From Tolerable To Inedible: America's Top Fast-Food Chains Ranked


| LAST UPDATE 09/15/2022

By Kayla Black

Many people have strong opinions on America's most popular fast-food chains, and ratings organization Consumer Reports conducted a survey to find out more. From "pink slime" to poor customer service, here are the results.

50. Arby's

With the iconic slogan of "we have the meats," Arby's sure offers a variety of meaty options. But unfortunately for this fast-food chain, they've struggled with a rumor about a special ingredient in their roast beef sandwiches.

Arby's Fast Food RankedArby's Fast Food Ranked
Instagram via @thesweetlifeoflina

We'll give you a hint; Some said paste, gel, or other mysterious things. According to Consumer Reports, 44% of Arby's customers plan to continue eating there, which might have something to do with the discovery made in 2004, when a diner found a piece of human skin in their food.

49. Wetzel's Pretzels

For any of our mall-goers, there's a good chance simply reading the name of our next eatery is already making your mouth water. The pretzel chain has been haunting our malls with its heavenly aromas of sweet cinnamon and buttery goodness since opening up back in 1994. But do their pretzels truly taste as good as they smell?

Wetzel's pretzels, ranked, reviewWetzel's pretzels, ranked, review
Instagram via @ericalacarte

Well for some customers, this is certainly the case. However, there were some Yelp users who were less than impressed. "Lmao I asked for wetzel bitz what the hell is this? They don't even separate them also uncooked," wrote an unhappy customer. We'll let you be the judge of that one.

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48. Baskin-Robbins

Baskin-Robbins was practically what every child's dreams were made of. The ice-cream chain has been serving us dairy goodness since 1945 and from the looks of it? With thousands of chains, they're not going anywhere anytime soon. But is that good or bad news?

Baskin robbins, review, rankedBaskin robbins, review, ranked
Instagram via @banaras__ka_swad

For many ice-cream lovers, the answer is yes. But for those angry customers that have been denied their favorite flavors, they might tell you different. Apparently, some branches are "constantly out of chocolate ice cream and they refuse to order more! All I'm get is excuse after excuse enough is enough." Yikes...

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47. Krispy Kreme

It's no surprise Krispy Kreme found a slot on our countdown. One glance at their signature glazed donuts, and we can't help but find ourselves drooling. But how does the donut eatery really measure up when it comes to quality and customer satisfaction?

Krispy kreme, ranked, reviewKrispy kreme, ranked, review
Joe Raedle via Getty Images

According to Yelp, most users have nothing but sweet words for the famous chain. As one user assured, Krispy Kreme is "hands-down one of my favorite donut places." However, they have also fallen victim to some negative reviews. "High glazed donuts very poorly looking," wrote a SiteJabber user.

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46. Wingstop

For those who are constantly reaching for the salt shaker each meal, this next eatery's for you. While their homemade ranch and sweet fries have gone over well with consumers, many customers were notably unhappy with Wingstop's famous wings. Why exactly?

Wingstop, fast food, rankedWingstop, fast food, ranked
Instagram via @wingstop

As diners noted, their wings are far too salty to enjoy the flavor. But more specifically, Wingstop's boneless wings have been met with lots of distaste. According to consumers, the pricier menu item is more soggy than it is crispy. Perhaps that's why only about 44% of diners would go back for more, as Consumer Reports put it.

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45. Popeyes

Remember when Popeyes' chicken sandwich caused havoc around the country? It appears not everybody shares that same excitement - at least where the online world is concerned. According to Trustpilot, the nationwide establishment only earned 1.5 stars after polling reviews from over 690 customers.

