You Had One Job: These Epic Fails Are Too Good Not to Share


| LAST UPDATE 07/20/2021

By Kayla Black

It’s not always fun having to do your job, but it’s even worse if you have to pick up someone else’s slack too. However, luckily for us, the end result of this epic fails is usually pretty hilarious. Take a look at the most perfect ‘you had one job’ moments…

You Shall Not Pass

You're not the only one who noticed that something is a little off here. I mean, they got half of it right. The construction has everything- railing, a sturdy column, and evenly spaced steps. It even has an outlet in case you need to pull a tactical phone charge. The layout, though, may have been a little off.

Epic Fail Epic Fail
franknated via Imgur

We assume that it was meant for everyone to use the other sides of the railing, but those good intentions just weren't enough. This looks like an accident waiting to happen. Perhaps if this section of stairs wasn’t intended to be used, they should figure out a way to block it off otherwise…well, you know.

Sitting in the Rain

If this bench was placed in a location that doesn’t get a lot of rain, then this little spot probably could have worked. However, the person who placed it here ether chose to ignore the massive drain hole, or had no idea that this would even happen. Let's try give them the benefit of the doubt though...

Epic Fail Epic Fail
@kellyjurfs via imgur

Who knows what could have been the reason, but all we know is that the workers just had to push the bench a little bit to the left, and all would have been fine! Instead, this could be a lovely spot for an outdoor shower. Only you'll have to be fully clothed since this is public property.

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Almost but Not Quite

Retail is a challenging and often frustrating job. This leads to a lot of workers having a sour attitude about their position. After all, customers can be pretty demanding. That, in turn, leads to situations like this where someone probably thought they were being funny. Well, to be fair, we certainly giggled.

Epic Fail Epic Fail
JFK_NOSCOPEZ420koosh via Reddit

When the manager asked for his employees to put some clothes on the mannequin, we are almost 100% sure he didn't mean it like this. Sometimes people can take things a little too literally, and this was definitely one of those times. But hey, at least they put a nice look together!

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Watch Your Step

Now, there simply has to be a better explanation for this one. There is just no way someone could have left out half a staircase when building a second floor. We can only assume it was once there and something had to have happened to result in such a bizarre entrance.

You had one job You had one job
Simon666 via Pikabu

The owner of the café must be wondering why he's not seeing his usual customers because the person putting up the sign didn’t bother to mention it either. Now, if you want to get a cup of java in the morning or have a nice sandwich for lunch at this spot, you might have to on your vertical leap!

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Around About Noon

When you’re working in someone’s home, you want to try not to disturb the interior design or surroundings as much as possible. So when this plumber came across this little hiccup, he decided that it would be best to just go around it. We have to admit, he certainly knows how to find a shortcut.

Hilarious Epic Fails Hilarious Epic Fails
@warwick35 via Reddit

Never mind that he could have just removed the clock and then put it up a little to the right. Instead, it is so much easier to bend a copper pipe. Probably didn’t hurt that he was getting paid by the hour, but even this is just a little too much! We can only imagine how much out OCD friends are struggling with this.

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No Signs

So getting from place to place is a lot easier when you can read the signs, that's one thing we know for sure. Typically you would see these on the corner of the street but not this one. Instead, the workers used a stencil, and his 'one size fits all' attitude ended up with this...

Epic Fail Hilarious Epic Fail Hilarious
@giganticpine via Reddit

When those workers realized that they had left the “St” stencil back in the car, they opted to make a judgment call. Instead of the “st” that belongs on the street, they replaced it with a “th”. While we can appreciate the creativity, we are certain many citizens don't.

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That’s Some Parking Spot

No matter who was at fault for this, someone didn’t want to take the responsibility of following through with the proper procedures. Typically when lasting new asphalt, the worker would cordon off the area and place tons of signs around. But that clearly didn't happen.

