Woman's Hilariously Relatable Post Revealing Her Boyfriend's Side of the Bed Goes Viral

Scarlett Adler

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What does your bedside look like? Maybe you've got a nightstand, stacked with your favorite nighttime reads. Or perhaps there's a quaint little lamp. Whatever it may be, it should be a simple question, right? Think again. Just this week, one woman took to Twitter to share a snap of her boyfriend's side of the bed. And things got messy really quickly...

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"My side of the bed vs. my boyfriend's side of the bed," amused girlfriend, Hanna-Cantrell joked. That's right, go ahead and take a good look at that snap. There's a good chance you're feeling just a little called-out right now. So, we've got to ask: Which one are you?

Are you the side with a quaint little nook, equipped with hand creams, aesthetically pleasing plants, and the latest read? Or perhaps, are you like Hanna's boyfriend. Not that we're judging, of course. After all, you never know when you're going to get the sudden urge to go hit the batting cages. Right?

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Twitter via @hannystyles69

Well, it appears the online world had lots of opinions of their own as well. In fact, it wasn't long before the hilarious tweet went viral, raking in over 50,000 retweets. It also wasn't long before other girlfriends took to the thread to share pictures of their own bedsides. Psst, it was exactly as eye-opening as you expected.

“My side of the bed vs. my dog’s side,” Twitter user @_CeeJay_7 joked. But they weren’t the only ones. “This made me laugh more than it should because look…” another amused user, @SimmiJuss, soon joined in on the fun. We don’t know what we should mention first; The baseball bat or the noise-cancelling air pods. We’re sure his wife (and baby) appreciates that one.

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Twitter via @SimmiJuss

What we're also sure of, is that there's one valuable lesson to be learned here: "No matter what my boyfriends aesthetic is, he is very very good to me," Hanna began. "Do not settle, my fellows... we shall let the simps in, for thee shall protect and honor us."

And on that note, amen.