WhatsApp Outage: Twitter’s Funniest Memes & Reactions


| LAST UPDATE 10/27/2022

By Tabitha Woodcock
whatsapp down funniest memes
AMY OSBORNE / Contributor via Getty Images

The time has come again. When the two billion-user social media platform WhatsApp suddenly stopped working, Twitter took control. Memes began flooding through the platform after they couldn't contact their friends due to a connection error. Nevertheless, these hilarious posts made the time fly by...

On October 25th, WhatsApp went through an awkward malfunction, disabling the app to connect properly. While tons of chats we awaiting a reply, it was only horror from the other side. Of course, for a company like Meta, predominantly controlling two of the most used platforms in the world, it's not uncommon for sudden crashes in the system. At the end of the day, mistakes happen. Though it just seems the public can't handle it. At least 3,000 users reported an issue where they could not text or call on the app. We like to think there is a magic turn-off/on button that would fix these problems with a click of a finger. However, this is not the case. 

whatsapp down viral memes
@miu_oo0 via Instagram
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While we should take the time to appreciate the mastermind behind the wires, users across the globe used their time to microblog on the situation. Twitter users returned to their old tricks and began to flood the feed with hilarious memes. We honestly don't know how they come up with this stuff. One Twitter user shared a photoshopped image of Mark Zuckerberg extremely confused in a room full of wires, clearly just depicting the impatience of most users. Another meme involved a sketch drawing of stickmen apologizing to their wifi, while others took famous angry memes and altered the caption to, "me restarting my phone many times and uninstalling WhatsApp. Coming to Twitter." Another meme focused on Twitter's perspective, where it showed a man looking smug, seemingly addressing this to WhatsApp users. Although, it seems like the glitch worked in people's favor as one user Tweeted a meme showing Robert Downey Jr. looking relieved while the picture captioned, "When you abruptly call your ex you have been stalking but then realise." LOL. We can only imagine the horror of a sigh of relief after the call failed. Though, we aren't complaining, as Twitter is a genius at blessing us with hilarious memes.

Don't panic, though. WhatsApp was fixed in a matter of time, and users could peacefully return to their group chats. We can only wonder what they were talking about. In the meantime, we can only dive into a Twitter thread rabbit hole, as we search for the best meme. 

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