Funny Epic Fails Funny Epic Fails
LordJomi via Yahoo!news

Or it did, and this person didn’t want to have to walk the extra twenty feet or so in the morning. Either way, the worker had to get their job done, and instead of trying to find the owner of the vehicle, they pushed on. You have to admit, they certainly know how to make lemonade from lemons.

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Optical Injuries

Sometimes when you buy a new home, you want to make additions and touch up’s to make it your own. That's probably what happened here, and when the homeowner decided to do carpet on the staircase but leave the bottom step wood, the contractor didn’t say anything.

Funny Epic Fails Funny Epic Fails
@_youhadonejob1 via Twitter

After all, the customer is always right, right? But in this case, it lends a sort of optical illusion. Going up, it’s all well and good but coming down, it certainly looks like the bottom step isn’t there. This makes for some serious opportunities for injuries!

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Mind the Gap

When building a train station, some things are necessary, especially the tracks that will carry and lead the train. You need electricity and rails unhampered by obstacles. So it makes sense that there is an electrical scaffold, and it even makes sense that it is embedded in a concrete base.

Funny Epic Fails Funny Epic Fails
@beabetterperson via Imgur

However, the guy laying the concrete may want to mention that laying the block here would cover up part of the tracks. Having this obstacle on the rail could cause some pretty big problems down the road. We have to give them the benefit of the doubt though, we're sure they just made a mistake.

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Here’s Your Sign

Sometimes there are jobs that a worker just doesn’t like doing. For whatever reason it may be, this employee seemed to be having an extra slow day or this was his/her way of getting some sort of revenge. Instead of following the instructions, they just... well... take a look.

Hilarious Epic Fails Hilarious Epic Fails
mikestorm via Reddit

Unfortunately, it looks like they weren’t sure how to do it properly. So they stuck this bad boy in the ground and went about their day. Too bad, it just wasn’t quite right! It looks like they got the post and attachments on point, but something tells us the manager of this McDonalds is going to be very unhappy.

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So when this ice machine began malfunctioning, the team on duty reacted quickly. People needed to be warned about the glitch, but fixing the actual problem would have been a little too much. So, while the ice continues to shoot out, just be careful not to slip.

Funny Epic Fails Funny Epic Fails
@not_myjob via Twitter

The person responsible for the maintenance machine probably knew this wouldn't be an easy operation. So, plan B had to step up to the plate. We can only hope that no one is in the mood for an icy-cold drink and that everyone wore comfortable shoes.

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Shake It Like a Salt Shaker

If you work a job where everyone is always leaving you a mess, it might get a little frustrating. That may be what happened here at this restaurant. Perhaps the waiter who was tired of wiping up salt and pepper thought that this was a better solution.

mrjoepete via Reddit

Sure it could just be a prank, but more than likely, the food service worker that was asked to do this job didn’t understand the instructions, or just took them a little too literally. To be fair, it's not exactly the worst 'solution' we've seen on our list so far.

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Privacy Is #1

One would think that after you've just built a public bathroom, you would be a little concerned if this was the final product. We're not trying to give anybody any special treatment here, but the big toilet deserved to be in the private cubicle. We know we don't need to explain why...

Funny Epic Fails Funny Epic Fails
@ave_izzy via Instagram

Now when a gentleman comes in to do their business, they can do one in the privacy and comfort of their own stall, and the other right out in the open. The only thing is that the traditional setup is in the reverse and that may be a little uncomfortable for the people using this bathroom.

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Share the Road

Even though most streets and roads in many cities are fitted with bike lanes, there are still those drivers that need a little extra nudge to remember to share the road. So many road-work divisions have signs that they can use to help remind everybody...

Funny Epic Fails Funny Epic Fails
Photo by: Matt Howell via Momentummag

But when the worker was told to drop the sign someplace visible, they didn’t quite think it through. They dropped it in the most accessible place possible. Now the bikers will have to go around, and their choice is grass or into traffic. So, I guess you could say, this sign is fulfilling its purpose too well.

