Girl Endures Ride of Her Life in Hilarious Clip


| LAST UPDATE 06/21/2022

By Lily Tipton
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Instagram via @misssy_d

You know the amusement park ride where they put you in a ball cage and sling you into the sky at speeds that have most of us hurling at just the thought? Well, Molly Barrett, a nine-year-old from Australia, was determined to ride it on a family visit to the Gold Coast and recruited her father to come along for the experience. As they anxiously sat strapped into the ride, waiting for it to begin, it was clear they were both excited for what's to come. Then it happened. They were thrown up into the air, and Molly experienced a true sense of thrill. After getting home and viewing the footage, the Barrett family could not stop laughing at what they saw. They felt they had no choice but to share it with the rest of the world... and it was viral gold.

"When your 9 year old wants to ride the Slingshot," her father AJ laughed in the TikTok video alongside a sick face emoji. The official footage of the ride operator showed the father and daughter mentally prepping for the moments ahead. "You ready?" AJ asked his daughter. "Yup," she replied confidently. "Alright, be careful what you wish for," he replied, evidently more anxious than his daughter, who seemed blissfully unaware of what's to come. "The only way is up!" AJ announced before they shot off. Within seconds, Molly was hilariously screaming at the top of her lungs.

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Robert Nickelsberg via Getty Images
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But it's not the young girl's screams that had everyone, including her parents, laughing. Rather it was what happened next. After a brief scream, the nine-year-old could be seen completely passing out, only to return to life five seconds later and begin crying out again. Hilariously, the cycle repeated just a few seconds later, and she was knocked out and woke up to instantly yell again, "Oh my God!"

@aussiesaintaj Miss 9yr old wanted so bad to ride the slingshot Gold Coast Qld. #off tosleep #scarethegoldcoast #scream ♬ original sound - AJ Barrett

Two million views later, people cannot get enough of the adrenaline-seeking kid. "Poor little darling. I feel terrible laughing so much," wrote one user. "This girl has a future movie scream voice," laughed another. Others couldn't help but commemorate the dad's act of bravery. "You're the best dad ever she will remember that forever," a comment said. Oh, and don't you worry: "We're never doing anything like this ever, ever again," AJ announced.

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