Popeyes, Fast food, RankedPopeyes, Fast food, Ranked
Instagram via @popeyeslouisianakitchen

As one user put it, their famous chicken sandwich "wasn't only a disappointment, it was dangerous." Why? "The chicken was spoiled, burnt, and smelled horrible," as they claimed. Nonetheless, the branch still seems to be thriving since opening up back in 1972. So perhaps they're doing something right, after all…

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44. Shake Shack

Whether it's from our Instagram feeds, or their growing number of branches, Shake Shack's name is seemingly... everywhere. Which begs the question: Is it really worth the hype? Sure enough, after studying over 1,800 customer reviews on Yelp, it appears it is.

Shake shack, review, rankedShake shack, review, ranked
Scott Olson via Getty Images

However, if you asked the customers who gave a flimsy review of 1 star on Trip Advisor, they may tell you otherwise. But will a bad review be enough to slow down one of the most popular fast-food chains? Stay tuned, we have a feeling there's some beef there.

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43. Hooters

Whether it's from their signature spicy wings or the waitresses who serve them, most people are already familiar with our next famous eatery. Of course, we're talking about Hooters, the chain that seems to be just about everywhere. But is it really worth the hype?

Hooters, wings, review, rankedHooters, wings, review, ranked
PETER PARKS/AFP via Getty Images

Unfortunately, it's not. Or at least that's how Yelp placed it, with several unsatisfied customers. Why, exactly? Despite diners noting an objectification of its female servers, users were quick to note the cold food and even colder customer service. "Literally couldn't get any worse," one user griped.

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42. Nathan's Famous

We know about New York's famous pizza. But what about their famous dogs? Of course, we're talking about Nathan's Famous. Founded in 1916, the Coney Island fast-food chain has grown to boast perhaps the most famous hot dogs in the world. But how do they really measure up?

Nathan's famous, ranked, reviewNathan's famous, ranked, review
Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

According to over 1,300 Yelp diners, Nathan's Famous is certainly worth the hype. While the eatery's very first chain, based in Brooklyn, welcomes thousands of eager tourists a year, their 100+ other locations are just as noteworthy. From their chili dog to their cheese fries, users can't seem to get enough of the famous comfort food.

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41. Boston Market

For any of our '90s babies, there's a good chance you remember seeing at least one Boston Market in your neighborhood growing up. Back in the day, the thriving chain welcomed 1,100 locations around the country. Today? The eatery doesn't seem to share that same success.

Boston Market, fast foodBoston Market, fast food
Instagram via @iamjookie

According to Consumer Reports, only 43% of customers would still eat at the famous establishment. And their menu might be to blame. "Is it too much to ask to make your rotisserie chicken, the menu item that is synonymous with Boston Market, taste at least average?" one upset user voiced on Yelp.

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40. Wienerschnitzel

You'd think the same place dubbed "the world's largest hot dog chain" would know a thing or two when it comes to the grill. But according to the online world, it doesn't quite seem that way. Consumer Reports claims that only 41% of their customers would go back for round 2. Why?

Weinerschnitzel, Fast food, ReviewsWeinerschnitzel, Fast food, Reviews
Instagram via @jonimarienewman

To put it simply, the meat inside their oversized buns might not be impressive as one might expect. In fact, as one Yelp user put it, "There were more pieces of bone in the patty than there was 'beef.'" But considering their impressive low prices, perhaps one might argue that you get what you pay for?

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39. A&W

Take a look inside your refrigerator, and there's a good chance you're already familiar with our next company. The famous draft root beer brand has been providing us with satisfying beverages since 1919. Unfortunately, we can't say the same about their food menu - at least if you ask past customers.

A&W, Fast foodA&W, Fast food
Roberto Machado Noa/Contributor via Getty Images

According to Consumer Reports, only 35% of customers would return to the fast-food chain. But perhaps it's not their greasy fries that are to blame. Many consumers have been shocked to discover just how greasy and dirty the tables of their various establishments have been.

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38. Dunkin’ Donuts

America runs on Dunkin', we already know that. But it appears the fast-food chain's famous slogan might have just jumped the gun, after all. Sure, they might know how to brew a tasty cup of coffee. But according to many customers, the nationwide chain's food options aren't as impressive.