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Safe and Sound

It is just a good safety measure to tie down anything that you are transporting over long distances. But there are a few things that require a different plan of action. Tying down the dirt will not be very helpful at all. Perhaps the driver figured this could pose as some sort of shortcut.

funny epic fails funny epic fails
u/eels_not1 via Reddit

We still have to give them five point for obeying the laws. Instead of using a tarp, the guide book says tie down your cargo. When they get to the drop-off and the dirt has scattered into the wind, there may be some explaining to do on their part.

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Stocked & Ready

Let's fact it, going to the bathroom and finding out there's no toilet paper is sometimes worse than a 404 error. And you can never have too many paper rolls. However, it seems as though whoever stocked up these bathrooms was having a little bit of a lazy day.

Funny fails Funny fails
Nexy via memeroid

The person responsible certainly ticked off all the boxes, there's lots of toilet paper and it's on the holder. But we're sure this person knew how impractical this little job was. Still, we have to look at the glass as half-full and at least this bathroom is fully stacked.

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Not Sure This Will Work

Before we get into why this is not a job well done, we have to take a moment to praise their consideration. It was definitely a sweet gesture to think of those with seeing disabilities. This should be a staple rule in absolutely every location. However, we think these workers may have misunderstood what braille is and how it works.

Hilarious epic fails Hilarious epic fails
u/Zayatan via Reddit

It obviously wasn't understood that the braille needs to be raised in order to be read. Without that, this sign just makes whoever stuck it up look pretty slow. We can only hope somebody pointed out this embarrassing mistake and the problem was quickly resolved.

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Rocky Paths

This kind of reminds us of the copper pipe and clock that we saw a few images up. It seems as though the workers for this job were told to fence off the flower area so those beauties could stay safe. Well, on the plus side, they are definitely protected now.

Funny fails Funny fails
u/moanrigid94 via Reddit

However, as they were putting up the gate, they chose to go over the rock instead of getting rid of it. This meant more labor-intensive jobs, and this seems like something they would need permission for. Nevertheless, they got the job done no matter the obstacle!

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Different Points of View

How likely was it that this person did not realize once they stepped back that this button was put in upside down? Pretty likely, but that would mean removing the button and starting all over again. So, to all our friends with OCD, we apologize in advance for this one.

Epic Fails Epic Fails
u/YeahHiImHere via Reddit

While it may be annoying to look at for some, as long as it works, that's the most important part. There's nothing worse than being on a bus and the driver doesn't stop at your station just because you didn't push the button. So, look on the bright side and count yourself lucky that the STOP button is there- even if its backward.

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Manhole Down

Instead of laying the asphalt in strips, this worker thought it would be faster and more efficient to just dump the asphalt onto the road all at once. However, they didn’t really think about what that would mean for the manholes to the sewerage and drainage systems.

Funny Fails Funny Fails
@NotMyJobBoss via Twitter

On the surface, maybe the worker didn’t think it was a bad thing, but when the municipal workers come to do their work and can’t get into the underground areas, there will definitely be an argument between them. This could cause some serious issues a little ways down the road.

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Unisex Bathrooms?

Signs are intended to make our lives easier. From warning signs to the signs that dictate which bathroom you should go to, they are meant to guide us. Sadly, in this case, the signs might just cause some extra confusion instead. See if you can spot the problem...

Funny epic fails Funny epic fails
u/xNobody_Specialx via Reddit

If they hadn’t wanted to make the change, they could have just made it a unisex option, but even that would require a new sign or two. Clearly, the person who put the signs up was having a bit of an off day. We can only hope that he or she got a good giggle out of it.

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The Shortest Distance

It seems like the person building this fence here ran into a little obstacle on the way. While it may have seemed like a good idea to remove the cable before building, that plan wasn't executed too well. In the end, this is what they were left with...

Not My Job Not My Job
leighannk08 via Pinterest

The truth is, we'll never know what came first. Was it the fence? Was it the cable? Either way, we still think it could have been thought out a little bit better. We can only hope the citizens of this neighborhood have a good sense of humor about the deal.

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Enjoy the Show!

