Watch Teenagers Figure Out This Very Mysterious Antique

Taran Underwood

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Ready to feel very, very old? Or, depending on who you are, young? Here's a video of some adorable teens presented with a challenge: dial a number on an old rotary telephone. You know, the kind your grandmother probably had at one point. Or your elderly neighbor. They're the kind that look like this:

The task might seem simple enough, especially since the teens in question were given four whole minutes to figure this out. But what this video proves is that kids today are so utterly spoiled by touch screens, they don't even know you have to take the phone off phones off hook first.

Yes, you're seeing this correctly: those kids are mashing what they assume are buttons in at attempt to get the phone to do their bidding. It's very similar to the scene in Zoolander when Derek and Hansel learn the files are *in* the computer.


The lack of buttons or touch screens seems to be the ultimate teen-stopper, so use that information as you will. But the most charming moment of the whole thing is when this young man discovers for the very first time that there is such a thing as a dial tone. And he does an impression of it. And it is everything.

The whole video can be watched below, and the lesson to learn is this: teens today are easily defeated with just any technology that doesn't have a main menu. So maybe start keeping your valuables inside your old VCR, if only to get some use out of it again.