This Woman Set Up Her Office at Universal Studios


| LAST UPDATE 01/11/2022

By Kayla Black
office space universal studios
Twitter via @CarlyCaramanna

Thanks to the pandemic, many of us have gotten pretty creative when it comes to our workspace. From make-shift offices to camping out at coffee shops, there have been tons of unique solutions used by millions. But safe to say that this is the funniest and most creative one we've heard of so far! Meet Carly Caramanna, the writer who took her love of theme parks to a new level.

The freelance writer has shared her work with Business Insider, USA Today, Parents Magazine, and more - and she has been making waves not just for her writing, but for her unorthodox choice of office space. "In 2020, I decided to turn an amusement park into my workspace," she shared in her Insider article. "Once I realized an annual pass at Universal Studios cost less than one month of my office space's rent and was much more fun, there was no turning back." So let's take a look at what makes a typical day grinding away at one of America's largest theme parks so special!

working remotely amusement park
Twitter via @CarlyCaramanna
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"I was immediately surprised by the number of outdoor and indoor working spaces," she continued to explain. "Since I work well in more lively settings, I usually found myself outside. One of my favorite spots was the cozy Parisian Courtyard, which is adorned with string lights and outfitted with European Old World Charm." But aesthetic aside, there was another key element to working at the park that filled Carly with laughter: her officemates! "My favorite part of working in the parks was getting to interact with the roaming characters, like Beetlejuice, Frankenstein, and Dracula," the writer shared of her funny antics.

Feel inspired to try the same? Well, we can't blame you. Carly's life as a resident writer at Universal Studios has filled her social media with hilarious anecdotes and also helpful tips for those wanting to give it a go for themselves. From dining discounts to helpful hacks to shave off the odd dollar here and there, Carly's experience has shown that work can be a whole lot more fun if you're willing to relocate to your local amusement park. Check back for more funny stories trending across the internet!

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