Wannabe Service Dog Has Come A Long Way Since His Last Training Video Went Viral

Taran Underwood

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Some puppies just wanna play and this little fluff ball just couldn't take his 'service dog' role seriously. The German Shepherd went totally viral when footage of him hilariously failing during various training exercises hit the internet.

Little Ryker is a member of the Double H Canine Training Academy in Louisville, Kentucky. A center dedicated to train dogs and get them in the best shape possible in order to become fantastic service dogs.

In 2018, a video was posted of him being tested at how good he was at ignoring distractions and performing small tasks. Unintentionally, the world fell in love with the German shepherd when they saw his playful side shining through. The video was captioned 'Ryker giving it his all before flunking our of Service Dog Training School', which was pretty spot on.

Recently, the staff at the Double H Canine Training Academy posted a new video showing Ryker and the incredible progress he's made.

Ryker's fans were more than pleased to see his improvement. One of them commented "I absolutely love this, keep up the shenanigans. This literally made my day."

Another added: "What a big improvement for Ryker."

Clearly, the academy has done wonders for Ryker and we might have underestimated him.