Australia's Big Potato Landmark Is On The Market

Taran Underwood

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Australia is usually front and center when it comes to odd creatures and popular landmarks. The massive country has so much to offer. The Sydney Opera House, Kangaroo Island, the Big Orange in Berri, South Australia and loads more. Whilst you might be able to snap your picture at one of these incredible places, you'll never get to keep it... until now.

The Big Potato in Robertson, New South Wales is an infamous landmark and the town's claim to fame. However, it has now been listed on the market for anybody who wants to take this bad boy home. The going rate is $920,000 which might sound expensive, but can you really put a price tag on a landmark so special?

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According to the listing agent Steve Myers, from Myers Realty, any buyer who wishes to get rid of the Big Potato and build something else, they're more than welcome to. "There's no question that there will be a bit of disappointment from the local community ... but within three months, it'll be forgotten," he said.

"It's an old site. There have been various suggestions that it should be towed down to Goulburn and put behind the Big Merino. I wouldn't say people wake up in any part of the country to say 'we're going to go to Robertson today to visit the Big Potato'. However, when people do visit Robertson and walk around the town, it's there and they take photographs of it."

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The Big Potato was built in 1977 by farmer local potato grower Jim Mauger. He modeled it after the Sebago potato. Initially, it was designed to house a potato information center for anyone who wanted to be educated on the incredible vegetable. Since this was way before computers were a thing, it was pretty useful in its day. Now that it's for sale, we can only hope that whoever buys it will preserve its cultural memory.

So, if you have nearly a million dollars lying around for a gigantic potato, then come and claim your prize.


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