These seats give a whole new meaning to "the cheaper tickets." After all, when you spend a little less money on the event, you know you're not going to see the show from the best angle. However, we're almost absolutely certain that this wall came about after the seats.

Funny Epic Fails Funny Epic Fails
downriverrowing via Reddit

It's that, or the people who built this stadium were told to install a certain number of chairs and they just wanted to deliver. We can only hope that whoever was involved in this construction rectified their doings afterward. After all, the people who bought the tickets for these seats are gonna want their money back.

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That’s Where I Left It

We don't know the real story, but here's how we see it: The workers were packing up their belongings to head home when they suddenly realized they were missing something. One of their shovels had disappeared, when suddenly, they look at the ground and this is what they saw.

Funny Epic Fails Funny Epic Fails
u/0011110000110011 via Reddit

Hidden under the asphalt, it must have fallen in when they already laid it down. They tried their best to get it out, but at that point, it was simply too late. Now, all they are left with, is a memory that will last forever (literally). Well, that's the story we're telling ourselves.

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Puzzle In the Streets

Now this one just makes us mad. After all, there had to have been a moment where the workers took a look at this and figured something was wrong. However, once it was the end of the day, there was no more effort left to give. Now, all we're left with is a broken puzzle.

Funny epic fails Funny epic fails
HumanAnomaly via yahoo!news

They didn’t pay attention, though, and set the wrong lid on the hole. To say we're disappointed is an understatement. This didn’t seem to worry them too much as they left it the way it was. But when you look at it from above, it certainly is very obvious. Clearly, the worker wasn’t in the mood to fix it.

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Something Isn’t Right

This seems like an honest mistake, but where the person really didn't finish their job was by not flipping it over. They had to have noticed it as they stood back to assess their work, but instead of taking the time to fix it, they just left it and this was the final product...

Wezzley_Snipes via yahoo!news

They probably felt like the sentiment was the same, and that most people wouldn't even notice that the sign was upside down. This may be true, but it doesn't take a scientist to know that smoke is supposed to rise up. Unfortunately, this was the end product.

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A Little Short

Security is important, and that is why a lot of companies and factories install these gates. However, they only work if they cut off access to the property! That's why it is a little disconcerting that the installer of this piece just went with the kid-size barrier.

funny fails funny fails
keananwedneroth via Pinterest

The installation placement is perfect, but when the worker noticed that the gate wasn’t gonna quite measure up to the job, something should have clicked. We can only assume that they were having a bad day and this job just came at a bad time. We hope somebody fixed it in the end.

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Crosswalk Avant Garde

Typically, the proper placement for a manhole after you are done isn’t really something to worry about. However, when that manhole is part of a crosswalk like this, it can make all the difference in the world. It still does the job, but it definitely throws the whole flow off.

Epic Fail Epic Fail
u/LittleDeadBrain via Reddit

We can only apologize to our friends with OCD and hope that they're not as annoyed with this image as we are. This is just laziness at it's finest. It would have been so easy to fix, but hey, they were probably getting ready for the end of shift or something like that, right?

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Saving the Best

Video games have become a favorite pastime, not only for kids, but also for adults who have grown up on them. When the retailers that specialize in them go to set up a new display, they usually try to make it easy to get to and very interesting.

Funny fails Funny fails
the_unix via yahoo!news

However, the employee given the task this time didn't seem to understand that, or they did and they were just trying to make finding the latest game feel like a little adventure. It's either that, or they were trying to ensure that a copy would still be available for them on payday.

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All Tied Up

The electrical workmen that put this pole up were probably sure that they had done the job right. After all, when checking off the list, the pole was right side up and supported thoroughly with the proper cables, but they weren't quite looking at the whole picture.

Funny epic fails Funny epic fails
u/c_chien via Reddit

Upon further inspection, there were a couple of things that they missed...well, actually, the pole is in the middle of the road and secured to that same road. After the hours it took to complete this job, the workers must have thought they did what they were told and now it's time to go home.

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