Chilling Discovery In Student's Dorm Room

Scarlett Adler

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If you'd ask your parents, they'd probably have a few words to say about the cleanliness of your dorm room. But you know, just your usual s**t. The mountain of dirty laundry strategically shoved in the corner, the dust on your unswept floors, maybe a few dirty dishes on your night table.

Safe to say, mysterious, decomposing smells are usually out of the question. (And no, we're not talking about your dirty gym socks).


But some unlucky students from University of Canterbury, NZ, were forced to contact authorities after brutal stenches accompanied a neighboring room. And sure enough, the reality was far darker than they'd imagined.

On Monday the 23rd of September, the decaying body of an unfortunate college student was discovered in his dorm room. Police made the untimely discovery after worried parents hadn't heard from their son in a while.

[caption id="attachment_4478" align="alignnone" width="630"] University of Canterbury[/caption]

The body was so brutally decayed, that a disaster victim identification team needed fingerprint checks, DNA, and dental records to determine its identity. Assumptions are that the body had been there for up to a month. And while the student's name has yet to be made public, all we can think about is how the corpse went unnoticed for so long.

Forensics are still working on the cause of death, but the university has cooperated with authorities to put a rest to the madness. Of course, stay tuned for further updates.