"Where's Waldo?" 29+ Brain Teasers That'll Have You Doing a Double Take


| LAST UPDATE 08/17/2021

By Scarlett Adler

How good are your detective skills? Yes, you might own all of those Sherlock Holmes films on Blueray, but exactly how well do your eyes measure up when presented with brain teasers like these? From hidden gadgets to "invisible men," you're about to be doing a whole lot of double takes...

The Unwanted Hitchhiker

Road trips are just the best, aren't they? I mean, just look at these happy travelers, driving with the windows down and not a care in the world... Except maybe they should be concerned. In fact, once you see it, something tells us you'll be very happy you're not the ones behind the wheel.

Van, Where's WaldoVan, Where's Waldo
Instagram via @ jacobhestonvibes

"It's all van-life and wanderlust... until you spot Slender Man in the distance (this actually happened)," Instagram user, @bryanhynes_ shared. You were probably too mesmerized by the dreamy scenery to notice the mysterious man in the back, but it looks like so were our riders. Let's just hope they're stocked up on gas.

"The Human Chameleon"

One look at that picture, and it's suddenly like we've just stepped into rainbow heaven. With captivating contrasts and bright neons, one's got to wonder what artist is behind these remarkable pieces, literally. Are you picking up what we're putting out here?

Painting, Where's Waldo Painting, Where's Waldo
Klein Sun Gallery via Liu Bolin

Meet Liu Bolin, otherwise known as "the human chameleon." Taking up to 10 hours at a time, the painting mastermind camouflages himself into his artwork, dubbed "Hiding in the City." If you ask us? Let's call it "Vanishing in the City," considering it took us much longer than we'd like to admit, to spot his shadowy figure in the center.

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The Spotted Snow Angel

One look at that winter wonderland, and it's like we've just stepped back in time. You know, back to the good ol' days, before our snow days consisted of shoveling and shocking heating bills. But we aren't the only ones who enjoyed playing around in the snow. Do you see him yet?

Snow Leopard, Where's WaldoSnow Leopard, Where's Waldo
Pinterest via Jutta

Don't worry, we also had a tricky time with this one. Allow us to help you out here. Go ahead and take a good look at the central/upper left corner of the dreamy mountainside. If you still haven't spotted our sneaky snow leopard, well, we really don't know what else to tell ya.

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The Barking Teddy Bear

Go ahead and take a minute to digest the cuteness that is this next picture. We know, it's overwhelming. On the bright side, all of this can be yours if you've got a few bucks to spare and a house free of furry friends, eager to snack on their latest (don't worry, non-breathing), victims.

Dog, Where's WaldoDog, Where's Waldo
Facebook via Boo

We're not sure if our little guy in the middle is planning on doing just that, or thinks he's just found his long lost cousins. Either way, does it even matter? I mean, the only one who should be concerned right now is the one behind this camera, who's most likely about to witness a cotton blood-bath.

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Mary Had a Little...

Whether you've been to college or not, there's a good chance you already know just how brutal those Sunday mornings are. But, hey, if it makes you feel any better, you're not the only one struggling to get out of bed after "one" too many tequilas the night before. That's right, take another good look at that classroom.

Goat, Where's WaldoGoat, Where's Waldo
Pinterest via Blue__

If you don't see our little guy yet, it's okay, something tells us he's trying to stay under the radar. Then again, maybe that's because he's just realized he's not in Kansas anymore. We wonder which one of our students the adorable little goat, hiding under that desk in the back, belongs to. Ahem, Mary, we're talking to you.

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'Find My iPhone'

While our next picture might not feature any lovable, little farm animals, you're probably going to be staring at this one for a long time. So, why don't we just cut to the chase and tell you what you're looking at, exactly. Or better yet, what you're supposed to be looking for: yet another lost iPhone.

Phone, Where's WaldoPhone, Where's Waldo
Insider via Facebook via Jeya May Cruz Estigoy

"Let's play a game," a Facebook user posted back in 2016. "Look for the cellphone." Well, can you find it? For those of you who've lost your own phone more times than you could even count, this is probably bringing back some, um, unpleasant memories. Allow us to ease your pain: top right corner, next to that table's leg.

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Peeping Tom Teddy

We don't know about you guys, but one look at that room, and well, we've never wanted to sit back and do nothing all day, more. I mean, just look at that dangerous recliner. The minute you'd hit that dreamy cushion, you know you'd never be getting up - except, you would, the minute you spotted the room's creeping guest.

Dog, Where's WaldoDog, Where's Waldo
Instagram via @ gracey.goldendoodle

Have you found him yet? Who's going to tell the little guy that next time he wants to go unnoticed, a sheer curtain might not make the best cover. Nonetheless, we'd love to know what's got the poor pup so frightened. Bath time? Vicious mailman approaching outside? Perhaps we'll never know...

