You Will Obey This Evil Dog

Taran Underwood

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Mr. Bubz may look like your average dog at first. But, actually, he's an adorable demon sent to destroy us all. Here's Mr. Bubz making the monstrous noises he's quickly becoming famous for on Instagram:

Mr. Bubz hates everything, especially the humans around him. And while he has yet to destroy his human servants (probably because they, you know, feed him), he's extremely willing to express his displeasure.

And while he might sound dangerous, because he's literally making the sound that in dog language should mean "stay away from me or I will bit you," Bubz does not seem interested in actually hurting anyone. Witness his bites, which maybe he thinks will scare you?

No, Bubz does not appear to be as dangerous as he'd like you to believe. Though he tries his best, it seems like his humans have figured out he's safe enough to bring around other humans who can tolerate inhuman hell sounds. So of course, Ozzy Osborne is a shoe-in.

But just because he seems like a gently confused little chonk of fur, who maybe just thinks unholy growls are normal noises everyone enjoys hearing, doesn't mean he can't do some damage. He's still good at acting like he's going to hurt you, at least.

Hopefully you weren't holding your phone over a toilet while watching that.