Dunkin' Donuts, Reviews, FoodDunkin' Donuts, Reviews, Food
Andrew Burton via Getty Images

According to many consumers, their food isn't always as fresh as it could have been. In fact, as one Yelp user put it, "I have never had a fresh donut here." Take what you want from that one, but with over a thousand chains across the country? Most Americans might just run on Dunkin', after all...

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37. Tim Hortons

Remember when Tim Hortons used to be something we only knew of as "Bieber's favorite place to grab a quick bite?" Safe to say, ever since the Canadian chain opened locations throughout the States, a whole lot has changed. But are their famously affordable prices really worth it? Perhaps we're better off sticking with Dunkin' Donuts.

Tim hortons, review, donutsTim hortons, review, donuts
Instagram via @timhortons via @eunascipraviajar

According to Trustpilot, about 75% of customers label the chain as "Bad." Despite the favorable prices, the eatery's customer service isn't quite as enticing. Unfortunately, the same goes for their menu items - including hot cocoa that tasted like "dishwater" and "scandalous" Bacon and egg muffins, as one user noted.

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36. Panera Bread

Most of us are already all too familiar with their chewy bread bowls and artisan rolls. But according to consumers, the upscale fast-food chain's menu isn't as impressive as it might appear to be. In fact, while Panera's famous dough might be baked on-site, the same can't be said about all of their other dishes.

panera bread, ranked, reviewpanera bread, ranked, review
Instagram via @panerabread

As TikTok user @Briannaraelenee alleged, their famous Mac N' Cheese is far from fresh. Back in 2019, the former Panera employee shared a clip heating frozen pre-packaged pasta packets in the microwave before serving them to diners. Nonetheless, the fast-food chain is still a fan-favorite for many, despite its arguably pricier options.

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35. Whataburger 

"What a burger!" That's exactly the words founder Harmon Dobson had in mind when creating the famous joint. Safe to say, one look at the consumer reviews, and it appears he may have been on to something. Famous for its generous size, Whataburger's burgers certainly have that "wow factor."

Whataburger, ranked, reviewWhataburger, ranked, review
Epics via Getty Images

Contrarily, though, the chain's promised "Southern hospitality" doesn't seem to ring true for many. From botched orders to long lines, the eatery's customer service has been met with lots of criticism. And it's landed them a 2 1/2 star on Yelp. But with large portions and fair prices, the burger joint still surpasses many others...

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34. Chipotle Mexican Grille

While that guac and extra dollop of sour cream might have you shelling out the big bucks (relatively speaking, of course), most people would say it's worth every penny. The pricier Mexican eatery has been a fan-favorite ever since opening back in the '90s. And perhaps with good reason.

Chipotle, review, ranked, priceChipotle, review, ranked, price
Scott Olson via Getty Images

With zesty flavors, healthy options, and endless chains sprawled throughout the country, Chipotle Mexican Grille is almost always a safe bet. Though, users on Trustpilot have expressed their distaste in the chain's continual increase in prices. In fact, as one user noted, "The burritos were small and overpriced."

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33. Five Guys

Our next chain prides themselves on using only the freshest ingredients in the game. That's exactly why you'll find their dishes a bit more pricier than your go-to Whopper or McNuggets. But that's not all. All their fries come with an extra scoop in the bag, as their official site promises. But is it worth it?

Five guys, review, priceFive guys, review, price
Eduardo Parra via Getty Images

One look at Trustpilot, and it appears it is not. Almost 50% of diners ranked the chain as "Bad," claiming both the price and disappointing service to be at fault. "Everyone who works there is full of attitudes," one user noted. Another pointed out just how expensive the menu is, saying it "cost 3times what it should."

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32. Pizza Hut

While most of us have ordered Pizza Hut at least once in our lives, online consumers aren't too thrilled about their experience with the famous chain. According to Trustpilot, many diners were quick to note poor customer service upon ordering for delivery. But that's not all they had to say.