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The Ringing Tree

Don't you just love the great outdoors? In a world where iPhones and Netflix hijack (lots of) our free time, it's always nice to take our eyes off our screens for some fresh air. Only these trees might not be the best spot for your next jog. Or afternoon picnic.

Cell Phone Tower Tree, Where's WaldoCell Phone Tower Tree, Where's Waldo
Darren McCollester via Getty Images

Still can't figure out why? Yes, those greens might look pretty convincing, but go ahead and take another look at that tree's, um, bark. Ahh, it's all adding up now, isn't it? Hey, whoever's in charge of covering up those damn cell towers, you missed a spot.

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Have You Checked on the Children?

We've got to warn you guys. This next snap is either going to give you a good laugh or have you sleeping with the lights on tonight. Go ahead and get that nightlight, we're waiting. In the meantime, we'll help you spot what makes this picture so, well, disturbing.

Kid, Where's WaldoKid, Where's Waldo
Reddit via u/Username47826

No, it's not anything within that kitchen. Do you see that slightly opened pantry door in the back? Go ahead and look closer. Yes, that's a child. No, we can't tell you how they got up there. What we can tell you is that this family must have one stacked snack drawer. Care if we have a look?

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Don't Look Down

Wow, just look at that view. We'll give you a minute to take in that dreamy skyline. Except something tells us this picture's fearless visitor is enjoying it a whole lot more than you are. For those of you afraid of heights, you may want to look away.

Person, Where's WaldoPerson, Where's Waldo
Reddit via u/kbanbury

You see, while we're busy taking in the scenic panorama from the comforts of our screens, there's an adventure junkie checking out the view from the very top of that silver monument. Have you spotted him yet? So many questions. You know, like why he opted to wear a suit for the wild outing?

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There are few things in life that are as cringeworthy as awkward elevator rides. It's okay, we've all been there. Though this one doesn't look all that bad. In fact, we wouldn't mind being on the other side of the screen for this next one. Have you spotted the nosy rider yet?

Dog, Where's WaldoDog, Where's Waldo
Reddit via u/smolprincess928

It's okay if you haven't, he doesn't exactly look like he wants to be seen. Still confused? This is the one time we're going to say this, but take a good look inside this stranger's bag. Before you do, though, we should warn ya, we can't promise you what the little gangster will do if you look at him the wrong way.

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Window Watcher

Unlike our previous offender, our next furry friend doesn't seem too menacing. As a matter of fact, looks like we've just caught him red-handed. Have you spotted him yet? Once you do, please ask him what exactly we just walked in on. Seriously, we're slightly alarmed.

Dog, Where's WaldoDog, Where's Waldo
Reddit via u/MrAwesome5269

While the trouble-making puppy might be hiding (or attempting to), behind the staircase, it's only a matter of time before his owner uncovers the shredded papers, or little present he left in the guest bedroom. Yep, he might be adorable, but someone's really got to help him with that poker face. Bad boy!

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The Missing Piece

We apologize in advance, this picture may or may not give you a headache. Especially those of you who call yourselves perfectionists. You see, while that tile work might be pretty on the eyes, it's lacking in other areas, literally. Have you caught on yet?

Tile, Where's WaldoTile, Where's Waldo
Reddit via u/sweeps1929

If you're like us, it's going to take you a while before you find the glitch here. Lucky for you, that's exactly what we're here for. So, on that note, go ahead and take a glance over at the lower/middle area of the flooring. Yes, there's a black tile missing. No, we're not happy about it.

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Santa, Is That You?

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! And, well, we already know who's making the naughty list this year. As for the rest of you, folks, we don't suggest following in this troublemaker's footsteps. Or, at the very least, just don't get caught. Still haven't found her?

Child, Where's WaldoChild, Where's Waldo
Reddit via u/notyouraveragex

In your defense, those are some pretty impressive Christmas decorations. But once you get past those shiny lights, you won't be able to ignore the little visitor, perched conveniently next to the wrapped gifts. Maybe she was waiting to greet Santa? Nope, definitely guilty.

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"I see London, I see France, I see..."

Aw, isn't that sweet. It looks like we've just walked in on a mother and her son's little outing to the park, but we might have gotten more than we asked for. Well, actually, if we're getting technical, we've gotten less. Much less, and suddenly we can't look away.

Bag, Where's WaldoBag, Where's Waldo
Reddit via u/keithschaff

Do you see it? If you just answered, 'no,' congratulations, your mind is more pure than ours. Before we tell you what exactly we've been staring at, we need to stress that, well, it's only an illusion. Now that that's clear, take a closer look at that woman's outfit, shorts, and pink backpack included. Yup, that's it.

