29+ Wholesome Animals That Made Social Media Users LOL


| LAST UPDATE 08/30/2023

By Evelyn Martinez

Animals are a source of endless entertainment, and these funny animal pictures are no exception. From hilarious facial expressions to awkward poses, these pics will have you laughing out loud. Here's why.

Safety First!

Some dogs like to feel like they are flying by popping their head out the window and letting their tongue fly back in the wind. However, this baby pup isn’t ready yet to squeeze his head out.

@contextdogs via X

Even though the seat belt doesn’t fit perfectly on the puppy’s tiny frame, his owner looks so happy to see him safe that we figure he should be okay. This puppy should be more worried that his owner will be more focused on watching him and that he won’t be able to keep his eyes on the road.

Sausage Inside a Roll

Who doesn’t love a dog in a roll? Oh, yes, the plate of food is delicious, but that’s obviously not what we’re talking about. And who could talk about anything else when this irresistible doggy is looking back at us? It almost looks like the dog is scared his owner might actually eat him, but who could blame the owner.

@contextdogs via X

Trick question for the dog lovers out there: Would you send your chili dog order back if you received this adorable snack instead? Any real dog lover would give this establishment a five-star review and recommend that the business be given three Michelin stars. And if you would, send him our way.

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Colorful Upgrade

It’s no secret dogs hate the Elizabethan collar, aptly named after Queen Elizabeth I of Great Britain, but more commonly known as ‘the cone of shame.’ Sadly, this protective headgear is like wearing a neck brace 24/7, and baby pups naturally try to chew it off to free themselves of the brace.

Dog Cone Cute HilariousDog Cone Cute Hilarious
porkitgiraffe via Reddit

This owner, on the other hand, got very creative with it. The owner decided to switch things up because his baby dog was giving him sad eyes and pleas to remove the collar. Knowing his pup needed something around his neck to protect it, he grabbed a colorful pillow and voilà! The puppy even looks happier with his new accessory. 

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A Donkey is a Man's Best Friend

Animals really are man’s best friend, and while this quote is generally about dogs, who said we are not allowed to extend that to donkeys, too? If Shrek can have his own one, we should be able to get donkeys, too. Not to discount the efforts of other donkeys, but this donkey is particularly special. 

Donkey Friend Sweet FunnyDonkey Friend Sweet Funny
BarefootUnicorn via Reddit

When a fire ravaged a small town in the South a few years ago, this donkey, perfectly named Dennis, was separated from his owner. When they finally found each other, this adorable picture captured their reunion moment. Is it possible to give TIME’s Person of the Year to a donkey?

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Doggy's Donut

Not only are pillows an excellent investment for any dog owner to improve the quality of their pup’s joints, but if you can find one as cute as this owner’s investment, there’s a double whammy in store. The owner revealed that the recent purchase was placed on his dog twenty minutes prior, and now he won’t let him take it off. 

Hilarious Dog Pillow LaughHilarious Dog Pillow Laugh
@briellewestwood via X

We are just intrigued as to why the owner would ever want to take his donut off him. Like every human has rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, so does this dog. Even lying on the tile ground, this dog looks so happy with his new toy. And can you blame him? 24/7 comfort doesn’t sound too bad?

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A Queen Rides Into Battle

Forget Braveheart and The Lord of the Rings; have you seen Bravecat and The Lord of the Cats? There is genuinely nothing more dangerous than a cat on a mission. And this feline Queen rides into battle, head held high and with no intention of returning home to her family without a win. 

Cat Riding Horse FunnyCat Riding Horse Funny
@rc1honda via Imgur

Like any cat, this queenly figure emulates her own actions of her owner. She noticed her siblings riding the playhorse and, naturally, decided it was her turn to have a go. It is unknown if she returned from her cavalry battle with a win under her collar, but we hope her siblings don’t play with swords for her family's sake.

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A Day at the Spa

Humans are not the only ones who love a bath to wind down after a long or stressful day. Another mammal breed appreciates it even more than we do. As it turns out, bears love a good splash in a pond. Even though this grizzly creature doesn’t look like he’s having fun, we bet he’s smiling on the inside.

Bear Spa Strange AnimalsBear Spa Strange Animals
ZekouCafe via Reddit

One volunteer at a bear refuge in the Croatian mountains was pleasantly surprised to discover a bear balancing the summer heat with a soak and splash in the spa. Wait until they find out the volunteers are expected to perform a mani-pedi and massage for the bears, too.

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A Thief in the Night

Marvel’s Guardian of the Galaxy volumes seem to create a lasting impression on people. Did we say people? What we meant to say was raccoons. Who knew Rocket could inspire a whole breed to rise up against humans. Either way, we wouldn’t put it past the notoriously cheeky animals to thieve their way to food.

