Woman is left Horrified After her Goldfish Turned Into a "Monster" and Ate his Tank Mates

Taran Underwood

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Getting a pet fish always seems like a good idea in the beginning. However, maintaining a functional aquarium goes far beyond grabbing a cute goldfish at the pet store. Alexandria Miller learned that the hard way when her little goldfish, Gerald, went and snacked on all his roommates, causing chaos in the tank.

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Alexandria figured that little Gerald would be a harmless edition to add her happy tank. After she won him at a carnival, she placed him in the aquarium and didn't think much of it until she noticed that each day, Gerald was getting bigger and bigger.

When he reached the size of the tank, Miller had to get an upgrade which cost her £1,000 ($1,300) to replace. "When I first got him, he was in a plastic bag and was just under two inches," Alexandria said.

"He just looked like your regular goldfish and I thought they grew to their environment so I was expecting him to just stop growing but within a month of me having him he was already getting bigger."

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It turns out that Gerald the Goldfish also has quite a big personality to go with his big body. "He does lay around a lot but it seems when he's bored or hungry, he jumps out of the water and likes to grabs the thermometer inside his tank," she continued.

"He'll click it against the glass till he's got our attention - he's food motivated but can be calm until he's hungry," she added.

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Miller also noticed that since Gerald got bigger, there's only room for one fish in the tank. He eats any guppy that's smaller than him or in his way. Alexandria believes that this is only the beginning when it comes to their 2-year-old monster. She said: "Some people think he's stopped growing but I'm not convinced.