Pizza Hut, ranked, reviewPizza Hut, ranked, review
Carlos Becerra via Getty Images

Many customers also noted that their pizza had arrived both cold and soggy. Perhaps that's why the nationwide chain earned a mere 2-star review from over 1,400 Trustpilot consumers. But as one of the largest pizza chains in the world, we've got a feeling Pizza Hut is not going anywhere anytime soon.

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31. Papa John's

Where there's Domino's, there's almost always Pizza Hut... and Papa John's. The famous pizza giant has been one of America's go-to chains for decades now. And with over 5,000 locations across the world, we can't help but wonder how the eatery measures up to its equally famous rivals. Well, what's the verdict?

Papa johns, review, rankedPapa johns, review, ranked
Joe Raedle via Getty Images

Unfortunately, it appears one might be better off heading to Domino's or Pizza Hut. According to Trustpilot, 55% of customers labeled the eatery as "Bad." Many users noted a decline in the chains' quality as well as customer service. One user noted, perhaps it'd be better off called, "Average John's..."

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30. Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen has called itself the Queen of all dairy products since opening in 1940, and truthfully, they're not wrong. Their ice cream cones and blizzards hardly ever disappoint, but many customers are far from satisfied with their actual food, especially the hamburgers and hot dogs.

Dairy Queen ReviewDairy Queen Review
Getty Images via Mario Tama

And if you ask the Chicago Tribune, DQ's burgers are "as poorly made as a fast-food burger can be... the gray and limpid patty was dry and flavorless." Hence, only 43% of diners from Consumer Reports said they'd continue eating at Dairy Queen. But hey, at least you can count on DQ for good ice cream!

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29. El Pollo Loco

El Pollo Loco, which means "The Crazy Chicken" in Spanish, initially opened in Mexico in 1975 and then expanded into Los Angeles in 1980. However, since Consumer Reports conducted their survey, it appears that only 43% of El Pollo Loco's customers plan to go back for more.

El Pollo Loco RankedEl Pollo Loco Ranked
Instagram via @elpolloloco

But hey, that's almost half, right?! Anyway, many diners have complained about the quality of the food and customer service, saying neither was very satisfying. Some people have also claimed that the menu is overpriced given the lack of flavor in the food.

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28. Taco Bell

No matter what your opinion is on Taco Bell, the truth is, at one point or another, America loved it, as the chain was voted America's favorite Mexican restaurant in 2018. With a wide variety of items on the menu, ranging from tacos to chalupa, they aim to cater to everyone.

Taco Bell ReviewTaco Bell Review
Flickr via Mike Baird

However, just because they offer many different meals, that doesn't mean the food is actually worthwhile; Some customers claimed that the portions are too small, while some said the food hurt their stomach. According to a survey by Consumer Reports, approximately 43% of customers said they'd return to Taco Bell.

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27. Bojangles

If you're craving some chicken and biscuits, then Bojangles might just be the place for you. However, if you're unfamiliar with this chain, that's probably because it only exists in 14 states, mostly in the south. Some staff members from the Washington Post did a taste test, and overall, didn't seem too pleased.

Bojangles Fast Food RankedBojangles Fast Food Ranked
Instagram via @briiibites

"So many carbs, so little flavor," said one person after trying a Bojangles biscuit. North Carolina Senator Thom Tillis disagreed, though, saying, "Bojangles makes the best 'fast food' biscuits, period." So, whose side are you taking? Overall, 43% of customers said they'd return to the restaurant, according to Consumer Reports

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26. Subway

With "eat fresh" as their slogan, you might think that Subway would provide only the highest-quality food, but apparently, that's not always the case, according to some unsatisfied customers. According to Business Insider, Subway had the most locations of any fast-food chain in the world, as of October of 2020.