Strange Funny Raccoon ThiefStrange Funny Raccoon Thief
JohanKaramazov via Reddit

This suspected thief was discovered outside the photo capturer’s apartment, standing on two feet, looking like he was ready to raid. Should we discount that this particular raccoon was subjected to experiments and given awareness? Or perhaps this mischievous-looking creature is Rocket himself.

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Pretty Pup

The ultimate showdown of cuteness has always been between two fierce fighters: adorable newborn babies smiling and scrumptious puppies wearing human accessories. With many visual examples of both reigning supreme, the following photo gives puppies a slight edge over newborns. 

Flower Puppy Adorable PrettyFlower Puppy Adorable Pretty
@wholesomepets via X

This particular puppy wins this battle, given his enormous smile from the little flower behind his ear. So, for now, at least, until one baby mom shares a picture of her baby smiling with flowers in their hair to end the war for the cutest picture subject: babies - 0 and puppies - 1.

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Friendly Little Kid

Kids love nothing more than to follow adults around and emulate their movements and actions. However, that’s not the kid you are probably thinking of. We’re talking about baby goats. Have you ever been taking a stroll and noticed a friendly goat following you around? We’re betting not.

Goat Follows Man NeighborhoodGoat Follows Man Neighborhood
Fuzzie8 via Reddit

One lucky man was walking home from work one afternoon when he noticed a little goat trailing behind him. Rather than resisting the kid’s fascination with him, he picked the little guy up and cradled him like a baby. From the grin on the goat’s face, we think his plan panned out exactly as intended.

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Outdoor stair rugs or a series of identically laid cats; there is no real way of knowing. Did the owner of these cats organize their felines to create synonymity? And if so, how did they even get their cats to listen to them? Also, do we pet the cats from top to bottom or bottom to top? 

Cats Copying Kittens StrangeCats Copying Kittens Strange
@weirdlilguys via X

We also want to know the reason behind the mysterious order and hierarchy. And who is copying who? Who started the chain? There are so many questions left unanswered. Perhaps that is what the cats wanted, to confuse humanity and to rule like they once did in Ancient Egyptian.

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Hamster Mug

There are animals that mankind should never attempt to domesticate. Some animals threaten humans so much that law enforcement has been compelled to take action. It may surprise you, but you should be wary of the hamster. This breed of rodent is small, sly, and dangerously cute.

Animal Mugshot Hamster LaughAnimal Mugshot Hamster Laugh
@shouldhaveanima via X

One particular cutie was incriminated for his devilish actions. Police were aware of his threat to society, and knew he should not be able to roam freely or lest he destabilize societal structures with his menacing edibility. Thankfully, the culprit was brought in for questioning and no longer poses as significant a threat.

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Watching the World Burn

If you believe it, the Joker and baby kittens have much in common; they just want to watch the world burn. Well, not really. But sometimes cats can’t help but set things on fire and watch a scene of chaos play out without any concern. And this tiny kitten did just that.

@weirdlilguys via X

As a pan strikes into flames and rains terror on some poor unseen cat owner, this kitten watches on in quiet horror, or is it joy? Is the cat terrified, or does he relish the mayhem of the flame? His face bears so much intrigue it could be likened to that of a baby discovering their mom does return after peek-a-boo.

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Secret Menu Item

You may get some prickles caught in your throat, but who would ever complain if they received this fluffy spike ball. Starbucks would surely see a rise in sales if they introduced this on their menu. We know what we would choose if it’s between a Pumpkin Spice Latte and the Prickly Porkee Supreme. 

Porcupine Drink Pet FunnyPorcupine Drink Pet Funny
@shouldhaveanima via X

Porcupines may not be able to see very well. Still, considering we are the ones who get the delight of looking upon this adorable creature, it’s no worry that he can’t see how delicious he is. Porkees also have a fantastic sense of smell, so turning him into a drink was economical for his owner.

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Cat on Dog Inaction

Is there anything purer than two different animals living peacefully with each other? Especially when these two furry creatures are affectionate and snuggly. While cats are generally not fond of the canine breed, this baby kitten has not needed long to learn to love his sibling.

Cat Lying Dog AdorableCat Lying Dog Adorable
@weirdlilguys via X

The kitten’s big brother may not even know their little sibling is on them, given the kitten looks like he weighs no more than a few pounds. We can’t blame the kitten for falling asleep in the comfort of his big sibling’s fur; it looks cuddly. Is there room for a human-sized third?