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Ninja Warrior

We're not going to lie. At first glance, there isn't really much that meets the eye here. I mean, we've got an average looking tree overlooking an average looking road. But that's not what we're worried about here. In fact, instead of focusing on our surroundings, let's focus on what's directly in front of us.

Ninja, Where's WaldoNinja, Where's Waldo
Reddit via u/firstjobwalmart

Have you spotted the sneaky ninja perched in the center of that tree yet? Don't worry if you haven't, I mean, he's a ninja, after all; He won't be staying for long, but neither will we, so let's move on to our next brain teaser, why don't we?

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Office With a View

2020 has definitely been one heck of a year, to say the least. But if there's one thing that's gained momentum like never before, it's, you guessed it, work-from-home. Whether you, yourself, have been there, or it's a partner, parent, etc; we've all come to appreciate a good office space, haven't we?

Cat, Where's WaldoCat, Where's Waldo
Reddit via u/Adub024

That's why, at first glance, this looks like the home office of our dreams. From the airy windows to the massive screens, seems like we'd be very productive here, doesn't it? That is, until you spot the peeping cat, perched by that middle window. Doesn't seem like he'll be leaving you alone anytime soon. Enter at your own risk.

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The Smiling Rock

Brace yourselves, this next one won't be as breezy as that meowing window watcher. You see, one of these rocks is not like the other, and it's probably going to take you a while before you actually find it. So, if you'd like us to ease your mind here, keep on scrolling while we break it down for you.

Rocks, Where's WaldoRocks, Where's Waldo
Reddit via u/mojomartini

This brain teaser's answers lie at the top left corner of the picture. Still don't see it? Maybe that's because you weren't expecting one of these pebbles to be hijacked by SpongeBob's smiling face. See it now? While, yes, we have yet to visit The Bikini Bottom, we appreciate Mr. SquarePants popping in for a quick visit.

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The Priceless Doll Collection

While, yes, you may have once had every Barbie or action figure you could get your little hands on, this girl's bedroom officially takes the win for most impressive toy collection - sorry, guys. But one of these little dolls is worth a little bit more than the rest. Have you found it yet?

Baby, Where's WaldoBaby, Where's Waldo
Instagram via @ kortniemacd

We'll give you a hint, it does a whole lot more crying and napping than your My Little Pony does. That's right, that precious little doll, perched on the first row of those middle shelves, is very much real. We wonder how long she's been lounging there, then again, she doesn't exactly seem to mind. Carry on.

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Don't Look Behind You

This next scene looks like something snatched right out of a dreamy postcard. I mean, just look at that view. It's no wonder this traveler looks so excited to be there. But does she know that she's got company? Something tells us she doesn't. I'd tread lightly if I were her.

Swimmer, Where's WaldoSwimmer, Where's Waldo
Instagram via @ linneirinboe

If you're still busy drooling over that heavenly scenery, allow us to help you out here: While this overjoyed tourist is about to dive in for a quick swim, there's another diver lurking in the waters behind her; And, well, we're slightly alarmed. Let's just assume the two know each other, so we can sleep soundly tonight, okay?

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Catching Some Rays

With autumn practically right around the corner, we've never been more ready to see the return of the one and only, Pumpkin Spice Latte. But one look at this picture, and suddenly we've started the countdown for Summer '21. And, well, from the looks of it, we're not the only ones chasing the sun.

Dog, Where's WaldoDog, Where's Waldo
Instagram via @ mchughpupss

Life must be good for that lounging pup, sprawled under that chair without a care in the world. Ah, if only our biggest concerns were when our next belly rub was, or how to get our paws on that rib-eye stowed away in the freezer. Until that day (ever) comes, allow us to keep you busy with our next brain teaser...

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Catty Behavior

We know what you're thinking: not much to see here, aside from a stack of colorful cushions, which, probably looks pretty appealing right about now. But don't go anywhere just yet, because there's actually a whole lot more to this snap than that which meets the eye.

Cat, Where's WaldoCat, Where's Waldo
Instagram via @qwirkle_cat

If you take a nice look around that cozy little room, you'll find that we're actually not alone. Have you spotted the meowing visitor yet? If, by some chance, you haven't, take a look at the cat playhouse in the back left corner. We're not sure who's more surprised here, you, or the poor pet. Seriously, looks like he's had a bit too much catnip.

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There's More Than One Purpose For Logs...

Yep, you're looking at a pile of logs. Nothing seems like it could possibly be out of place here, does it? Of course, though, you already know that there's got to be something wrong if it's landed a spot on our list. Well, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start searching.

Cat, Where's WaldoCat, Where's Waldo
Reddit via u/jmankruse

Or better yet, allow us to fill in the missing pieces, considering this one's going to take you your sweet time. If you look up, right on top of that second pile of logs, you'll find that somebody has made themselves quite comfortable amongst the wood. Do you see the sleeping, little kitten? We don't want to wake her, so let's move on to our next picture...