Subway Fast Food RankedSubway Fast Food Ranked
Instagram via @subway

However, it looks like the $5 footlongs just aren't enough anymore, as Subway closed thousands of franchises over the last few years. Many customers said the restaurant is relatively clean, but only 42% of Consumer Reports' taste testers said they'd give Subway another try, based on the food's quality.

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25. Krystal

Serving up relatively small, square hamburgers, Krystal is often compared to White Castle, but it ranks a little higher on this list than its competitor. Many consumers have complained about the patty-to-bun ratio, saying the burger gets lost in the oversized bun, and it's slightly bland.

Krystal Fast Food RankedKrystal Fast Food Ranked
Instagram via @mikespeed95

Unlike some other fast-food chains further down on the list, not many Krystal customers were disgusted by their food; They just felt that it was nothing special, which, as you'll soon find out, is a lot better than some other restaurants' reviews. According to Consumer Reports, 41% of customers said they'd go back to Krystal. 

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24. Domino's

About a decade ago, many Domino's customers complained that their pizza tasted like "cardboard" and claimed it was "mass-produced." So, the chain launched their incredible "Pizza Turnaround," aiming to change the reputation of Domino's worldwide with a brand-new recipe.

Dominos Fast Food RankedDominos Fast Food Ranked
Instagram via @dominos

But evidently, even with their new products, only 41% of customers said they'd go back to Domino's, according to Consumer Reports. Many customers still don't think their pizza is high-quality, but they certainly offer some great deals, and you can definitely get some bang for your buck with their combos.

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23. Long John Silver's

If you're looking for a bargain on fish and chips and you're not too picky about the quality, then Long John Silver's might just be the place for you. But according to Consumer Reports' survey, only 41% of customers were willing to eat this food again. Many diners said it was overcooked and far too greasy.

Long John Silver's ReviewLong John Silver's Review
Instagram via

"Never again will I ever get the baja shrimp tacos or the fish tacos, they were so nasty," said one disappointed customer. "I don't recommend either of them." Plus, many people have complained about the unhealthy ingredients in the food, claiming almost none of it is nutritious.

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22. Taco John's

Whether the food at Taco John's is actually appetizing or not, many customers have complained about receiving the incorrect order or their burritos not containing enough ingredients. One customer claimed, "I honestly got a tortilla with maybe a tablespoon of beans, a sprinkle of cheese, and a little sauce."

Taco John's ReviewTaco John's Review
Instagram via @tacojohns

"Unreal. Never seen anything this bad," said another customer. Many other consumers wrote similar reviews, and ultimately, Consumer Reports' survey concluded that only 41% of diners would like to give the restaurant another try. However, some raved about the potato olés, but that's about it.

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21. KFC

It's no secret that KFC has suffered financially over the last couple of decades and had to close around 1,000 franchises. However, the fast-food chain managed to survive an unpleasant rumor that their food was made from "mutant chickens" a few years ago, so they must be doing something right!

KFC Fast Food RankedKFC Fast Food Ranked
Getty Images via Moses Robinson

For $20, customers can get a massive bucket of fried chicken to feed the entire family, and they have plenty of side dishes as well. But some diners have found that "the chicken went from tasty to very disgusting in the past two years!" It looks like 40% of customers plan to go back, based on Consumer Reports' survey.

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20. Cinnabon

If you've ever walked through a shopping mall, then chances are, you've been put under the spell of Cinnabon's heavenly scent. Well, at least some people see it that way. But how does their food actually taste? Many customers are convinced they were served old cinnamon buns that had been reheated; Therefore, they were unimpressed.

Cinnabon Fast Food RankedCinnabon Fast Food Ranked
Instagram via @cinnabon

Plus, many diners complained about poor customer service, which gave them a bad taste in their mouth before even receiving their food. Of course, some people still can't resist a gooey sticky bun, but ultimately only 40% of customers said they'd go back to Cinnabon, according to Consumer Reports.

