at the end of the day, it's just cardboard. 


Pogs Childhood ToysPogs Childhood Toys
Getty Images via Xavier ROSSI / Contributor

Nonetheless, the Marilyn Monroe set fetched $1,000 at auction, while the Jurassic Park set, which came complete with six holographic Pogs and a slammer, sold for a jaw-dropping $1 million. Even if you've just got a common set that most kids had back in the day, you can easily get around $100 for it.

McDonald's Happy Meal Toys 

Let's be real, some of us only asked for McDonald's Happy Meals growing up as we found more joy in collecting the toys than in the crispy fries. Now that we're adults, these meals bring joy at 02:00 after a night out. However, your bank balance will feel real pleasure if you kept those childhood toys.


Happy Meal Childhood ToysHappy Meal Childhood Toys
Glenn Asakawa via The Denver Post

Happy Meal Toy Collections can easily get over $100 online. If you have the McFurby – you know, the plastic Furby creatures that can in every color of the rainbow – well, you could sell for $900. Perhaps it's time to order the Happy Meals again and hold onto the toys, who knows what they could be worth in a decade or two.

Toy Story Toys 

The real story is that Toy Story toys should be noted as family heirlooms when you consider how much they can sell for today. If you have an original Buzz Lightyear figurine in mint condition, you can get around $550. A Woody figurine can also bring home the cash, retailing at roughly $580. 


Toy Story Childhood ToysToy Story Childhood Toys
Getty Images viaYvonne Hemsey / Contributor

Even toys that weren't the main characters from the hit movie are valuable today. Take the cute aliens, for example, those from the crane machine – can freshen up your bank balance. Stinky Pete, one of the villains you may have hated, retails for a not-so-hateful $700.


They were cute, and your dog probably liked them too, but if you managed to keep these plushy toys safe from the pooches' jaws, you could sell them today from $500 to $600 on sites like eBay. These figures are impressive, considering that they are still relatively 'new' compared to other toys on this list.   


Webkinz Childhood ToysWebkinz Childhood Toys
Getty Images via Portland Press Herald / Contributor

One lucky eBay user managed to sell a lot of 85 rare signature collection Webkinz for a sweet $5,000. Considering it's just a stuffed animal with an online playable counterpart in the Webkinz world, that's an insane amount of money. Best you get searching for your Webkinz toys… 

Air Jordans 

By far the most popular sneakers ever to have graced the world with their presence, Air Jordans are definitely not just footwear, they're a lifestyle – even today. Michael Jordan wore them in the 1997 NBA Finals, and since then, sellers have been smiling all the way to the bank.


Air Jordans Childhood ToysAir Jordans Childhood Toys
Pinterest via Instagram

The most expensive pair ever sold for $104,000, while the second most expensive pair is the Air Jordan 12 OVO. One lucky fan sold their pair of 12 OVO's – which was given to them – for $100,000. Now you know what to ask for when people want to send you gifts.

Boba Fett Action Figure 

If you missed out on Luke Skywalker, don't worry as you have a second chance at paying off your debt. That's if you've been a loyal Star Wars collector since the very beginning. Boba Fett, the Star Wars bounty hunter's action figure, is perhaps one of the most lucrative figurines from the franchise. 


Action Figure Childhood ToysAction Figure Childhood Toys
Instagram via 69shion

Have you kept Bobba Fett still in the box after all these years, and hidden him in a dark place where the sun couldn't ruin his mint condition? If you answered yes, then what are you waiting for? These figurines can fetch up to $5,000 at auction, so best you get ready to sell. 

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