Woman Goes Viral After Pranking Train Riders


| LAST UPDATE 01/24/2023

By Lily Tipton
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We honestly thought we'd seen it all. From a woman icing a cake from her seat to a man trying to board a train with his pet pony, the train is a wonderful and entertaining place filled with all sorts of people just doing their thing. These hilarious train moments are often captured by amused fellow passengers, who then post them as viral gold. So it is no surprise that when passengers spotted a woman seemingly levitating on a train in China, another viral moment was made. One glance at this video, and you might be more confused than at the start of this article. Even the Shanghai Metro called the woman demanding an explanation! We will try our best to make sense of this hysterical situation!

Although it may look like this woman is genuinely levitating on the train while innocently typing on her phone, there is a somewhat reasonable explanation behind this seemingly magical act. It has since been revealed that this mysterious Russian woman named Darina is actually an acrobat hanging from the above rail attached by her hair. She explained that she is a performer for the Shanghai Circus and conveniently used this time to practice her act. Oh, she should have just said that...

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For all those inevitably wondering, no, you cannot try this one at home! Thankfully Darina was there to explain why you shouldn't hang yourself from things by just your hair. "I have been practicing this move for half a year. I want to remind everyone that it was a dangerous trick and should not be tried if untrained." Did she really need to say this? Guess you never know what people will do nowadays to become an overnight internet sensation. Huh?

Viral Video Train China
Stephen Chung/LNP via Shutterstock

Frankly, Darina doesn't know what all the fuss is about. Hair hanging is a traditional circus act originating in China. Like Darina's Shanghai Circus crew, performers wrap their hair around a hanging clip and ensure the weight of their bodies is evenly distributed across their scalp. The audience watch in amazement as these performers carry out traditional acrobatic movements while suspended. We recommend heading to the circus to catch a glimpse of this act live in action as it's not every day you'll catch this act on the train for free! Still, it goes without saying, keep your eyes peeled! Oh, and your hair firmly around your neck, folks!

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