Mistaken Identity Text Response

Wrong Number! 29+ Texting Fails That Had a Hilarious Ending


| LAST UPDATE 03/22/2023

By Lily Tipton

We've all experienced the panic and cringe that comes with accidentally sending a text to the wrong number. We've rounded up some of the best text mistakes and responses that the internet has to offer...

Don't Mind if I Do

Sending a text to the wrong number can be an embarrassing mistake, enough to make you extra cautious for a while until you let your guard down and do it all over again. Our best advice is to embrace it.

Funny Wrong Number Text ResponseFunny Wrong Number Text Response
u/laceylou15 via Reddit

Take Fiona, for example. Although she had intended to invite Jim to her barbeque, the universe had other plans. Picking up on the stranger's kind nature, she decided to leap in the direction of adventure and invite the man anyways. Jim was pretty boring anyway; it's a win-win.

An Unforeseen Ending

When Grandma invites you for Thanksgiving dinner, you just go - no questions asked. Even if you're sure it is not the Granny you're related to, it's simply rude to decline. While this guy's response started as a humorous attempt to make the most of this evident texting mistake, things took a serious turn.

Text Fail Wrong NumberText Fail Wrong Number
@jamalhinton12 via Instagram

Back in 2016, Wanda Dench accidentally sent this thanksgiving invitation to a man named Jamal Hilton. Once grandma had provided pictures of herself as proof, Jamal requested that he still attend despite not being the grandson she thought he was. Seven years later, they're as close as can be. Talk about a movie in the making.

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Harsher Than Necessary

An innocent proposal turned sour when this person received this message intended for someone else. While most of us would be happy to receive an invitation to go shopping with a kind stranger, this guy took the whole thing as a personal attack on his character.

Text Fail Wrong NumberText Fail Wrong Number
u/JMK_4530 via Reddit

Upon receiving this mistaken text, the recipient decided to put the sender in her place, letting her know just how mediocre her life activities and goals are. Let's hope the intended recipient handled the invitation with a little more kindness. That's if she has the guts to send it again...

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Some Good Advice

Looking out for his good friend and trying to ensure he didn't end up on the sofa this Valentine's Day, this stand-up guy sent his mate a friendly reminder to buy his girlfriend flowers. Knowing how forgetful his pal can be, this is pretty much life-saving stuff.

Funny Fail Wrong NumberFunny Fail Wrong Number
u/Affectionate_Way8300 via Reddit

Upon realizing he had sent this text to the wrong number, he chose to see the good deed until the end. Rather than retract the good piece of advice, he offered it up to the unknown recipient as a goodwill gesture. Thankfully, it was positively received, and another woman will receive the flowers she deserves.

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Recipe for a Heart Attack

When receiving a message that has clearly been sent by accident, one has three options in front of them. The first is to ignore, hoping the sender will realize their mistake and send on in the right direction. The second is to reply, politely informing them that they have the wrong number.

Text Fail Wrong NumberText Fail Wrong Number
u/lostcoastline44 via Reddit

This guy chose to ignore both these options, deciding to go down path number three and cruelly mess with the sender. Opting to go along with the message, he decided to give this person the fright of their life by pretending they knew precisely what baby they were talking about, yet not knowing its whereabouts. Yikes.

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Go for It, Girl

Our fitness trainers are our guiding forces and leaders through these uncertain times. We allow them to control our food intake and whip our bodies into shape. As far as we're concerned, they always know best, and we must seek their permission if we want to give our bodies a break.

Gym Fails Funny RedditGym Fails Funny Reddit
u/Aggravating-Fox-1466 via Reddit

When this woman wanted to give her glutes a day off, she received the approval she desired but from a different source. Accidentally sending the message to a stranger's phone, he replied in support of the decision she was evidently struggling with. Not sure it stands for much coming from him, but it's a sweet gesture nonetheless.

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A Dramatic Misunderstanding

What do you get when you combine a wrong number text and a digital misunderstanding? This hilarious text exchange is the result, bringing tears to our eyes over its chaotic nature. It all started with an innocent request for a nephew to visit his aunt in order to receive the money he is owed.

Text Fail Wrong NumberText Fail Wrong Number
u/pie-with-a-spoon via Reddit

From then, it took a turn for the worse as it was sent to the wrong number. The recipient chose to do the right thing and inform Aunt Kaz that she had the wrong number for her nephew. Although the wording was meant with the best of intentions, poor Kaz took it a little too literally.

