Dad Builds a Real-Life Super Mario Game for his Son during Lockdown

Taran Underwood

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During this time when schools are closed and the kids are stuck at home, parents have had to be extra creative when it comes to entertaining their little bundles of joy. Andrew Dawson, from Cheadle, decided to kick his creativity up a notch, giving his son the chance to live in a real Super Mario Kart world.


Having been cooped up at home for weeks, 36-year-old Andrew and his partner Rhiannon, 27, were running out of ideas for ways to keep their six-year-old Drayton occupied. After 30 hours of putting everything together in their driveway, they came out with a pretty impressive invention. In fact, many parents have been inspired by the idea.


Andrew said, "With a garage full of cardboard, due to reduced bin collection days at the moment, I decided to build a track outside over the sunny Easter bank holiday. He said, "What started out as an initial idea of just flat cardboard, progressed." Eventually, he involved, "Egg boxes, tea bag boxes and tissue boxes to the track, as bumpers to keep you on course for turns."

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He continued, "After working quite rapidly, I then decided to improve the aesthetics by painting bumpers red and white, turning boxes into a hospital building, and asking Rhiannon to mold a volcano from paper-mâché. Then, once it was all finished, the only thing left to do was for Drayton to give the track a test run and now he absolutely loves it."

Well, for all the parents trying to figure out ways to tear their kids away from their video games, or even just another fun idea in quarantine, this idea certainly belongs on the to-do list.