We Can't Decide If These New Face Masks Are Creepy or Hilarious

Taran Underwood

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Murdo MacLeod via The Guardian

Ever since wearing a mask became a must, we've seen some pretty crazy inventions come about. Each one seems to be wilder than the next, and with everything going on, we're sure you could use a good laugh. Take a look at some of the wackiest masks we've seen so far!

We can't decide if this one is adorable or extremely offensive to our cat lovers. Can you imagine walking through the street and seeing somebody who looks like half a cat?

etsy via Reddit

It's certainly a creative idea, and we have to give her 10 points for having the confidence to wear something like this. We can only hope she doesn't scare anybody in the neighborhood.

We're calling on all our Pokemon fanatics for this one...

Inti Ocon via AFP Getty Images

To be fair, if there's any Pokemon character that's impossible not to love, Pikachu certainly comes to mind. We're sure this mask brought a few smiles to the people who saw her. It's definitely a lot more user friendly than this next one...


The best part about wearing masks is the fact that no one has to see what facial expression you're sporting underneath. In this girl's case, she seems like she's giving a cheeky response to whoever she encounters, thanks to that little tongue. At least it's not nearly as terrifying as this next one.


You won't like the Hulk when he's angry, but you might just appreciate this policeman's sense of humor. We have to commend him for making lemons out of lemonade with that green uniform, and pairing it with a matching mask. Luckily, we have this flower girl to lighten the mood.

Michal Cizek via AFP

There's no doubt about it, this year has been challenging for everybody. So, we're glad to see that people are still tapping into their creative sides. We hope this made you smile too!