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Cheese Please

Is there anything better than a friend offering to pick something up for you from the store? The joy of receiving the supermarket item you desire without having to get off the couch is one of life's little joys. When this guy mistakenly received an offer as such, he decided to make the most of it.

Funniest Fails Reddit ThreadFunniest Fails Reddit Thread
u/natopotatomusic via Reddit

"Pick me up some goat cheese," he replied, hoping the sender would innocently comply. Unfortunately, the guy immediately realized the error in his ways, informing the cheese lover that he was aware of the mishap. Not willing to back down so quickly, the recipient gave his bid for cheese one more shot. He's going there anyway!!

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That Took a Turn…

When living in the countryside, one can experience all sorts of animals making their way into the backyard, causing all kinds of damage. When a woman complained to her neighbor about a mischievous local deer, he sought to identify the animal in question, checking the CCTV cameras for evidence.

Hilarious Fails Text MessagesHilarious Fails Text Messages
u/Merc_Twain25 via Reddit

Snapping a shot of a deer in the dark, the wannabe detective sent over the photo to his neighbor for confirmation. To his surprise, he received a startling response that he didn't see coming. A murderous deer? Either this town is more dangerous than he thought, or this is a case of a wrong number.

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It's a Whole Toy Story

Considering this man's name is Tom, he knew immediately this text had been sent to him by accident. But before sending a polite return text, he saw the name Andy and sensed an opportunity for some fun. Bored at the office, he decided to be Andy for the day. Not just any Andy, though. He went full Pixar.

Toy Story Funny MemesToy Story Funny Memes
@Isa_Kole via Twitter

Stepping into the shoes of Andy Davis, he imagined how he would have been three Toy Story movies later. His toy friends had moved on to a life of fame and fortune, forgetting their previous kid owner. Despite the pain of the separation, they'll always be happy for each other's successes. They're family, after all.

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Umm, What?

Sometimes, as seen above, there's an open and conspicuous opportunity to have some fun with a mistakenly sent text. Other times, the text sent is so incredibly bizarre that the recipient is left at a loss for words. This message is so confusing; it leaves room for more questions than answers.

Funny Toilet Paper FailsFunny Toilet Paper Fails
@hey_itsmandi via Twitter

How does one spend over $2000 on toilet paper, and more importantly, why? Spending large sums of money on someone else's credit card is a smart method for revenge, but why allocate that money to something as disposable as toilet paper? Is there any context that could make this make sense?

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Sorry, Audrey

With the number of names mentioned in such a short message, only the intended recipient had any chance of understanding its meaning. Still, we can't help but feel invested in this entangled web of drama, wishing only the best for poor, stressed-out Audrey.

Funny Sorority College FailsFunny Sorority College Fails
u/jellybloom17 via Reddit

Thankfully, this person did the right thing, immediately informing the sender it had been sent to the wrong place. In case they didn't believe them, they went as far as to confirm none of the names sounded familiar. Even if he just knew Joyce, would that have helped things? We feel not.

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A Simple Question

Is there anything more annoying than an extended, drawn-out answer to a simple black-and-white question? Yes, there is, and that's one sent by a stranger looking to mess with you. After kindly agreeing to pick up wipes for his friend Bob, this man sent him a quick text to confirm the brand he preferred.

Funny Wrong Number RedditFunny Wrong Number Reddit
@trizard_wizard via Twitter

Expecting nothing more than a one-word response, he was exasperated to see a full, two-sided discussion in his inbox. Making his way to the end, he was even more frustrated to realize it hadn't even been sent by Bob. In fairness to the recipient, he has some good points in there. Worth saving for future reference.

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But Do I?

Whenever one is asked to do a favor, it is essential they ask the crucial questions before agreeing to anything. Matters such as financial compensation and logistics should be cleared up before the deal is sealed to avoid any unforeseen disappointments.

Funny Texting Fail MistakeFunny Texting Fail Mistake
u/MasterpieceWaste23 via Reddit

Although this woman was not the intended recipient, she still felt it necessary to confirm the details of the arrangement. Would she be paid for attending this charity dinner and arranging Catherine's transport? No, it wasn't Wendy, but she'd be willing to pretend for the right price.

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Going With the Flow

A text received mistakenly from a stranger can lead to all sorts of outcomes and opportunities. Sometimes it's nothing more than a good laugh or a funny anecdote. Other times, it can lead to free dinner invitations. Upon receiving this text, this guy sought a more lucrative ending.

Funny Texting Fail ViralFunny Texting Fail Viral
u/Dtarvin via Reddit

He understood who he needed to be in this scenario, so he channeled his inner Joey and went with the flow. Of course, the subject matter was undetermined at this point, but why would someone say they were a debt collector if they weren't? Zorena was sure to fall for it, no?

