These Wholesome Reactions to Parents Dancing Are Going Viral


| LAST UPDATE 11/20/2022

By Arianna Morgan
Love Story TikTok trend
@maddibaby18 via Instagram

This might be the most adorable TikTok trend to date, and we are totally loving every moment of it! There's nothing more wholesome than a child's love for their momma and a momma's love for their baby - and in this TikTok trend, we're seeing how pure that love really is. Let's take a closer look.

Parenting can be tough, but there is nothing like seeing your little one light up with joy, and this latest trend is just making our hearts melt. The premise is simple for this one: the parent asks their child to record them dancing to Love Story by Taylor swift, but instead of having the camera pointed at them dancing, without them knowing, the camera is actually front facing recording their children's hilarious and sweet reactions. 

love story taylor swift tiktok
Instagram via @britwkent
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Parents around the world are sharing their take on the viral trend, and each video is more adorable than the next - if it's even possible! One mom, Madison Chavez, shared her short clip of the trend to TikTok and quickly gained over 9 million likes and nearly 64 thousand comments, and we can totally understand why! She captioned her video, "Why am I bawling at this trend?! He's SO CUTE." In the video, we see Chavez doing a silly dance while her son films her, and then a few seconds in, we see her little boy's reaction, watching her with such love, his face literally lights up, and his eyes even start tearing up! *cue the tears.* One of the best parts of this trend is the enthusiastic and heartfelt comments. One commenter on the video wrote, "The way he looks at you, you are loved mummy," while another said, "His reaction is priceless. A boy that's in love with his mama." One even admitted, "I would love to have kids because of this trend!" 

@thechavezfamilyy The end 😭😭 why am I bawling at this trend?! He’s SO CUTE #momsoftiktok #momtok #toddlersoftiktok ♬ Love Story (Taylor’s Version) - Taylor Swift

Dads decided they needed some of this love too, and soon opted to join the mommas on this one. "Had to jump on the trend! Love this beautiful girl," @rdurbs wrote, as his little girl literally beams with love watching dad dance along to Swift's music. We're not crying; you're crying.

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