Who Brought Home the Gold at This Year's Hilarious 'Comedy Wildlife Photography Competition?'

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Tom Mangelsen via Comedy Wildlife Photography

Not all heroes wear capes, folks. In fact, ours boasts shells and whiskers and have officially just given our Instagram feeds a run for our money. That's right, we're talking about the Comedy Wildlife Photography Competition and the hilarious pictures that come with it. You're gonna want to see this...

Monkeys, Comedy
Yevhen Samuchenko via Comedy Wildlife Photography

But before we break down this year's superstars, let's start at the very beginning: what, exactly, is this competition, and how did these little guys make it to our screens?

Damselfly, Comedy
Tim Hearn via Comedy Wildlife Photography

It all started back in 2015 when Tom Sullam and Paul Joynson-Hick began their search for "Great photography that has captured a wild animal doing something so funny that makes us snort into our cup of tea," as the New Zealand Herald reported; And well, something tells us these snaps are about to do just that. You've been warned.

Seal, Comedy
Sue Hollis via Comedy Wildlife Photography

Meet 2020's 'highly commendable winner,' otherwise known as the most zen sea-lion you'll ever meet. Yes, he's still breathing, and no, we also didn't know these creatures could put our Shavasana to shame. "Guess they need to get their Zen as well," as photographer, Sue Hollis put it.

Fish, Comedy
Arthur Telle Thiemenn via Comedy Wildlife Photography

So we've already met Smiley the parrotfish (above) and suave 4-legged motorcyclists, which means you already know the competition this year was stiff; So what legend managed to bring home the gold at this year's competition?

Turtle, Comedy
Mark Fitzpatrick via Comedy Wildlife Photography

Terry the Turtle, of course. Our underwater gangster was spotted prancing around the Great Barrier Reef when this gem of a picture was taken; And, well, we don't know about you guys, but something tells us he dominates those waters. Seriously, don't get on his bad side.

Sea Elephant, Comedy
Luis Burgueño via Comedy Wildlife Photography

Well, there you have it. From lounging sea-lions to sassy sea-turtles, these wild animals have just called our pets basic, and we don't know if we're more amused or ashamed here. All jokes aside, stay tuned for next year's competition. We hear Terry the Turtle is already preparing.