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Third Times a Charm

We've all heard the phrase, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." Although this lyric can work wonders to incite hard work and determination, we're not quite sure it applies in the space of wrong number texting fails. In this case, Susan has clearly taken this phrase to heart.

Funny Texting Fail PrankFunny Texting Fail Prank
u/Dartainia via Reddit

After texting the phone she thought belonged to Cara, she was disappointed to discover it was not the woman she wanted it to be. With this famous saying going around her head, she did as she was taught and tried again. And again. Finally, she succeeded at getting through to Cara. Was it too good to be true? Yes.

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Calling George Out

One of the critical responsibilities of a friend is to tell them when their partners are misbehaving, even if they may not want to hear it. Even though the person receiving this message was not Diane, she still felt it was necessary to check out the situation regarding this George character.

Funny Christmas Fail ViralFunny Christmas Fail Viral
@ryanggomez via Twitter

Investigating further into the matter of George's apparent absence at Christmas Dinner, this person felt it was in the spirit of 'girl code' to inform this woman that her boyfriend's actions were suspicious. By the looks of the inverted commas, the girl already knows something's up. Oh, George.

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So Close, yet So Far

Although most of us like to think we would never fall for a texting scam, their improved sophistication has increased the difficulty of identifying one. Take this one, for example - a seemingly harmless request to update the delivery address for a package. All that needs to be done is click on the link...

Funny Texting Fail ScamsFunny Texting Fail Scams
u/MasterpieceWaste23 via Reddi

Lucky for this recipient and unlucky for this scamming sender, this text was sent to someone with eagle eyes. Immediately, they noticed the typo, which gave away their dishonest intentions. While most would pat themselves on the back and move on, this guy felt it was important to let him know where he'd gone wrong.

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Grocery List: Denied

When one sends a partner to pick up some groceries from the supermarket, all bets are off on what they will return with. Thankfully, over the years, we have developed a foolproof way of relating the necessary information to them. A black-and-white list in the text means they can constantly check and never lose it.

Funny Viral Prank TextsFunny Viral Prank Texts
u/brookeisshook via Reddit

Carefully noting what she needed, this woman sent the instructions to her husband. However, while she was used to his quick wit and complaints over the chore, his refusal response took it to a new level. Ah, right, it was just a wrong number, she quickly realized. Can't really argue with that.

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ETA, Please

After receiving this text from a mysterious number, this woman just wanted to confirm who it was that was on the way. With all the home intruder stories she had heard, she figured it was worth double-checking the identity of her upcoming houseguest. If it checked out, they were more than welcome.

Funny Texting Fail PranksFunny Texting Fail Pranks
u/Darth_Xenic via Reddit

She returned a simple "who is this" text and waited anxiously. Although this was enough to alert the sender they had mistakenly sent the message, the recipient was still hopeful. Looking forward to the company, she ignored the silent response and checked in on her ETA shortly after. Chances are, she's still waiting.

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Mistaken Identity?

In another example of not believing everything you read on your phone, this man seems to think that this stranger is privy to personal information that is even unknown to him. He had celebrated his birthday all his life on May 6, but if this mysterious text says it's September 12, who is he to say otherwise?

Funny Viral Birthday FailsFunny Viral Birthday Fails
u/BlackMetalGroot via Reddit

Grateful for this life update, this man thanked the sender for the sudden justification to throw a party in his own honor. If the man isn't scared off by the intense use of cap-lock, it's worth asking him what else he knows. His birth mother's name? The name of his future wife? Limitless opportunities.

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Sold to the Highest Bidder

They say everything and everyone has a price, and no one believes this more than this text sender. Rather than shifting through pages of the Facebook marketplace, he figured he'd send an opening text to a stranger and work his way up from there. After all, almost everyone has a TV.

Marketplace Funny Viral Fails Marketplace Funny Viral Fails
u/me.me via Reddit

The 'wrong number' response didn't scare him off. In fact, he expected the guy to play a little hardball when it came to negotiating the price. He was ready and prepared with his opening offer, starting strong at $100. As far as he was concerned, the seller was playing a good game. Alright, he'd go to $150 if he had to.

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Dinner Is Served

Ah, the joy of leftovers. One hour's worth of cooking for a week-long enjoyment is always a good idea. Opening the fridge to see containers and items wrapped up in foil evokes a sense of excitement as we uncover the forgotten goods we put in there earlier. Two minutes in the microwave, and we're good to go.