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19. Del Taco

There are quite a few fast-food taco restaurants on this list, and apparently, Del Taco isn't exactly a fan favorite. "My first and last trip to Del Taco!" said one customer. "I understand it's fast food, but this made its competitors seem like a Michelin star-rated restaurant."

Del Taco ReviewDel Taco Review
Instagram via @deltaco

On the other hand, though, some said the food was what they'd expected given the low price. Ultimately, Consumer Reports' study concluded that 40% of people who dined at Del Taco were willing to give it another try. And evidently, far more consumers enjoyed this taco joint than the following fast-food chains.

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18. Einstein Bros. Bagels

Einstein Bros. Bagels might claim to "specialize in bagels and coffee," but if you ask some of their customers, this chain might want to look into a new specialty. Based on the survey done by Consumer Reports, only 40% of customers want to continue dining at Einstein Bros.

Einstein Bros Bagels ReviewEinstein Bros Bagels Review
Instagram via @einsteinbros

"I can tell you that Einstein Bagels are not the real thing," said one customer. Various diners have complained that the bagels are not cooked correctly and lack taste. Many have also said the coffee is nothing special. However, there are very few reviews declaring the chain as "disgusting," unlike some others on the list.

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17. White Castle

White Castle, a burger chain primarily found in the Midwest, is known for its distinctly small, square hamburgers. Because of their size, customers often leave feeling unsatisfied, as one is simply just not enough for everyone. The chain gained even more attention in the 2004 comedy Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle.

White Castle ReviewWhite Castle Review
Instagram via @mnmtwinz

Some viewers couldn't understand why the characters would ever choose White Castle, as many competitors offer more substantial options. According to Consumer Reports, only 39% of customers would go back, but still, White Castle's thriving, and the iconic burgers are sold in the freezer section of some grocery stores.

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16. Panda Express

Panda Express, the largest Asian restaurant chain in America, is often found in shopping malls throughout the country. However, according to some diners, Panda Express sells inauthentic, unappetizing food. "Do I gnaw on my own thumb, or do I get orange chicken?" said Chef David Chang.

Panda Express ReviewPanda Express Review
Wikimedia Commons via Coolcaesar

On the plus side, though, the restaurant is reportedly spotless and passed all health inspections. If you're not too picky about the authenticity of your food, then Panda Express might just be the place for you! However, only 39% of taste testers from Consumer Reports said they'd eat it again. 

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15. Church’s Chicken

With hand-battered fried chicken, honey-buttered biscuits, and greasy fries on the menu, Church's Chicken has all the ingredients for the perfect comfort food. Unfortunately, whatever recipe they're using might need some tweaking - according to unsatisfied customers, at least.

Church's Chicken, food, rankedChurch's Chicken, food, ranked
Instagram via @churchschiken via @yeahzinea

While their chicken's texture is just right, consumers were quick to note a certain lack of flavor. But perhaps it was the chain's buttered biscuits - described as "rock hard" - that landed Church's Chicken the score that they received: According to Consumer Reports, only 38% of diners would go back for seconds.

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14. Wendy's

In case you're wondering how Wendy's made it onto this list, brace yourself for a rude awakening. Sure, the frosties and fries are delicious, but did you ever hear about the "finger in chili crisis" in 2005? Or what about that time a live mouse was found in the bag of buns in 2018?

Wendy's Fast Food RankedWendy's Fast Food Ranked
Getty Images via David Dee Delgado

If you can look past all of this, then Wendy's will be ready to serve you at any time! But the truth is, many customers have also found issues with the quality of their food. The "hamburger was tasteless and dry, did not taste like a burger," said one customer. Overall, 38% of diners said they'd go back, according to Consumer Reports.

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13. Little Caesar's

Home of the $5 pizza, Little Caesar's has a way of attracting hungry college students on a budget. While it's certainly cost-effective, is the pizza from Little Caesar's worth it? Many people have tried it, but in the end, only 37% of customers said they'd continue dining at Little Caesar's, based on Consumer Reports' study. 

