Amazon Makes History With The Coolest New Device

Scarlett Adler

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Associated Press via TechnologyReview

Back in the day, 'Alexa' was simply a popular name for girls near and far. Now if you say the name, odds are you'll hear a robotic device pipe up, asking what they can do for ya. That's right, Alexa is also one of the first ever, voice-controlled, robotic assistants, introduced by Amazon.

Thanks to Alexa, you can now also chat with your favorite celebrities at the click of a button...

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That's right, last Wednesday at the annual hardware exhibition, reps for the hit gadget dropped some major news: In as soon as a few months, users will be able to 'chat' with actor Samuel L. Jackson in the first ever 'Artificial Intelligence text-to-speech-technology'.

And while Jackson's not the first celeb to make an Alexa debut, he'll be the first voice that goes beyond pre-recordings.

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But worry not. For you rare specimen who don't appreciate the talent that is Mr. Jackson, you'll be able to choose from an assortment of celebrity voices, come 2020.

And that's not all...Other updates announced include a total revamping of consumers' privacy. In other words, you'll no longer need to worry about Alexa 'eavesdropping' on you and your pals. The newest device will auto-delete voice recordings and reveal the data it has collected, upon inquiry.

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