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Toad Tranquility

One day, his princess will come and break him from his spell. However, until then, this little frog doesn’t seem too unhappy with his relaxed lifestyle. Even though, in Princess and the Frog, Tiana says the frog has a “warty complexion,” this little dude is cleaner than most humans with his bath routine.

Frog Spa Strange AnimalFrog Spa Strange Animal

The green cutie’s bathtub is adorned with gold plating; he even has an adorable shampoo cap. This little froggy is the perfect alarm if you need your daily reminder to run yourself a self-love bath. Is it possible the frog is even more glamorous than us regular old plebs? 

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A Tale of Dreams Coming True

Have you ever looked at your pet and wondered what they were thinking or dreaming about when they dozed off? Well, if you are a lucky cat owner, about 90% of the time, this is it. Just piles upon piles of food ready for consumption. And what a dream that is; who doesn’t dream about food?

Kitten Food Pic FunnyKitten Food Pic Funny
@weirdlilguys via X

Even the kitty himself can’t believe his luck. Is his mouth wide from shock, or is he about to take his first bite of heaven? For the kitten’s sake, we hope his owner didn’t let him eat too much, given there’s enough food to feed a whole litter and the next generation’s litter.

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A Familiar Scene

A dream within a dream within a dream, more like a pillow with a pillow with a pillow. This is a promotional piece for Christopher Nolan’s upcoming feature, Dogception. Set for release thirty dog years from now, the film will star Leonardo DiBarkio and be screened as a double feature alongside The Dogfather.

Dog Pillow Funny IdenticalDog Pillow Funny Identical
HotMonkeyButter via Reddit

Okay, we’ll stop. But only if you see The Barkshank Redemption. While this doggy, Bob, is the perfect accessory subject for his parent’s furniture, he looks terrified. We’re just wondering how Bob doesn’t shed his fur all over the bright red couch. Then again, that’s probably part of why his parents love Bob so much.

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Happy Hedgehog

Hedgehogs do not have a good poker face. In fact, not only do their faces give away their feelings quickly, but their quills are also a dead giveaway. If they are frightened, their spikes will spring up, and if they’re happy, they will relax and be soft enough to snuggle. So we can make an informed decision about Mr Pokee.

Porcupine Smiling Cute FunnyPorcupine Smiling Cute Funny
@mr.pokee via Instagram

His visible delight and calm quills are making us giddy. For a nocturnal animal, he looks unbelievably thrilled to be outside in the sun. Or it could be attributed to the delectable smell of flowers that hedgehogs are known to love. Either way, we’ll have whatever he’s having.

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No Comfort Like a Croc

Whether in sports or comfort mode, Crocs are definitely the most comfortable shoes known to mankind. We even have a patented (don’t even think about) business proposal for the shoe company; Crocs for dogs. Weirdly, they won’t answer any of our emails. Suppose it’s their loss?

Dog Sleeping Croc ViralDog Sleeping Croc Viral
just4mydogpics via Reddit

No one could accuse Crocs of being the sexiest shoes, but the comfort appeals to wearers. And this dog can only agree. While the shoes are usually for one’s feet, the creativity of this pup knows no bounds. We can’t exactly blame the little canine, but we can blame the owner for his taste in patterns.

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A Cat Never Forgets

Although cats don’t generally need companions to be happy, some kitties just can’t help themselves. This particularly furry ball of grief misses his sister and sits in front of her picture for half an hour every day. While many cats prefer to be alone, this cat just wants his friend back.

Cat Funny Pics LaughCat Funny Pics Laugh
Jaxteller91 via Reddit

There is evidence that cats can notice the absence and feel longing for a particular person or, in this case, a fellow kitty. Like the owner of the mourning cat said, animals are similar to humans. Just like silly old humans, cats miss their companions. And we’re betting this cat’s sister was a special one.

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Pup With a Profession

Who doesn’t love a brisk walk on the beach? Well, no one loves it more than smiley little Bailey here. However, this particular doggy bears a unique talent for meteorology: the ability to discern the weather. See, there is a high chance of strong winds whenever Bailey’s ears are spread wide for utilization. 

Dog Ears Funny LaughDog Ears Funny Laugh
dog_rates via X

Meteorologists around the globe are fearful for their careers in the industry. With a weather-determining talent such as Bailey, serious precautions must be taken to ensure only a few people lose their jobs. While this puppy looks more like Dumbo than a dog, don’t let her adorable smile deceive you. 

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Fellow Lover of Cats

Cats love to make sure we know they could abandon us at the drop of a hat if they wished. And with another cat lover in the neighborhood, this little feline could desert its owner. Luckily, the owner of this kissable will be able to track down the red-lipped cheekster pretty easily.

