A Woman's Hilarious Way of Having Her Husband Experience Pregnancy


| LAST UPDATE 03/03/2022

By Kayla Black
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Instagram via @johnettalafond

This one is for all the pregnant mamas out there - and man, do we have a prank for you! Thanks to the genius idea from Johnetta Lafond, we got to watch as her husband hilariously struggled through an average day-in-the-life in the third trimester. And let's just say we're taking notes. Here's a peek inside the LOL-worthy idea...

As a mom of five kids with another one on the way, let's just say that this isn't Johnetta's first rodeo when it comes to pregnancy. But her husband? He's a certified amateur about the ins and outs of third-trimester life. So, the viral content creator decided to strap a watermelon onto his belly so he wouldn't miss out. After all, that's the average weight and size of most babies by the time the due date rolls around! "I wanted him to experience pregnancy..." she shared in the video - but it didn't look like it was Hashim's cup of tea to be exact. The one-minute-long clip showed her inexperienced husband struggle through simple tasks with the extra weight secured to his stomach. And his wife just sat back and enjoyed the show...

funny married couple video
Instagram via @hashimlafond
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From a quick trip to Target to putting on shoes and driving the car, we laughed along with Hashim's pregnant wife as he finally clued into the struggles of pregnant women all around the world. Plus, Johnetta added an extra level to the experience by occasionally slapping the watermelon to stimulate the baby kicking against his bladder. Safe to say that Mr. Lafond wasn't a fan. Plus, he got to experience other highlights of the third trimester, including struggling to fit into clothes, bend down, or even trying to sit down a relax. Experienced mommas couldn't get enough of the clip, sharing their thoughts in the comment section. "This is just a small taste of being pregnant," one person wrote. And the video even got reposted by E! News!

You can check out the funny video for yourself above, and be sure to check back soon for more viral clips trending online!

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