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Watch Where You Sit

Don't worry, we're also struggling not to yawn right about now; Just look at that dreamy setup. I'd give us about 2 minutes tops, before we were sleeping soundly on that fluffy cushion. We should warn you, though, you'd have to make room for another lounger.

Dog, Where's WaldoDog, Where's Waldo
Instagram via @ ruslana_lehtman

That's right, hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it looks like somebody else has already beat you to the coveted spot. Maybe if you ask him nicely, the fluffy guy will share the cushion with you. Though it'll probably cost you at least one belly rub...

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The Fridge Bandit

Anyone care for some blueberries? Don't take our word for it, but we heard that there are even more goodies hiding in the very back of the fridge. Care to have a look? You'll have to watch out, you're not the only one looking for an afternoon snack.

Dog, Where's WaldoDog, Where's Waldo
Instagram via @ _jess.nichols_

Once you're done eyeing that Duncan Hines frosting on the second shelf, go ahead and take a look at that bottom one. You know, the one where another hungry guest is busy taking inventory. While he's probably already shot dibs on the carton on milk, everything else should be fair game.

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You didn't hear it from us, but this might just be why most of our younger selves were so against anything that ever grew on a tree or field. As kids, we were constantly told to 'eat our veggies,' or 'have a fruit,' but this produce section might have just given our childhood selves a way out.

Apple, Where's WaldoApple, Where's Waldo
Reddit via u/rgrassly

Have you spotted the scary fruit yet? Yep, you're looking at Mike Wazowski, Monster's Inc.'s finest. While he might be scaring us all away from those Granny Smiths, at least those Pink Lady apples are looking extra ripe, so that's something?

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Please, Stick With the Minute Maid

We get it, it's hard to say no when you make your rounds at the grocery store on an empty stomach. But, please, for the love of God, do not pick up that bottle. Don't know which one we're talking about? Take another look at those fruity cocktails and let us know once you've found it.

Bleach, Where's WaldoBleach, Where's Waldo
Reddit via u/HypnotizdMonkey

Granted, the Bleach might be "great value," but so is that Simply Lemonade, which you can get on sale now, if you act fast. Plus, it won't leave you with a hefty hospital bill, so consider it a win-win in our eyes. Seriously, let's leave that bottle for the cleanup on aisle 5.

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Heads Up

Being a kindergarten teacher is all fun and games until that one student decides to test your patience. You know the guy; Maybe it's the one who didn't clock in enough shuteye the night before, or the hyper one who literally can't stay seated at his desk. Have you found this classroom's troublemaker?

Student, Where's WaldoStudent, Where's Waldo
Facebook via Otariano

No, it's not our guy in the front. Take a look behind him, right where that red carpet juts out. Now that it's out there, is anybody going to address the fact that there's, well, an upside-down child lounging casually like we've just caught him on any given morning? Something tells us this class could use a reality show. Hear that, Ryan Seacrest?

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The Party Pooper

Each year, as holiday season comes rolling around, you already know there's at least one season greeting you'll be finding in your mailbox. No, your dentist's doesn't count. Though, maybe this family would've been better off letting theirs do all of the um, greeting. Have you spotted their ruthless photobomber yet?

Dog, Where's WaldoDog, Where's Waldo
Reddit via u/fiveeightthirteen

If by some chance, you haven't already found the little troublemaker, we suggest taking a good look behind our happy family. We know, not Marley's proudest moment, but hey: when you gotta go, you gotta go. As for the failed Christmas card? There's always next year, right?

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The Slithering Home Intruder

How does that nursery rhyme go, again? Oh, yes, the itsy bitsy spider went up the water sprout... But he wasn't the only one. In fact, this next home's visitor not only lacks 8 legs, but, well, doesn't have any. Regardless, we'd be cautious if we were you. Have you spotted him yet?

Snake, Where's WaldoSnake, Where's Waldo
Reddit via u/PointlessText

Do you see those black wires? Well, let's just say that not all of them are what they appear to be. As a matter of fact, one of them is a living, breathing - slithering - creature, and we'd go lock your windows if we were you. Have you spotted the snake, towards the top of the window, yet?

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When Photoshop Strikes...

Like it or not, when you're living life as one of the rich and famous, it's practically a rite of passage that at least one of your pictures is going to be altered (good or bad), at one point in your career. That's exactly what happened to Girls star, Lena Dunham, and we'd suddenly love to lend her a hand.

Lena Dunham, Where's WaldoLena Dunham, Where's Waldo
Vogue via Annie Leibovitz

Did you find the photoshop fail yet? Back in 2014, the Hollywood beauty took to Vogue for the latest spread, when, well, this happened. No wonder that poor dog looks so confused. I mean, what happened to Lena's other arm? Hey, Annie Lebowitz, we've got some questions.

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