Little Caesar's Pizza ReviewLittle Caesar's Pizza Review
Flickr via Mike Mozart

One reviewer called the pizza "the absolute worst in terms of everything." But if you ask other customers, they'll tell you, "you get what you pay for." So apparently, if you're only spending $5, the expectation shouldn't be too high. What are your thoughts on America's third-largest pizza chain?

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12. Checkers

It appears that Checkers, a fast-food chain that sells burgers, hot dogs, fries, and milkshakes, has rubbed many customers the wrong way from the moment they entered the restaurant. Various diners have reported that the customer service was unimpressive, and they had to wait much longer than expected.

Checkers Fast Food RankedCheckers Fast Food Ranked
Flickr via Phillip Pessar

And considering the long wait, hungry customers expected the food to be worthwhile, but some were utterly disappointed. "The food was made so bad that it fell apart before I can even take my first bite," said one customer. According to Consumer Reports, only 36% of customers were satisfied enough to go back.

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11. Sonic Drive-In

There's no doubt that Sonic Drive-In has attracted plenty of customers with their roadside pickup and retro-themed restaurant, but how many of these people actually went back for more? Well, it appears that once they took a bite into their burger, many diners weren't too thrilled.

Sonic Fast Food RankedSonic Fast Food Ranked
Flickr via Mike Mozart

According to the Chicago Tribune, "the oversized bun deserves the most scorn, though the pallid-looking patty deserves to be covered up with something." So, if you order a burger from Sonic, be sure to load it up with sauce. Based on Consumer Reports' study, 36% of consumers are still on board for Sonic.

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10. Auntie Anne's

What started off as a small pretzel shop in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, has grown into a nationwide empire. Like Cinnabon, Auntie Anne's is commonly found in shopping malls, but evidently, that's been a downfall over the last few years, with online shopping becoming more popular and less foot traffic in malls.

Auntie Anne's ReviewAuntie Anne's Review
Instagram via @auntieannespretzels

However, some loyal customers still crave a warm pretzel from Auntie Anne's from time to time, but others have found that the food is often stale or burnt. They've also expanded the menu, now offering pizza, hot dogs, and other savory foods, but according to Consumer Reports, only 35% of consumers enjoy it enough to go back.

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9. Quiznos

Over the last few years, Quiznos closed quite a few franchises, as they'd been struggling financially for a while. Today, less than 1,000 of these sandwich shops are still functioning, but many customers seem somewhat unsatisfied with the food, and especially with the steep prices.

Quiznos Fast Food RankedQuiznos Fast Food Ranked
Instagram via @quiznos

According to Consumer Reports, only 35% of customers said they'd like to go back to Quiznos. It's one thing to pay a significant price for high-quality food, but some of these customers claim the food is far from worth the high price tag, especially when compared to competitors, such as Subway's $5 footlong.

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8. Hardee's

Most Hardee's franchises are located in the South, so there's a chance you might not be familiar with this chain. The restaurant's known for its hexagon-shaped burgers. Still, evidently, the unique shape isn't enough of a selling point, given the low-quality and lack of taste some customers have complained about.

Hardee's Fast Food RankedHardee's Fast Food Ranked
Instagram via @hardees

The Chicago Tribune concluded that Hardee's burgers "toppings lack flavor, and, worst of all, the meat has a spongy texture without any recognizable beef flavor." And the taste testers from Consumer Reports were in agreement, ultimately revealing that only 34% of customers plan to eat at Hardee's again.

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7. Jimmy John's

The first thing you'll probably notice when walking into Jimmy John's is the sign on the door, reading, "free smells." And if you ask some people, you're better off sticking with the smells than actually ordering a sandwich. Based on their 2019 promotion, it looked like the restaurant was in desperate need of more customers.

