Woman Goes Viral After Getting Pants’d - by an Escalator


| LAST UPDATE 08/25/2022

By Tabitha Woodcock
viral escalator tiktok trend
Instagram via @robs_real

Let's be honest; we don't think there's much worse than a little public humiliation. It happens. Whether it's our fault or not, it's an embarrassing moment that makes us want to crawl into a hole and hide away forever. For one lady, she had a little malfunctioning interaction with an escalator. Not something we hear or see every day, but it happened, and it wasn't long after that the video went viral! 

Although stepping on an escalator might be simple, it sometimes causes a few difficulties. Once caught off guard, we find ourselves opting to take the stairs for a more leisurely route. Now, there are some rational fears of escalators. This can stretch as far as getting shoelaces stuck in the conveyer belt or stumbling off rather than elegantly gliding off. That being said, elevators are considered safer than escalators due to a history of malfunctions. We never thought we would have to be so careful when going from floor to floor. For one woman, she learned her lesson in choosing an appropriate outfit if she ever had to encounter an escalator! Thankfully, she did not go viral with any painful injuries. Instead, this escalator passenger made the effortless mistake of wearing long flowy pants, which, unfortunately, became caught in the electric staircase, pulling them down!

Viral Escalator TikTok Pants
@akankshamanro via Instagram
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On Tuesday, 23rd August, TikTok user @aine_gero shared a hilarious video of her friend helplessly lying at the bottom of an escalator with her pants caught in the ridges. Thankfully, there were no sad tears - only crying from laughter! She humored the situation and dealt with it pretty well, considering her pants had just been taken from her in a public setting! She even cut herself free from the situation, trimming the edge of her pants. Since the video was shared online, thousands of comments flooded through, praising the woman for her "strength" in that situation. One revealed her fear of escalators, while the video "validated" her feelings. Some users related to the escalator victim, mentioning they had to be in this horrifying scenario, while others addressed the actual dangers of the machinery. Realistically, the situation could have been a lot worse, so the poor girl is going to be okay… besides her pants vs. escalator feud is now on the internet forever.

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So, the lesson learned here is always to look where we are going when stepping onto this free-flowing machine. The dangers of escalators are real, so it's essential not to get caught in these types of situations, no matter how hard we try to laugh ourselves out of it. Stay tuned for more lighthearted fun.

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