Your 'Number Neighbor' Might Be The Love Of Your Life


| LAST UPDATE 07/06/2021

By Molly Houghton

Humans have a natural tendency to connect. Many of us struggle without feeling loved and knowing we belong. That's why, as crazy as this may seem, the new trend of finding your 'neighbor number' (NN) kind of makes sense.

People have been sending texts to their own numbers but changing the last digit, in the hope that whoever is on the other side of the line, will become a connection worth keeping. It's like searching for a unicorn. The thing is, people in the modern world don't always take random acts of affection too well now, do they?

Poor Josh over here put his best foot forward when trying to connect with his number neighbor...

Twitter/ @isnortnyquil

Josh wasn't the only one who got a nice big fat rejection from his NN. Many tried the same thing and received an even worse response! I guess no one stopped to consider what the person on the other end of the chat might think.

Twitter/ @Jgonz246

Oh, but it gets worse...

Twitter/ @Jgonz246

Ouch! Even hiding behind a phone can't hold off this kind of embarrassment. For those of you considering finding your NN, it might be worth your while to just keep it PG.

Although many seemed to be receiving negative responses, this became a huge trend on Twitter. Text messages were being sent all around the world in the hopes of connecting with their 'Neighbor Number.' The results are absolutely hilarious.


This confused senior will be me when I'm older..


At least this guy is honest...

Twitter/ @Tbird_559

Now, I know its a natural reaction to think 'creepy stalker alert' when you get a text like this. However, you NEVER say no to a free casserole? Come on people.

Twitter/ @RY3IN

It's pretty clear that people won't take too well to a stranger asking to get close over text messages. However, persistence is key and you have to be committed to the cause like our friend Ryan over here..

Twitter/ @ryanlavalleee

There is also the possibility that your neighbor number is actually a nice guy, just looking for a new friend to chat to. If that is the case, suddenly the neighbor number becomes the creepy stalker and you've just opened a can of worms you can't handle.

Twitter/ @kamrynn_98

We're all just looking for a connection. So now that we've prepared you for the game of finding your neighbor number, you should have a better idea of what to expect. Remember to try your hardest not to sound like a total creep, although in this case, it's pretty much impossible.

Twitter/ @skippertonfs1