Woman's Attempt at Grooming Her Own Dog Has the Internet in Hysterics

Taran Underwood

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Ever since quarantine took over our lives, we've had to learn how to do just about everything at home. Whether we're making our own banana bread or giving ourselves haircuts, we've certainly learned a whole new appreciation for 'non-essential' businesses. Hermione Olivia learned this the hard way when she tried to groom her dog on her own.

After posting a before and after shot of her four-legged-friend Mash, Hermione had her followers in hysterics with the caption, "Take it from Mash and wait until the professionals are back". In the first image, he looks fluffier than ever. However, the second image revealed a totally different pooch.


She bought a pair of dog clippers when her local groomers closed down because of COVID-19. Olivia figured it would just take a little snip here or there to get Mash looking fresh. However, she soon realized that it wasn't as easy as she thought.

Bored Panda

Oh dear, poor Mash has the same look on his face that any girl would pull when the hairdresser cuts off way too much. Thankfully, his hair has already started to grow back, but it wasn't before giving Hermoine's followers a good laugh.

One user commented: "Don't know what everyone is worried about, he causes a stir in the park: Easter bunny has arrived".