YouTube Star Disappointed By Storm Area 51

Taran Underwood

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One French YouTube star, who goes by the name Cemcem, has spoken of his disappointment after flying all the way from France for the long-awaited event. Cemcem explains that he was 'disappointed' and people 'chickened out.'


The young French vlogger had expected at least a few kindred spirits to help feed his curiosity, but was left deflated after no-one turned up, as he puts it, there were hardly enough people to 'cover the road.'

"I flew over to Las Vegas in order to go to Area 51 because I really thought something was going to happen."

"I really thought, among all the people there, they would be a few that would actually plan on penetrating the zone.


"So I came prepared, I got to Vegas a couple of days before the raid, hoping to see people camping there but no one was there. I just wanted to go see what was going on. I really took that Facebook thing seriously."

Cemcem's journey to expose Area 51's secrets continue..