Werewolves & Free TV's: The 5 Most Ridiculous Stories This Month


| LAST UPDATE 11/30/2021

By Scarlett Adler

We all like to keep abreast of the news, but sometimes it can get a bit boring and depressing. Every now and again, an unbelievable story comes out that is too strange for fiction, you just couldn't make it up.

We've scrawled the internet for the most jaw-dropping stories this past month, from supermarket poo's to magic televisions, we're not making them up.

Werewolf Babies

That's right folks, 16 babies in Spain have developed 'werewolf' features, such as abnormal hair growth, after taking a bad batch of acid reflux medication. According to Spanish's Ministry of Health, the intended meds got mixed up with an 'anti-baldness' treatment (I blame the parents!), resulting in 'Hypertrichosis' aka 'Werewolf Syndrome'. In extreme cases, this syndrome can cause massive amounts of hair over the face, as pictured above.

Balcony Yoga Almost Proves Fatal

I'm all for an adrenaline rush but I think it's safe to say 23 year old 'extreme yoga' practitioner Alexa Terrazas took things a bit too far, (pun intended), when she decided to balance on her 6th floor balcony for a photoshoot in Mexico. Terrazas, still in critical condition, broke 110 bones and underwent 11 hours of grueling surgery, as doctors attempted to reconstruct her legs.

Kids, if you're reading this, please, for the love of g-d don't invert yourself on a balcony.

Supermarket Poo

I suggest you spit out your chocolate before reading this one. The incident, captured above, occurred in Sakarya, a north-western district within Turkey, when one man decided to drop a little present for future shoppers.

In what has since gone viral, CCTV footage shows the man 'do the deed' behind a shelf, only to kick it under an ice cream freezer in a shameful attempt to cover his tracks. Seemingly unbothered, the shopper then proceeds to checkout at the register and carry on as if nothing had happened. Real classy, man.

'The Phantom Of The Doorstep'

Wall-E is that you? In the bizarre home footage obtained above, a man clad in a 'T.V.' disguise is caught dropping off an old television set on a random porch. But it doesn't end there. About 50 different Virginia households had reported the same exact incident, and cops have yet to nab the mystery giver; while I know Christmas is slowly creeping up on us, I'm not sure Santa's making his rounds yet.

Company Urges Masturbation Break

It goes without saying that those on the 'job-hunt' seek out the best positions they can get their hands on. You know, the ones with employee benefits like "Masturbation Vacation Days." Normal, right? Adult toy company, Lelo, thinks so. In fact, according to their UK spokesperson, they "hope their UK staff make use of the vacation days and come back with a spring in their step."