Cat Kisses Hilarious PhotoCat Kisses Hilarious Photo
Nabo92 via Reddit

It’s not the amount of kisses that surprises us; it’s the amount of lipstick this cat lover appears to be wearing. It seems like the kisser had an endless supply of lipstick, or she re-applied a layer after every smooch. Perhaps the culprit purposefully planted the kisses to plant their territory on the little cat.

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Work Hard, Play Hard

When one dog works hard, another dog always fools around like the goofball they are. But these dogs aren’t just domestic dogs; they are dogs with day jobs and a mission to execute. In the freezing snow, these dogs must carry their owner on a sled to get him where he needs to be.

Snow Dogs Funny PlayingSnow Dogs Funny Playing
MoonieNine via Reddit

The owner described the playful puppy as a “flat tire.” But did the owner check he didn’t have his foot on the brake pedal? Or maybe his indicator was on, and the doggy was delivering on his navigating duties. The still functional dog looks at his sibling with disapproval, but we’d still give him lots of belly rubs.

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Kitten Choke Hold

While this owner believes they have “been taken hostage,” we reckon this is the dream hostage situation for any cat-lover. The problem could be positive if he can still breathe with the gorgeous fur balls wrapped around his neck. They might just be the cutest kidnappers we have ever seen.

Cats Funny Photo WeirdCats Funny Photo Weird
BeastMind via Reddit

We believe this is a fake plea for help; he looks just as comfortable as the cats. While we jest, kitten kidnappers in comfort are no joke. If he moves even an inch, he may be attacked by some of the fiercest nails known to the kitten kingdom. We can only hope he made it out unscathed.

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Convincing Camouflage

Some dogs are masters of deception; their paws can be quiet, their frame slender so they can move quickly, efficiently, and without a trace. They can hide behind thin objects and never be spotted. They are the Where’s Wally of canines. However, this next doggy is certainly not that. 

Dog Hiding Funny PhotoDog Hiding Funny Photo
@dog_rates via X

With a name like Buehrle (pronounced burly, basically meaning well-built and robust), no one would expect this dog to be an animal that can easily disguise itself. One X user described Buehrle as a “John Cena cosplay,” and it’s not hard to see why. He's a big boy; as much as he tries, he won’t be easily concealable anytime soon.

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Look Dad, I’m Flying!

It’s not only humans that will climb high surfaces and defy all odds for the best views in the world. Animals crave the sensation just as much, if not more, within their own capabilities. While cats aren’t generally considered adventure animals, when has anything ever stopped a cat from doing what they want?

Flying Cat Funny ViralFlying Cat Funny Viral
@weirdlilguys via X

While his owner is hard at work, the cat supervises his work and ensures his father keeps up with his workflow. Either that or the view from the top of his owner’s chair is too good to miss. With his little pooch perched over the seat, he dreams of the day he can fly beyond the window he looks out of.

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He Needs It Most

Accessibility to public transport is an absolute necessity for any major city; everyone should be able to travel easily around their city. There are always a handful of obnoxious kids or rude passengers who like to take up accessible seating for themselves, even when someone needs it more.

Dog Adorable Funny TikTokDog Adorable Funny TikTok
@dog_rates via X

However, there are some exceptions we can make to these rules. One very sleepy puppy may have taken another person’s spot on the train. Still, we think he probably needed it more anyway. If you see this puppy sleeping, you better be wearing sneakers suitable for standing. 

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Intellectual Feline

Cats have long been considered one of the most intelligent creatures on the planet. With excellent short-term memory, quick evaluation of moods, and one of the most complex animal brains on the planet, it’s no surprise the Ancient Egyptians idolized these furry little cuties. 

Cat Animal Glasses FunnyCat Animal Glasses Funny
PhoneJazz via Reddit

This cat wanted to use her wit and get a well-needed pair of reading glasses to obtain her Ph.D. and Doctorate in Adorable Cat Studies. Her only problem is deciding which color she should get. Choosing between the green and orange shades is undoubtedly a challenging task.

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Pantsless Puss

Much to the chagrin of any lover of furry pets, every pet needs a good shave every few months. A reliable animal groomer must be found to get the best quality of care possible for an owner. Finding someone we can trust with our pets is challenging, and some owners are forced to trial and error with what they like.

King Bumi The Cat via Reddit

However, sometimes, it’s not so much that the groomer did a lousy job; they just confused the order. It looks like this cat owner asked for their feline to be shaved by half. Naturally, the groomer heard half-shaved and got to work. We reckon the owner might need to clarify what they want half-shaved next time.

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