Woman Marries Herself As A Birthday Gift

Taran Underwood

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They say it's the greatest skill you can learn, the art of loving yourself. A woman celebrating her 36th birthday gave herself the ultimate gift and every little girls dream, a perfect wedding. In an unorthodox ceremony, Michele Plum decided to celebrate her marriage and commitment to herself throughout her years of being single.

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Michele Plum had passed many occasions where her friends were either getting married or having children. When her 36th birthday arrived, she wanted to celebrate her independence. Mrs. Michele's aim was to show everyone that although she is still unhitched, she is a strong and independent woman.

Once she found the perfect dress, she told her family and friends to come in their "bridesmaid dresses, own wedding dress, cheesy suit’ or ‘whatever’ for her celebrations on August 17.

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A video on Kennedy News and Media showed Michelle running around the streets with confidence and charm in her wedding dress and her bridesmaids following behind. She felt that since she spent her 20's being single, by the time she reached 36, she decided to show her loved ones that she never needed to be married in the first place and that she was perfectly happy on her own.

This was mainly important for her daughter. She wanted to show her that being a strong, independent woman is something to celebrate.

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In the invitation for the upcoming ‘wedding,’ Michele congratulated herself for ‘making it all this way without marrying anyone,’ adding: ‘Seeing as I have no intentions to do so for real, I want to have a wedding’.

In the end, Michele described this birthday to be ‘the sort of wedding [she’s] always dreamed of,’. Just like a real wedding, she spent the night eating, drinking dancing and post matching with some good takeout.