Wrong Number Best FailsWrong Number Best Fails
u/stayelevated33 via Reddit

As cruel as mistaken texts come, this one ranks pretty high on the scale. The roller coaster of emotions that comes from receiving a text about leftovers, only to realize it was sent by an unknown stranger who doesn't even know where your fridge is. Oh, and there's an endless amount of this spaghetti? It gets worse by the minute.

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Thanks, Papa Gary

Everyone needs a Papa Gary in their life - someone to start the day off right and send them a daily reminder about how loved they are. As sad as this girl was to realize this text was not meant for her, she chose not to focus on the negatives and embrace the opportunity for a new elderly figure in her life.

Grandparent Wrong Number ViralGrandparent Wrong Number Viral
u/ridergeek1 via Reddit

While Papa Gary may not be in the market for a new granddaughter, this receiver is definitely open to adopting a grandfather. In the best-case scenario, they go on to be friends for life; in the worst-case scenario, she tells a random elderly stranger that she loves them. Go big or go home.

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A Teachable Moment

After serious eye contact from across the restaurant, this guy finally plucked up the courage to go and speak to the girl. After successfully striking up a conversation, he proceeded to ask for her number. As soon as he got home, he sent a message her way. "Sup," he wrote after much consideration.

Dating Fails Funny ViralDating Fails Funny Viral
u/letgomygrego via Reddit

Within five minutes, he had fallen victim to the wrong number trick - an age-old practice developed by women uninterested in the man's advances. But all hope was not lost; a kind stranger on the other end saw it fitting to explain where he had gone wrong. 'Too cool for school' is no longer the way to a woman's heart.

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Do We Have a Deal?

Finding a suitable home that ticks all the necessary boxes is an almost impossible challenge in today's market. When this guy mistakenly received this purchase proposal for his house, he decided to test the water a little, seeing how far people would go to get their hands on a home.

Funny Viral Prank RedditFunny Viral Prank Reddit
u/eatingpopcornwithmj via Reddit

Immediately, Nate sensed he had involved himself in some business beyond his realm! He just wanted to buy the home and not get involved in this criminal activity. At the same time, the instructions seemed straightforward enough; perhaps it could all be worth it for the sake of a new home...

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Don't Mess With the Feds

Most of us love the thrill of receiving a text meant for someone else. The endless opportunities to mess with the sender, in return, help to add a sense of excitement to our otherwise mundane lives. This guy chose to ask a random question in response to his mistaken hello.

Viral FBI Government Testing Viral FBI Government Testing
u/berkeleyjake via Reddit

However, almost as soon as he started, he got bored and was ready to move on to bigger and better things. A sure thing to scare these people off for life is to get the government involved. No one wants to mess with the feds so that last text is a guaranteed way to have the last word.

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Host From H*ll

There are all sorts of horror stories about renting a vacation home or Airbnb from a stranger on the internet. From bug-infested kitchens to unwelcome visitors, an array of issues can arise unexpectedly throughout the visit. When this guy arrived at the rental home, he was shocked.

Viral Airbnb Host Fails Viral Airbnb Host Fails
u/WickedLiquid via Reddit

He texted the host, informing him of the terrible state the home had been left in. At first glance, this guest appeared to have gone into business with the Airbnb host from hell. Dig a little deeper, and we discover it's a wrong number recipient with a twisted sense of humor. Here's hoping the actual owner was a little kinder.

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Hurtful but True

Coming in as one of the funnier entries on this list is this short but sweet texting interaction. Realizing how long it had been since she last saw Linda, this woman decided to invite her friend for a fun camping adventure. At one with nature, with no distractions, it'd be the perfect place for them to catch up.

Mistaken Identity Viral TextMistaken Identity Viral Text
u/supercitrusfruit via Reddit

Thankfully, she first sent the invite text to a stranger by accident, which helped her realize the idea was not as concrete as she believed it to be. Pointing out that camping may be a little too intimate for an overdue reunion, she reconfigured the invite. Worth seeing how the hour coffee date goes first.

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Virtual Furry Friends

When it comes to the range of mistaken texts one can receive, it's as wide as can be. From an inappropriate text meant for a loved one to a dangerous confession of a crime, there's really no saying what one can end up reading. One thing that's always welcome is pet pictures.

Funny Dog Fails ViralFunny Dog Fails Viral
u/Saurena via Reddit

Although this dog picture was meant for a friend, there's really nothing for this recipient to complain about. Who doesn't want to wake up in the morning to an adorable pup face in their inbox? Just say thank you and wish them a good day! With any luck, they'll make the same mistake again tomorrow.

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