Jimmy John's ReviewJimmy John's Review
Flickr via Mike Mozart

Jimmy John's said if customers could prove they lived outside of the delivery zone, they could enter to win $250,000 towards a house within the designated area. On the plus side, if you're eligible for delivery, you'll get your food "Freaky Fast, Freaky Fresh." According to Consumer Reports, 34% of consumers planned to go back. 

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6. Sbarro

Have you ever found yourself hungry at the airport or the movie theater and gotten a slice of pizza from Sbarro simply because it's right there? Well, many customers have concluded that the food isn't necessarily unappetizing, and it's not quite the freshest, but it's edible.

Sbarro Fast Food RankedSbarro Fast Food Ranked
Flickr via theRabidPenguin

"You eat Sbarro not because you want Sbarro, but because it is the food that is available at the moment you want some food," said Neil Irin of The New York Times. Based on Consumer Reports' study, 34% of customers said they'd go back to Sbarro, and based on Irin's opinion, probably only if they had to.

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5. Burger King

The home of the whopper, also known as Burger King, has been coming out with products that people never could've imagined for decades. From the chicken fries to the vegan burgers, this chain truly tries to please everyone. But unfortunately, not all customers have been entirely satisfied; Only 33%, according to Consumer Reports.

Burger King ReviewBurger King Review
Twitter via @BurgerKing

One customer, who ordered the crispy chicken sandwich, was far from satisfied, saying, "it was the most disgusting thing I've ever had. I took one bite and spit it out. I don't think it was chicken." On the other hand, some people are happy with Burger King, considering the low prices.

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4. Carl's Jr.

Carl's Jr. started as a simple hot dog stand in 1941 when Carl Karcher spent his life savings on the cart. He quickly expanded the business, and today, it's a well-known fast-food chain operated by CKE Restaurant Holdings Inc. Today, Carl's Jr. frequently experiments with new products, such as the CBD-infused burger.

Carl's Jr. ReviewCarl's Jr. Review
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Many say they don't enjoy the food, plus the chain's commercials have certainly rubbed some people the wrong way. Former CEO Andy Puzder admitted, "We believe in putting hot models in our commercials because ugly ones don't sell burgers." Overall, Consumer Reports concluded that only 33% of customers would go back.

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3. Jack in the Box

If you're a fast-food lover on the west coast, then chances are, you've heard of Jack in the Box. However, you might've also avoided trying this burger chain, as many customers called their food "tough and tasteless." Some unsatisfied diners even deemed it "so gross and cold we threw it away and left."

Jack in the BoxJack in the Box
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But if you don't mind the taste - or lack of - then you can choose from a large menu that includes all-day breakfast, tacos, and more. And if you have a passion for deep-fried tacos, then this might be your place. Ultimately, only 33% of customers liked Jack in the Box enough to go back for more, according to Consumer Reports.

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2. Cici's Pizza

There's definitely no reason to worry about having enough food when you eat at Cici's Pizza. For a relatively low price, you can get access to an all-you-can-eat buffet of pizza, pasta, and desserts. However, some people are more concerned about quality over quantity and said Cici's is the opposite.

Cici's Fast Food RankedCici's Fast Food Ranked
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One customer even called the food at Cici's the "Dollar Tree of food establishments." Another diner said it was "actually seriously terrible," but hey, at least you can get a lot of bang for your buck! Consumer Reports claimed that only 28% of customers said they'd return, but they did have nice things to say about the polite staff.

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1. McDonald's

With one of the most recognizable logos in the world, McDonald's has managed to turn many customers off because of the alleged quality of the food. If you've ever seen the 2004 documentary Super Size Me, then chances are, any time you think about McDonald's, you're haunted by two words: pink slime.

McDonald's Fast Food RankedMcDonald's Fast Food Ranked
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After director Morgan Spurlock revealed the food's actual ingredients and shared the shocking side effects, many people haven't been able to view the fast-food chain the same. Hence, Consumer Reports' survey concluded that only 28% of customers would eat at Mcdonald's again. But still, McDonald's is incredibly profitable. 

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