When This Boyfriend Wants Revenge, He Makes His Girlfriend's Forehead Bigger

Taran Underwood

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They say you should never go to bed angry, probably so you don't accidentally shove your partner off the bed while you're asleep. But only young man has an entirely modern method for dealing with strife in his relationship, and if it catches on we're all probably doomed. Twitter used @Tgflx shared an act of vengeance so calculated and cruel, it couldn't help but go viral. Basically, after he and his girlfriend have a fight, he'll upload a photo of them as a couple to the internet, altered to make her forehead look much bigger than its normal size.


It's a living nightmare for anyone who might be at all insecure about the size of their forehead, or their face in general. It's also something he seems to have done quite a bit. Maybe whatever argument led him to make the first photo sparked the argument that resulted in the many, many other photos he also shared.

And for single people who think they're safe from this unique brand of vengeance, think again. Another Twitter user called @Kurtisindahouse chimed in with the revelation that he uses the exact same tactic to discipline friends. He of course provided images of every friend who has ever offended him. Though he neglected to inform us just what these friends did to deserve this cold, cold treatment.

For anyone thinking this sounds like a great tactic, keep in mind we don't know the status of any of these people's relationships or friendships. So maybe try some basic negotiation tactics before you run straight for the bad Photoshop.