Woman Goes Viral After Hilariously Knocking Out Teeth While Drinking Mimosas


| LAST UPDATE 04/09/2021

By Scarlett Adler
Autumn Cathey, Teeth, Viral
TikTok via @AutumnCathey6

Sure, we've all been there. But let's just say this TikTok user's drinking adventures left her searching for a whole lot more than that bottle of Advil. As a matter of fact, we've got a feeling a pounding headache is officially the least of her concerns...

Autumn Cathey, Viral, Teeth
Instagram via @autumn_m_cathey

It all started when TikTok user @autumncathey6 took to the camera to share her day out on the town with the rest of us. "This is me after four mimosas," the blogger began to explain, as we watched her and her friends down several sugary drinks. What could possibly go wrong, right? Safe to say, a whole lot...

After "I think 6" or 7 mimosas, as Autumn put it, things suddenly took a turn for the worst. Folks, consider this your warning: Drinking and riding is a recipe for disaster. Just ask Cathey, who soon learned the hard way that climbing onto her friend's shoulders while intoxicated was probably not the best idea.

Autumn Cathey, Viral, Mimosa
Instagram via @ac_130_

What happened next was all a blur. But after the camera panned in on Autumn's smiling face, it didn't take long to fill in the missing pieces - or should we say, gaps. The young girl's face was suddenly bloody with what appeared to be several missing teeth. Though, from the looks of it? She didn't seem too bothered.

Autumn Cathey, Viral, Mimosa
TikTok via @AutumnCathey6

Of course, it wasn't long before the hilarious exchange took the online world by storm. People had lots of questions. You know, like, what exactly happened next? Luckily, Autumn soon took to TikTok to set the record straight. "I'M FINE!" she assured. "They put the teeth right back in and put glue across my while upper row of teeth."

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Autumn Cathey, Teeth, Mimosa
TikTok via @AutumnCathey6

We're glad the young girl is fine and back to smiling again! That being said, though, we can probably all learn a thing or two here: One, perhaps keep all fours on the ground next time you plan on drinking. And if by some chance you don't?

Please, don't forget to bring your camera along for the ride...