The Hilarious Reason ‘Wordle’ Is Trending Online


| LAST UPDATE 02/15/2022

By Riley Hammond
wordle game viral tiktok
STEFANI REYNOLDS / Contributor via Getty Images

Wordle - the game that tests not only its users' spelling skills, but also how well they cope with frustration. The word game has become part of the daily routine of the millions of people trying to solve the five-letter puzzle.

The game has even taken up its own space on social media. One TikTok user recently shared a hilarious video that perfectly captures the Wordle experience, and we think the game's addicts might just get a kick out of it. The video, which has been viewed nearly 5 million times, is paired with the funny audio snippet from the YouTube channel Bill Wurtz. In the audio, Bill just can't seem to correctly pronounce the name of a historical island, and it kind of reminds us of how it feels to try guessing the five letters of the popular word game.

@shaeitaintsoo #wordle ♬ screw correct pronunciation - Mely Silva
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In the beginning of the audio, Wurtz is heard saying, "Oh, look who controls all the islands," after which he tries but fails several times to pronounce the old Javanese Hindu empire "Mapajahit." The text over the video is synced with the audio, hilariously reading, "Oh, look who controls all my mornings," referring to the game. The video then goes on to show the word game being played by Shae on the screen. Every incorrect pronunciation of the island's name matches the incorrect guesses the user makes on Wordle. And the faces she makes when she realizes she's not even close to correct are all too relatable. But the good news is that she has her arms raised in victory by the end of the hilarious clip.

wordle viral tiktok funny
NurPhoto / Contributor via Getty Images

The viral TikTok video joins a wave of other internet jokes about the exasperating word game. One funny tweet, posted by author Bess Kalb, joked, "Two years ago I pulled my own child out of my body and placed him on my goddamn chest, but I've never felt as powerful as when I got the Wordle on line 2." In another hilarious tweet, a user shared a clip of the hilarious scene from the comedy film Dumb and Dumber where Harry and Lloyd read a newspaper. Lloyd just can't seem to successfully read the word 'the,' and Harry decides to help him after his second "t...h...e." The caption over the tweet reads, "Me playing Wordle." LOL. Something tells us we'll be hearing about this trending game for a while. Stay tuned!

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