Woman Hilariously Smuggles Samoyed on NYC Subway


| LAST UPDATE 04/06/2023

By Riley Hammond
littlebearlumi dog NYC backpack
Instagram via @littlebearlumi

Jackie Hornung has gone viral on social media, particularly TikTok, for carrying her large white Samoyed dog, Lumi, around in a backpack. Her videos have gone so viral that even dogs in other parts of the world are howling with laughter!

When asked why she did this, Jackie explained that the rule dictated that dogs must be in bags on the NYC subway, so what else was she supposed to do? The now-famous video shows Jackie entering the subway with a green hiking backpack, with Lumi's bright white head popping out of the side, looking just like a cute doggie alien. He's at least 55 pounds, which is like carrying a small child on her back! Jackie confirmed that Lumi loves being carried in his K9 sports sack, and given the attention he gets from other passengers with constant pets and scratches, it's hardly surprising. Jackie also dismissed concerns of whether Lumi's paws or legs get squished in the backpack, saying that the backpack is spacious enough and has a good platform at the bottom for him to sit naturally.

littlebearlumi hilarious dog video
Instagram via @littlebearlumi
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According to the Cornell University website, the New York law states that an animal must be in a container and carried in a manner that would not annoy other passengers. Doesn't a big white dog sticking its head out of a backpack annoy other passengers? Yet, pet owners have always found a way to beat the system, and Jackie is just one of many who have carried their dogs in handbags, gym bags, and even Ikea bags with holes cut out for their legs!

@littlebearlumi Replying to @mjaucrame Big dawg. Big backpack 🎒 #fyp #dog #puppy #samoyed #nyc #funnydog ♬ Collide (more sped up) - Justine Skye

In short, Jackie's smuggling of Lumi is no different from the "Ikea dog" or "handbag dog". It's just a pet-loving New Yorker's way of asserting her right to companionship. If you think about it, though, it's a little weird that her furry companion is sitting, unenclosed, on her back like it's some sort of "dog in a backpack" fashion statement. But the good news is that Lumi is taking it all in stride, and even enjoys sightseeing in iconic locations like the Grand Central Station and Central Park. So kudos to Jackie for being the ultimate pet parent and defying the norm, one subway ride at a time.

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