YouTuber Blows the Lid Off the Real Story Behind That Paul Simon Song

Taran Underwood

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You know that Paul Simon song 'You Can Call Me Al'? Yes, you do. No, trust me, you do. Look, even if you aren't a Paul Simon song, you've heard this song referenced in Family Guy, Portlandia, and The Office.

Yes, that song. It's the song you know basically every part to except the actual, um, lyrics. And YouTuber Gus Johnson thinks he knows why. Here's a little BTS clip Johnson made, which depicts the mysterious and sacred process of songwriting.

See, it's all so much clearer now. This is just the way Paul Simon talks on the phone normally. In other news, Johnson just hit one million subscribers on YouTube and was refreshingly sincere about it. He's one of the good ones, folks.